January 2011

1 January 2011 – Probaway Person of the Year – Craig Venter. It will be the most memorable event this year and important for the rest of human existence.

2 January 2011 – A TOP 95 NEWS stories of 2010 list, by news sources, and it is pathetic. Not one of these top events will be remembered in 500 years.

3 January 2011 – Computer wallpaper for interventions and reminders. — Where your attention is first attracted to affects what you will accomplish.

4 January 2011 – The Malthusian famine problem has not been solved, although it is in temporary abatement, but the precursors of world famine are growing stronger.

5 January 2011 – An organized list of how to prevent flu, the common cold and other infectious diseases.

6 January 2011 – Pope Benedict XVI says, God is responsible for the Big Bang. I wish he would be better grounded in statements that are even potentially defensible.

7 January 2011 – Say what you mean as explicitly as possible, and expect and promote a lively dialog, because that’s where better ideas arise.

8 January 2011 – Life is always exciting, but at this time it is technology that is controlling the present and future. Here is a short list of critical things.

9 January 2011 – The goal of humanity is to maximize the life force of humanity. People need grander meaning and thus religion but it needs a new purpose and a new foundation.

10 January 2011 – A different view on reality can give new results. So, create wild ideas, but test them against mental constructs, and reality too.

11 January 2011 – Our new house goes up in virtual smoke as our short-sale offer is rejected, so tomorrow and tomorrow is creeping at an even pettier pace.

12 January 2011 – Why the West Rules – For Now, by Ian Morris. — The problem with understanding history is there is so much of it.

13 January 2011 – A unique password system you can remember.

14 January 2011 – The Hohle Fels 35,000 year old Venus is wearing clothes, and has a missing removable head.

15 January 2011 – The too-much diet, but eat whatever you want. Eat anything and everything you want, just make it difficult to do.

16 January 2011 – Okay, so I’m a slow learner on short sales. I have found a house that matches all my needs but it’s another short sale. :(

17 January 2011 – Moving along humanity’s questing path. “Take him with all his faults, there was man!” Called, Hamlet on his path to fulfillment and oblivion.

18 January 2011 – The human problem is self control. The difference between the A-bomb and the H-bomb is like the difference between a bomb, and an A-bomb.

19 January 2011 – The Second Green Revolution by Frederick Kaufman – Six billion people are presently alive because of the patent system.

20 January 2011 – Idaho has an abundance of low priced housing, and is more pleasant physically, but it’s out in the what was until recently a wilderness.

21 January 2011 – Why the West Rules – Energy capture per person, Size of the largest city, War-making potential, Information technology.

22 January 2011 – Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera.The Fool can sometimes choose to go another way.

23 January 2011 – What would be a measure of evidence-based progress? Human Years × Satisfaction = Human Life Force.

24 January 2011 – Stealing from the poor is an easy way to riches because they cooperate so willingly. Preying upon unfortunate helpless people is wicked.

25 January 2011 – Billions of people have died without finding out many things that we now consider obvious.

26 January 2011 – Write something on a single sheet of paper that would change the world. Things did come out of the Mediterraneum Cafe that made history.

27 January 2011 – If we control family size and access to WOEs humanity might survive.

28 January 2011 – When it comes to disturbing new technology, “Those who mastered their qualms flourished; those who did not, did not.”

29 January 2011 – The emotional highs and lows of house hunting. Perhaps we love that environment best where we spent our childhood.

30 January 2011 – I am planning to construct a study carrel with temperature-controllable walls, because comfort isn’t just the air temperature.

31 January 2011 – A list of some thoughts on history. These are some modified epigrams, and they have only a little to do with reality.

February 2011

1 February 2011 – A list of Probaway’s 500 most popular posts. Number one by far is, You can’t cure stupid! especially Detroit-stupid.

2 February 2011 – Humanity is presently enjoying the Doomsday precursors. Enjoy yourself while you’re still in the pink.

3 February 2011 – A few might survive to restart the deadly cycle, but it is near impossible to avoid the coming Doomsday events.

4 February 2011 – We try again to buy a new home, but I feel like spending money foolishly is a sin against Mother Nature!

5 February 2011 – Why humans will survive Doomsday and other species won’t. You’ve been warned. Wake up and act now.

6 February 2011 – We’re off on a new house hunting adventure. We feel the perfect house will say, This is your home, come live in me! 

7 February 2011 – Think until you have a workable answer, and then act decisively and make it work.

8 February 2011 – Writing a blog clarifies one’s thoughts and makes decisions easier.

9 February 2011 – A freeway ON-ramp, OFF-ramp map improvement. The world is awash in little things that can be improved.

10 February 2011 – How can we learn to behave with integrity? Integrity means habitually doing the right thing for humanities well-being.

11 February 2011 – Thirty two variations on what the Golden Rule means. — Help humanity to live long and prosper.

12 February 2011 – Einstein was right in many things, but he was wrong about morality not improving. A positive childhood is key.

13 February 2011 – Population control is a forbidden subject. Humanity is now living in Doomsday, and it has been fun, but the nasty bits are coming.

14 February 2011 – Reality ruffles my serene life. When people are obviously in distress, ignore their protestations of well-being, and help them.

15 February 2011 – When the price of food increases human population will decrease. — When Mother Nature speaks we obey or she kills us.

16 February 2011 – Zinc beats placebos at curing colds. — Even obvious things should be tested to find their causes and limits.

17 February 2011 – If humanity is going to progress into the distant future it must survive every single day between now and then.

18 February 2011 – How to pop your altitude-pressurized ears. Pop your ears with a pressurized swallow.

19 February 2011 – Physical activity and obesity in the US. — Easy-exercised living can be intentionally built into one’s routine situation.

20 February 2011 – Arcology is a general term for self contained cities. The future must be now when it comes to The Earth Ark.

21 February 2011 – For old people who can manage the monetary hurdle of poor employment possibilities, Bend is a great place to retire.

22 February 2011 – A careful plan rarely survives encounters with reality, but an easy modification of it often works quite well.

23 February 2011 – Christchurch 6.3 quake photos. — With documentary photos maintain orientation by including easily identifiable distant objects.

24 February 2011 – Lots of stress this week. I think I still need some challenges so maybe I can do the Earth Ark from Bend.

25 February 2011 – Closing! I am coping with stress. View difficult situations as a life comedy which will ultimately work out.

26 February 2011 – One angry A-bomb exploding could ruin the world. It means the nasty bits of Doomsday are very near.

27 February 2011 – Chronic pain cause, cure, intensity measured and scaled, and a chart of event caused pain recovery timed.

28 February 2011 – Will the house buying crazy tornado of paper ever end? I find this modern world unnecessarily complicated and stressful.

March 2011

1 March 2011 – The EarthArk Project needs to present itself as something that people know they want and this is the only way to get it.

2 March 2011 – The economy of the United States is dependent on oil. The big American car will eat American  jobs as the Chinese go to work in small ones.

3 March 2011 – Place pictures in your surroundings that will stimulate you to habits that will lead you to your goals.

4 March 2011 – To understand the connection between food and population control, understand the relationship between production and consumption.

5 March 2011 – Old men aren’t built for house moving. — Accomplish more by using frequent short, but timed rests.

6 March 2011 – Extraterrestrial life is common in the Universe. Either God goofed, or life is abundantly sprinkled throughout the universe.

7 March 2011 – The people of Bend are friendly and noticeably healthy looking, with very few obese people about, and the parks and scenery are spectacular.

8 March 2011 – The measured pain level varies with the injury type. When pain is better understood it can be coped with better. I design some helpful charts.

9 March 2011 – The chew more, swallow less diet. Enough eating; let’s go for a walk. We don’t need all that stuffing!

10 March 2011 – What are the important issues in the world today? Humanity’s survival is the fundamental issue, as I see it.

11 March 2011 – The 1st issue is world population stability, so for the long term survival of humanity, Support The EarthArk Project.

12 March 2011 – The 2nd most important issue facing humanity is energy. The energy to care for everyone, 40 years hence, exists only in hallucinations.

13 March 2011 – The 3rd most important issue facing humanity is Weapons Of Extermination. These must be destroyed and how to make them forgotten.

14 March 2011 – The 4th most important issue facing humanity is our responsibilities. The goal is to maximize the sum of development of individuals.

15 March 2011 – The 5th most important issue facing humanity is forethought. We must find ways to reward forethought and cultivate those capable of it.

16 March 2011 – The 6th most important issue facing humanity is poisoned habits. “Seven billion Yeas and one Nay, the nays have it.”

17 March 2011 – The 7th most important issue facing humanity is over-concentration. Just-in-time is great, until it fails. So, have an in-house emergency back-up.

18 March 2011 – The 8th most important issue facing humanity is stupidity. People are stupid. They must be frequently challenged to obey natural laws.

19 March 2011 – The 9th most important issue facing humanity is worry. Do what can be done to make your task work, then enjoy your life.

20 March 2011 – The 10th most important issue facing humanity is abstraction, but people love stories. Tell more stories, but with an underlying goal.

21 March 2011 – Charles discovers why poop is in his pants. My Mommy was so happy she cried as she carried me back up the stairs.

22 March 2011 – How to prevent a healthy man from fainting. If you feel dizzy, anxious, and weakening, tighten your abdominal muscles repeatedly.

23 March 2011 – My poor spelling of “cat” precipitates a lifelong complex. Just because you make a joke doesn’t mean people get it.

24 March 2011 – Coping with a dangerous world. What did I learn from my painful experience, as a two-year old. Mommy can always make things better.

25 March 2011 – You can always trust the ones who love you. But, as an adult, don’t depend on anyone to take care of your basic needs.

26 March 2011 – How to trust your buddies in a tight situation. When your stupid friends encourage you to do something stupid, don’t do it!

27 March 2011 – A far too short a day at the Downriver Golf Course. Two of my friends get killed with one bullet.

28 March 2011 – Our pleasant trip to Bend, Oregon, and rocket science. Even moving furniture can be fun if you are conscious of your moves.

29 March 2011 – I may be dumb, but I’m not Detroit-stupid. I reached under the seat for the adjustment and cut my hand. Normal actions should be safe.

30 March 2011 – WeatherSpark presents complex weather data clearly. It’s complete with lots of historical data and comparisons.

31 March 2011 – Emotional pain hurts, but what is it that hurts? More than 50 billion people have lived and suffered and still we don’t understand pain.

April 2011

1 April 2011 – The future water crisis and famine – a proposed solution. Build water reservoirs and reserves now, while there is time and money.

2 April 2011 – Why American jobs have gone to India, China and beyond. — A word to the wise is sufficient, but fools need to be hit with a stick. That will come soon.

3 April 2011 – Continue working as if humanity can be saved. There is no other choice. Tighter feedback loops must be formed in operational reality between words, actions and final results.

4 April 2011 – Kidney swapping on a humanity-wide scale is now possible. Everyone’s compatibility should be known to a closed data-bank.

5 April 2011 – Black velvet on your car’s dashboard prevents reflections, and you can see better and drive better and an offset with a chamber underneath could suck out the hot air.

6 April 2011 – What will population overshoot mean to children? I am grim, but some newborns might reconstitute a decent future habitat with seeds from the EarthArk.

7 April 2011 – Why you must patent your inventions. If you don’t patent an idea, it will almost never get made.

8 April 2011 – Would California and the USA be improved with more states? It’s more populous than the 24 smallest states combined. It has only 2 US Senators compared to their 48.

9 April 2011 – Good thinking, learning and habits depend on responding well to feedback. Heaven is when everyone is living at their highest level of wisdom.

10 April 2011 – I one-up a Nobel Laureate. My visit to a world-famous physicist at Princeton was so much better than Lee’s, and he’s a fierce competitor. He was Taiwan’s ping pong champion.

11 April 2011 – Detroit just can’t seem to get it right. Car designers, please submit your cars to the Detroit Test of Usability.

12 April 2011 – I need a Typhoon submarine to control the Earth’s climate. Retired submarines might save the world and civilization instead of destroying it.

13 April 2011 – Here is a cheap and easy way into deep space for bulk materials using a commercial jet airplane, an asteroid and a not very long line, and careful timing.

14 April 2011 – Choking on food can be prevented by pre-swallowing. — New ways of measuring things often have unexpected alternate uses.

15 April 2011 – A Rough Guide To The Future. — If one is paying attention change is always upon us to the limit of our ability to absorb it.

16 April 2011 – I’m living the easy life, so they say. — The function of the brain is to enhance your life expectancy and not to win a Darwin Award.

17 April 2011 – Watch the price of copper, oil and fresh water as harbingers, not money, and of course watch the price of food as it is the ultimate valuable commodity.

18 April 2011 – The freedom of the internet exposes people’s interests. — Be good to others intentionally and you will be good to yourself unintentionally.

19 April 2011 – To have success modifying public opinion get famous, then cultivate your public message. A celebrity can spout even silly ideas and have them given instant credibility.

20 April 2011 – Cultivating the friendship of happy, healthy, wise and wealthy people has little risk beyond possibility of social rejection, but that is easily endured.

21 April 2011 – The singularity is NOW. It always was and always will be, as society is always in a state of flux and flummox.

22 April 2011 – A new layer of poorly working habits can develop, because of a lack of existing self cleansing habits. What is essential is a clear response to feedback experience.

23 April 2011 – The proven ability to respond to real world feedback is the safest path to the future.

24 April 2011 – Why does mild green get color fatigued more quickly than mild pink? This was clearly seen in the single experiment. It needs checking of the parameters.

25 April 2011 – Consumers of the World — demand tactile switches with obvious functions, instant feedback and reversibility of effect by just reversing the control motion.

26 April 2011 – Do parallel thoughts meet at infinity, similar to how parallel lines meet at infinity in Euclidean geometry?

27 April 2011 – China should be praised by the world’s media for their successful and healthy population, but instead the media condemns them for being oppressive.

28 April 2011 – We don’t need change, we need improvement. Only an active striving for improvement will make our world better.

29 April 2011 – How to make chocolate candy taste better. Take it very slowly and quietly when eating chocolate !!!.

30 April 2011 – The human lineage survived the Chicxulub extinction. While the surface was devastation our ancestors’ were comfortable in their underground lifestyle.

31 April 2011 – Mayday – Mayday – Mayday – I’m on a Bendor! Today we have all our books and other not quite so essential stuff totally within the doors of our new house.

May 2011

1 May 2011 – It’s official, I am now a Bendor. Two months ago my spouse and I bought a house in Bend, Oregon, and now we are living it it full time. Whew, what a struggle.

2 May 2011 – The Pain Recovery Chart seen below is probably applicable to fatigue recovery times as well. Deep fatigue means slow recovery, but now it can be carted and estimated.

3 May 2011 – Deep fatigue means slow recovery. Anyone in good shape can run twenty miles and be okay to run again in a day, but a 26.2 mile marathon takes much longer. A recovery chart.

4 May 2011 – It has now been two months since we started physically moving into our new house and the struggle is still not over. Hopefully, these bookcases will never be moved again.

5 May 2011 – Our new house is now beginning to have pockets of organization. The first to achieve near normality was the bedroom, it has only a few things that needed placing.

6 May 2011 – Everything in the world is transient; we must love it as it is. Even nearby volcano Pilot Butte which is said to be 190,000 years old will be gone one day.

7 May 2011 – Keep two aspirin in your wallet! Take one aspirin at the first sign of heart attack! Keep your aspirin instantly available, especially when sleeping.

8 May 2011 – Living in Bend is easy because everyone has enough space and just walking the neighborhood is a pleasure.

9 May 2011 – Taking a drug when you need it is wise, taking it when you don’t is foolish. Today’s news states that 43 million Americans take aspirin every day, and are enduring side effects.

10 May 2011 – Getting old is for active people with a purpose and good companions. Some old folks say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.”, but sadly they are the dying ones.

11 May 2011 – With stress the thinking process is shut down, and even obvious actions become impossible. I must be stupid, because I just learned that valuable wisdom from a sheep.

12 May 2011 – Humans are sheep-like and in stressful situations will retreat to their flock. Human society is formed of layers of sheep people all the way to the top leaders.

13 May 2011 – When you experience any strange sudden onset symptoms take a single aspirin immediately. Stroke news is all worry and no cure, but aspirin clears a brain clot – sometimes.

14 May 2011 – When you wake up roll over a quarter of the way from what ever position you were in, and lay in that position for quarter of a minute.

15 May 2011 – The world abounds in little problems with easy solutions, if only you can see them. A mixing bowl with smaller measuring pockets built in would save cleaning.

16 May 2011 – Always have your aspirin available and chew one at first symptom of bodily malfunction – and roll over before arising.

17 May 2011 – Even a tiny new glimpse of reality gives humanity greater power because most of Mother Nature’s behavior is extremely predictable.

18 May 2011 – Why aren’t donkeys more friendly towards humans? Famines among donkeys workers are the cause of society’s success, it creates productivity not docility.

19 May 2011 – There is a lower percentage of unhappy, unhealthy, uninformed people than ever before. Humanity is presently living closer to a perfect world than at any time in the past.

20 May 2011 – Humans have moles in their lineage. It is more likely that burrowing arctic moles, and not tropical tree dwelling species survived the Chicxulube extinction event.

21 May 2011 – People are happiest when pursuing a reasonable goal they feel is important. Contentment is had when not pursuing any goal, and just accepting what’s at hand.

22 May 2011 – Will a warm room with a comfortable bed and chair and super speed internet connection make nearly everything else we presently own into useless junk?

23 May 2011 – When a world famine comes the price of the cheapest food in the world will determine the price of digital on-line labor everywhere.

24 May 2011 – People never respond to warnings without previous experience. The EarthArk Project will save the seeds of all civilization and nature, upon which to rebuild a vibrant new world.

25 May 2011 – “I stink therefore I am.” – Tiger Scamahorn. The best a human can hope for is to be a companion with a contented dog, for a contented dog is filled with practical wisdom.

26 May 2011 – Compare UNESCO World Heritage Sites in book form to online access. I love books, but we now live in a web enabled world, where there is vastly more data and pictures.

27 May 2011 – I am not a prophet, but an observer of natural events, andI have witnessed some unusual things, like the sun rise totally eclipsed.

28 May 2011 – Copper might become the tipping point of civil collapse. I don’t know what will happen, but it is safe to say the future will have some very unpleasant qualities.

29 May 2011 – Darwinism is based on sex and death, but religion is on goodness and life. Help all humanity to achieve the utmost in human potential.

30 May 2011 – Pay attention to good advice, that helps you through your day. All the rest is bad advice, so send it on its way. Objectively, how much good advice is in the media.

31 May 2011 – How to eat an apple, and get it all, without the seeds. Enjoy your all of your apples.

June 2011

1 June 2011 – Why is media saying the economy crashing? While the economy is working get absolutely debt free, then work up your public status.

2 June 2011 – Why do people do really stupid things for TV? People want to be seen as special, and many do crazy things to get some recognition.

3 June 2011 – A searchable system of knowledge is needed which goes beyond data, facts and knowledge, and accumulates the wisdom of successful actions.

4 June 2011 – The media is promoting terrorists by its irresponsible coverage. Make productive people more interesting and make destructive behavior stupid.

5 June 2011 – Surely saving the planet is a worthy cause to work toward, and The EarthArk Project is the best for the long term survival.

6 June 2011 – People turn to the supernatural when the natural becomes too scary, but never turn to the it until every natural action has been completed.

7 June 2011 – Some people return to reality when unreality becomes too painful. Use your intelligence to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

8 June 2011 – Bend, Oregon, is a beautiful city as seen from Pilot Butte. Then I must return to the mere happiness of trying to improve my world.

9 June 2011 – Archive books, seeds, animals. Civilization and nature can be sustained with the EarthArk for seeds, and the LifeHavens for animals.

10 June 2011 – Most people are overly specialized. They grow to fit the niche they inhabit, and are under prepared to survive elsewhere.

11 June 2011 – American health and contentment are rated by state. the NE and NW states are good. Contentment is when you accept what you live within.

12 June 2011 – Contentment may be had at any moment by perceiving and participating in what is at hand.

13 June 2011 – What do we know for certain about the future? Only you can discover your limits and expand your life to fill them. That is your future.

14 June 2011 – Many things are possible in life. Our time and attention are all we have and it is our personal responsibility and choice as to how we use them.

15 June 2011 – When we are comfortable with our reality we feel confident. Contentment permits confidence and confidence permits contentment.

16 June 2011 – Contentment is a possible human mental state and therefore it can be attained by intentional study. Just like god, you are what you are.

17 June 2011 – Arrange your life situation so contentment is possible and misery is as near impossible as is possible.

18 June 2011 – Once again I prove I am smarter than a fly, at least to myself. Humans are smarter than flies – sometimes and more moral too – sometimes.

19 June 2011 – Contentment’s companion is exhilaration for mature people, it lies in finding better ways to do ordinary things.

20 June 2011 – A contented person is comfortable with the entire universe being just as it is. It is not static but a dynamic place where they participate.

21 June 2011 – How can I maintain contentment as Doomsday approaches? It is what it is, and you are what you are, and you are part of each other.

22 June 2011 – Advertising is designed to destroy your contentment, by making you desire things you don’t have. The solution to that problem? Avoid ads.

23 June 2011 – What to do when you feel you are about to faint. Tighten your stomach muscles hard once a second for ten cycles.

24 June 2011 – Who wants happiness when so much more is available? People, seek contentment, and be satisfied with what you have.

25 June 2011 – The more opportunities people have for seeing contentment in action, the more readily they will be able to go there themselves.

26 June 2011 – To be in a group means to be doing something for the group. To be contented means to be doing things interactive with the whole situation.

27 June 2011 – Fukushima nuclear reactor was a disaster waiting to happen, as it was located in a vast field of know earthquake events.

28 June 2011 – We expand our view of the world by looking through another’s eyes. I project myself into a pigeon’s being and look through its eyes.

29 June 2011 – The mind rebels at remembering pain, and so there is little learning. Temporarily make it conscious and available to reason.

30 June 2011 – Capitalism is good to under-spenders, and bad to over-consumers, but it’s the consumption that drives the economy and makes things cheaper.

July 2011

1 July 2011 – People eat because it gives them the contented feeling of being in control, and that makes them feel good.

2 July 2011 – Bend, Oregon, prepares for its 4th of July fireworks from the top of Pilot Butte. This is just one of many beautiful happenings within the city of Bend.

3 July 2011 – What is the meaning in life? Contentment? Heaven is where one is content with things being as they are. It must be here and now.

4 July 2011 – July 4th in Bend, Oregon, with Pets on Parade. Bend people were happy today. I make a photo of two Bend boys touching Mirror Pond.

5 July 2011 – Looking to the distant past from the distant future. We face Doomsday every day but people of the future will wonder why we were so foolish.

6 July 2011 – Every human activity is oriented towards improving oneself in some way, and a more vital self-aware new world is unfolding at this moment.

7 July 2011 – Our window in Bend, has been filled with animals. 4 ponys, 4 lambs plus 7 sheep, 9 chickens, 10 grey squirrels, 1 deer, lots of birds, 1 mole.

8 July 2011 – Human personality is infinitely malleable, within limits. Decide what you want to do and mold yourself to do that task.

9 July 2011 – Does the future world economy need humans? Humans derive their life meaning by serving other humans, but that may be better served by robots.

10 July 2011 – The problem of living with evil in my perfect world. To be content with this moment means accepting all the evil that preceded this moment.

11 July 2011 – The usual “Form follows function” these days is more accurately “Form follows fiction,” and the fiction is that advertising and news are true.

12 July 2011 – This blog site is going into an metamorphosis of improvements. Be visible and be found, and have influence, or invisible and forever be obscure.

13 July 2011 – A new World Heritage site with links has been created. THE WORLD HERITAGE SITES -LISTED BY COUNTRY Thousands of places.

14 July 2011 – The UNESCO World Heritage links has consumed my weeks, but I can learn from my mistakes, and from others’ mistakes too, when observed.

15 July 2011 – It gives you the opportunity to make really good travel choices with forethought. To live your life abundantly needs forethought of possibilities.

16 July 2011 – Migraine’s effect on eye-pain. To get the facts right, write them while the events are happening, and do a fact linked analysis soon after.

17 July 2011 – Spiritual leaders are leading their followers astray, because they are telling of things based on speculative hopes rather than testable facts.

18 July 2011 – Kids develop the skills they value. It’s a drive to find some way to gain acceptance and prestige for their self.

19 July 2011 – Keep a collection of various types of bottle caps, because they have standardized threads and can be put on other bottles for other uses.

20 July 2011 – “If you don’t offer something for sale you will never sell anything.” I will offer something new for sale every day.

21 July 2011 – If no one profits monetarily from selling something it won’t be sold. New and useful ideas find a wider audience when promoted.

22 July 2011 – It appears I am still a dewy-eyed dreamer. I will explore and exploit even the annoying aspects of promotion of ideas for money.

23 July 2011 – Home Page – Index of my short list of go to sites. I use this post to link to sites that interested me at this date.

24 July 2011 – I intend and strive to have the good sense to comprehend other people’s criticisms of my work, and apply the needed corrections.

25 July 2011 – If a site doesn’t offer something people are willing to pay money for, it isn’t likely to offer them anything they want.

26 July 2011 – How to compel people to buy your stuff !!! Offer new products with the opportunity to buy now. Their defense is “I don’t want that  junk!”

27 July 2011 – I am watching for who will become Probaway – Person of the Year 2012 – ?

27 July 2011 – A perfect example of a worthless idea. If information won’t make someone money it won’t proliferate. Pour boiling water on weeds to kill them.

28 July 2011 – We choose our level of contentment with ourselves and the world. Contentment means accepting the past and future too, all of it.

29 July 2011 – The Scientific-empiricists and Atheists get a greeting. Empiricists and atheists of the world I welcome and salute you in your quest for truth.

30 July 2011 – World Heritage Links is training for The EarthArk Project. Always have items for sale, and sell them quickly to find their value.

31 July 2011 – Narcissus and Echo revisit Mirror Pond.

August 2011

1 August 2011 – Another beautiful day in Bend, Oregon, but now I am off to the WordPress MeetUp group for a new grilling.

2 August 2011 – It takes a long time to develop abilities. If you haven’t been exposed to things early in life, it becomes impossible to develop them later. 

3 August 2011 – The last few days have been spent in creating a separate page for each country’s list of World Heritage Sites.

4 August 2011 – How to enjoy the procedure of your colon being probed. Colyte prep cleanse procedure made easy, free and therefore worthless.

5 August 2011 – The difficult thing about predicting the future is that no one knows what’s going to happen. — It’s party time in Bend.

6 August 2011 – The problem with diets is that when you stop putting mental effort into maintaining them your habits decide how much you eat.

7 August 2011 – I try to pay more attention to those things where I can help, rather than waste time and attention on things where I can’t help.

8 August 2011 – If lab rats can learn from their mistakes, there is still hope for me, and maybe for you too. What we need is accurate feedback.

9 August 2011 – To make a commercial named product you need a good name and some great stuff.

10 August 2011 – If you need meaning in your live, join an organization with an idealistic activity that promotes the general welfare with real world benefits.

11 August 2011 – How to remember phone numbers. Life is made easier by simple little habits.

12 August 2011 – The scientific method encroaches into religious thought where postulated ideas about reality can be tested by one with the right equipment.

13 August 2011 – Humanity has progressed morally since written history began and likely long before. — We help ourselves to grow by helping others to grow.

14 August 2011 – I had to light a candle at the UU for my dogs contributions to making my life better, and making me into a more moral person.

15 August 2011 – Dogs were domesticated by men, and men were domesticated by women.

16 August 2011 – Spider bite update – a year after the bite, with links to a sequence of updated photos of the bite.

17 August 2011 – A reflective photograph of my nose growing longer. Everyone has a story to tell, and some do it with photos.

18 August 2011 – There comes a time to learn CSS – Cascading Style Sheets permit a clearer presentation of ideas.

19 August 2011 – If you don’t present an idea to the world, it doesn’t exist.
If you can’t sell it for money, it’s worthless.

20 August 2011 – It was a pleasant day and as the native Ainu of Japan say at the end of their stories. We lived and lived and nothing happened.

21 August 2011 – The Ice flow map of Antarctica and The EarthArk Project potential locations. — The future life on Earth is bleak without plants. 

22 August 2011 – Saving endangered species is overly optimistic, because in a famine the wild animals will be eaten by desperate people.

23 August 2011 – CSS isn’t learned in a day. If something is easy, it should be easy to teach, and easy to learn.

24 August 2011 – Bend Photo MeetUp club goes to the Farmers Market. We had a meeting of the minds, as well as of our appendages.

25 August 2011 – Charles Scamahorn, 920 NE Quimby Avenue, Bend, Oregon. Finding Charles LeRoy Scamahorn is now easy.

26 August 2011 – Move inland as hurricane Irene approaches the US East Coast. In a disaster, the absence of body is superior to presence of mind.

27 August 2011 – CSS for beginners. Memorize this simplest possible working CSS page, and build on that.

28 August 2011 – A walk to the grocery store. Life in Bend isn’t all sunshine and roses; Sometimes it’s clouds and hollyhocks.

29 August 2011 – Feedback on the super simple CSS site. A  video is worth a thousand pictures.

30 August 2011 – Uploading my super basic CSS tutorial. — Money talks, but in the past I have been very far away, and didn’t hear it.

31 August 2011 – Ed Endsley promotes his coming photography show. Bend isn’t all skiers and golfers, sometimes it’s photographers and prophets.

September 2011

1 September 2011 – A computer failure due to dust accumulation. Fixed. Effective air filters and noise muffling should be standard equipment on computers.

2 September 2011 – Congratulations to Debbie Foster! It pleases me that the New Yorker magazine rewards my spouse for her well honed abilities.

3 September 2011 – Zeroscaping your life will make you more successful. Think carefully about where you will thrive best. It’s your life.

4 September 2011 – Chandra Smith presents Native American ritual at the Bend UU. I am filling with a humble respect for the ancient ways of connecting.

5 September 2011 – Is pushing a fat man off the bridge to save five other people, right? By the grander natural-ethic the vote is in: Let the fat man live.

6 September 2011 – Microstyle is about little things. It underpromises and overdelivers.

7 September 2011 – Creating The EarthArk is the most moral thing a human can do. Collect seeds for the future now and send them to the EarthArk now.

8 September 2011 – My computer-failure repair last week was a failure. This is a new computer. The EarthArk Project came into being on that old computer.

9 September 2011 – Every T. Rex needs a more personalized name. Easily remembered things are more used and become more valuable.

10 September 2011 – I arrived in Berkeley at noon. The Med then Len’s garden party. — The liberal dilemma is: How to treat antisocial people fairly?

11 September 2011 – A trick for opening a ziplock bag. — Our publishing little discoveries makes everyone’s life easier.

12 September 2011 – People’s Park is a tribute to Michael Delacour. — If we don’t support our idealistic fighters our freedoms will evaporate in the night.

13 September 2011 – Berkeley, CA and the Cafe Med. When the authorities tell you not to worry, start worrying, but when they tell you to go, start running!

14 September 2011 – There are too many super rich people. Doomsday is brought closer with every mile driven by an SUV.

15 September 2011 – Be up to date on what the finest minds, with the best experience, consider worth pursuing. You must make the effort to meet them.

16 September 2011 – Finger cuts are avoided with a little tape. Wear gloves while doing physical work if available, if not tape your finger tips and shins.

17 September 2011 – Save the Hubble space telescope by selling it or auctioning it. To let the Hubble die is a disgrace to our current government !!!

18 September 2011 – Fancy cars are now roaming the recent wilderness. Lake Tahoe might as well be Central Park in New York City, it has become so citified.

19 September 2011 – People have little concept of abstract proportion and they must have human sized concepts to be able to comprehend anything.

20 September 2011 – Measure the speed of cars passing on the highway. Start counting the moment they pass you, note your count when you hit your speed.

21 September 2011 – Transferring hard drive data to my new computer. Moving data between hard drives is easier than it was a decade ago.

22 September 2011 – The SATA to USB transfer cable didn’t work. A trip to the store for another cable. When it comes to computers, all’s well that runs well.

23 September 2011 – Zeroscaping can be easy and colorful when things planted fit the environment. Some photographs of flowers at my house.

24 September 2011 – Women should choose their mates for their abilities.  Intelligent design, by women, – of humans, by humans, and for humans. 

25 September 2011 – My stye in my eye needs looking into it. It’s better to take care of problems early and ask questions later.

26 September 2011 – Copper is becoming scarcer, but it is essential to civilization. Now is the time to invest in copper research and its alternatives.

27 September 2011 – Flowers near my home in Bend, Oregon. It’s not about me, it’s about the attractions Mother Nature provides.

28 September 2011 – Ignite Bend is a local tradition of speaking up on something important to the Tower theater, 20 slides in five minutes.

29 September 2011 – Ed Endsley – a photographer’s opening show in Bend, Oregon.

30 September 2011 – At each meal we say, “Eat just the right amount to bring us to our next meal.” Eat just the right amount and then stop.

October 2011

1 October 2011 – Worldwide photography walk comes to Bend, Oregon

2 October 2011 – The Bend Oregon Fall Festival is wonderful – but – – – Even fun can be tiring and require a nap.

3 October 2011 – Everyone is trying to make the world better. Even the most destructive actions are motivated by good intentions.

4 October 2011 – Berkeley’s People’s Park is now cultivated by Michael Delacour. Even honest people with positive motivations can still come into conflict.

5 October 2011 – Your salary will soon be the famine wage of the world. We live in a wonderful world, but it is hanging by a fiber – an optical fiber.

6 October 2011 – Why do people swear and why do I swear? Using swear words is counterproductive for communicating the underlying ideas.

7 October 2011 – How to pull adhesive tape off a dispenser roll. This includes a photo of how to hold your hands.

8 October 2011 – Explore safe things with your hands and the dangerous darkness with a very long stick.

9 October 2011 – The real progress of humanity has been linked to the collection and understanding of the natural world.

10 October 2011 – How long are drugs safe to use? Keep your drugs in a quiet, dark, cool, dry and kid-safe place, and they will last for years.

11 October 2011 – My zombie is annoyed by my attempts to stop swearing. It is monitoring the social environment and has prepared a set of behaviors.

12 October 2011 – Adult fun is found in making useful things. Fun for adults is thought of as work by children.

13 October 2011 – It’s a tiny bit more complicated than you think it is. Igor – Is there a single thought or word you couldn’t have written? — Do it!

14 October 2011 – The Species Seekers, is a great read for facts, fun and motivation.

15 October 2011 – World prosperity is based on American-created peace. It is unlikely that the coming pax-China will be as benign as pax-Americana has been.

16 October 2011 – People speaking the truth want to identify with the positive actions and so they use a relatively large number of personal words.

17 October 2011 – I am a boring person, so I must make an effort to be interesting. I listen to other people and talk about their interests.

18 October 2011 – How to make a story or thing better, and more useful. Things and stories become more valued when they are easily understood.

19 October 2011 – A surprise for us was this beautiful park on the Deschutes river, like several other parks, it was an easy walk from our house.

20 October 2011 – Nothing should be included that doesn’t belong, and nothing should be excluded that does belong.

21 October 2011 – A picture should be about something, but what? It is the context that makes anything come to our attention as well as the thing itself.

22 October 2011 – Take apart your old digital camera. I like to see exactly what I am getting, so I like having a big screen.

23 October 2011 – Occupy Wall Street. American workers have transitioned into a World workers and they are now competing with workers everywhere.

24 October 2011 – What is that elephant doing in your living room? I hear a trumpet call to which there are no answers.

25 October 2011 – Science is humanity’s new religion. At last God is knowable. The opportunity for contentment is maximized by living within nature’s laws.

26 October 2011 – It’s time for my behavior to become more mature. Mature behavior is displayed in making it possible for people to act goalfully.

27 October 2011 – What if world population declines instead of growing? Eventually humans will live again in balance with what the Earth provides.

28 October 2011 – 7 Billion people versus food which needs land, water and energy. Support The EarthArk Project to restore the Earth.

29 October 2011 – The Occupy Wall Street movement in Bend. The problem isn’t the bankers, it’s their “legal right” to send our work abroad too easily.

30 October 2011 – It is rarely brought to consciousness, but life is a wonderful thing to have participated in, no matter what happens.

31 October 2011 – I take comfort in the fact that once upon a time, for a few moments, I participated in life. — Once at distant time I too loved this place.

November 2011

1 November 2011 – Moving my residence was great, but — A great opportunity is also a great disaster; A great disaster is also a great opportunity.

2 November 2011 – A person with a cool forehead in a very dark room sleeps better. — My goal is to help humanity have a long existence and contentment.

3 November 2011 – How I should watch TV, and you? The unrecorded life, that is in the form of a diary, was once claimed to be an unlived life. The same for TV.

4 November 2011 – My response to a stamped steel gate-latch handle cut on my finger. Check around for stamped steel items and sand the sharp edges.

5 November 2011 – To reach beyond the known, into the unknown, requires that we be able to record the event, and to recover from our failures.

6 November 2011 – A politician saying, “Mistakes were made and unfortunate things happened,” is stuck with the last of his available non-statements.

7 November 2011 – The world is a maelstrom in which we help each other find our way to our personal goals.

8 November 2011 – A painful symphonic experience, Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, illustrates perfectly the direction I don’t want to go.

9 November 2011 – With accurate feedback, adaptations are possible, and progress can be made. Ignore data which cannot improve some future behavior.

10 November 2011 – How to count better than one two three. Say single syllable words sounded like. Hoe, Won, Too, Tree, Pour, Fie, Sik, Sev, Hate, Niee.

11 November 2011 – We must love our world because we have no choice. Our  goal should be contentment with the world we live within.

12 November 2011 – The Iranians seem to believe they have nothing to lose by dying, but the Israelis believe they may lose everything by killing Iranians.

13 November 2011 – What I consider my most important ideas never reach top ten list on my personal page. If it bleeds it leads, but what doesn’t is ignored.

14 November 2011 – This tiny city of Bend, Oregon has a big heart for family oriented art and city parks.

15 November 2011 – A biotech lecture left the possibility of humanities failure, and thus our option is the creating a recovery with The EarthArk Project.

16 November 2011 – Written clearly in the stone for all to see: All things they should do for me, I will do for them.

17 November 2011 – TIME’s Person of the Year – a temporary flight of popularity fantasy. TIME marches on but they’re looking at their feet.

18 November 2011 – The sty in my eye seems here to stay. I’ve seen the doctor twice, but what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked, so I’m going to try the air dryer.

19 November 2011 – Some of my coffee shop friends moved on and became famous in various ways, but most, although equally interesting, didn’t.

20 November 2011 – Four people living in a MacMansion isn’t overcrowding compared to what our grandparents were enduring and calling a good life.

21 November 2011 – Teaching kids they can be artists, rock stars, TV personalities, star athletes is setting most of them on a road to failure.

22 November 2011 – Sometimes I like a nondescript photo, but why? Sometimes a good picture invites more questions than it answers.

23 November 2011 – Demonstrate your thankfulness on Thanksgiving Day. Honor the suffering of all our predecessors by providing something for the future!

24 November 2011 – 500 years from now Jobs and Jiabao will be ancient history but China will have gone through an astounding revolution under Jiabao.

25 November 2011 – The goal is to create a feeling of welcoming, acceptance and belonging, but not to inspire any particular interest in the building itself.

26 November 2011 – What does “God is Love” mean? It certainly isn’t a mathematical concept, God = Love.  That only confuses rational humans.

27 November 2011 – Zebrafish to the rescue of your arteries. Human ingenuity coupled with the transparent zebrafish is going to improve all our lives.

28 November 2011 – Planking over Pilot Butte in front of the Sisters. Planking is a popular photographic sport which I have not participated in until now.

29 November 2011 – What is the nostalgia the modern world craves? Find a need and fill it, or lay the groundwork and then make a need and fill it.

30 November 2011 – There is no current way to stop these catastrophes from happening the only reasonable course of action is to prepare for them. 

December 2011

1 December 2011 – Charles Scamahorn’s selfie as Probaway, in Bend, Oregon. Everyone is the center of their universe and should reveal themselves.

2 December 2011 – Why let lack of knowledge stop you from exploring a new realm when the penalties for blunders are almost non existent.

3 December 2011 – Art should goad people to think, and to ponder ways in which to improve the world around them, and not be passive eye-candy.

4 December 2011 – TIME Person of the Year – Top 100 list. The bolded names Zuckerberg, and Jinping, are Probaway 500 year fame candidates.

5 December 2011 – Observe what others are interested in and capable of, and then help them achieve their potential in fulfilling that interest.

6 December 2011 – Kepler observatory finds potentially habitable extraterrestrial planets. Our planet is not unique, but it is a wonderful place for us to live.

7 December 2011 – The formerly employed are now unemployed, and are being supported by the echo of wealth coming from the productivity of bygone years.

8 December 2011 – Most art is created to please the artist’s friends. Great art is created for the artist’s concept of perfection, of God.

9 December 2011 – A photograph should open up a new vision of what’s there to be seen all along.

10 December 2011 – Should I not bend, and become a Bendite, or should I bend and remain a Bendor?

11 December 2011 – TIME – Person of the Year – It must be a Kafka joke!

12 December 2011 – Learn what you need to forget and what to avoid learning. Avoid cultivating the habit of giving up responsibility for your own actions.

13 December 2011 – The Golden Rule is good for daily living, but the Golden Law, “I will do for others what they should do for me,” brings one to heaven.

14 December 2011 – Rockin Daves in Bend – enthusiasm for their job. Find your personal enthusiasm and cultivate it to the maximum.

15 December 2011 – Everyone knows China is growing rapidly and that America and Europe are in decline. The reasons are obvious enough.

16 December 2011 – Forty years ago I was a photographer, but after several separate thefts of groups of my one-up color photos I abandoned that activity.

17 December 2011 – Many mysterious things are easy when you know how.

18 December 2011 – Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Was Ben Franklin’s, motto. Rebel against your inner tyrant whenever it takes control.

19 December 2011 – Caspar David Friedrich, “The Wanderer” restored, and squared. — We live in a very different world than our predecessors.

20 December 2011 – Santa Claus goes back up the chimney with my camera. The internet is sometimes quick, but sometimes very slow on refunds.

21 December 2011 – A dozen great Christmas songs. — I will do for others everything they should do for me.

22 December 2011 – Pinker’s Better Angels: — The Leviathan. Gentle commerce. Feminization. The expanding Circle of We. The escalator of reason.

23 December 2011 – A pleasant walking day in Bend, Oregon. Life for us in Bend has been like this for us on most days.

24 December 2011 – Happiness and Love are found at home and in the World. Love is easy when you love and are loved.

25 December 2011 – Wikiwisdom is like Wikipedia, but it helps people with general problem solving rather than just supplying facts and information.

26 December 2011 – The challenge to the artist. Take charge of your tools and use them to explore the soul of the modern world, and your inner world.

27 December 2011 – The day is approaching when gas will cost more and Americans will walk more, and suburbs will have local stores again.

28 December 2011 – Jack the Ripper still has the power to entertain. He had an uncanny vision into the human lust for violence, thus Sherlock still lives.

29 December 2011 – There will always be challenges by people seeking unconstrained power, and they must be controlled by humanities needs.

30 December 2011 – People mirror the emotions that come their way, and when you are projecting warmth and acceptance others will reciprocate.

31 December 2011 – Make the complicated simple, make the expensive affordable,  transform what exists and create what doesn’t.