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The photo MeetUp club of Bend, Oregon met earlier this evening and we viewed and critiqued about 75 of our members’ photos. There is a great variety in the backgrounds of the people that come to these meetings. Some of them are world travelers working for major corporations, and a few are near beginners. But, everyone is enthusiastic about making comments on the pictures that are presented to us, and even the rawest of beginners can give the greatest of pros insights as to what it is they see when they look at a particular image. Quite often this can be a shock, but if the comment is heartfelt and direct it can be a revelation to the most sophisticated of creators of images. We all see the world through different  eyes.

One member of our group, Ed Endsley, is having a show in three weeks and at the end of the meeting he gave a brief pitch to our gaggle of enthusiasts. I took a couple of snaps and liked this one of him looking like an Old Testament prophet. He is a very thoughtful creator of images, and does spectacularly clean work.

Ed Endsley at Bend Oregon

Ed Endsley presenting his invitation to attend his show opening in Bend Oregon.

Bend isn’t all skiers and golfers,
Sometimes it’s photographers and prophets.