This sty first became apparent to me on September 10th, which is two months and eight days ago. Yesterday, I went to an ophthalmologist again and for the second time was told to just put a hot compress on it, and that it would go away in a week or two. Well that hasn’t worked, so I do have another appointment for next week when perhaps it will be lanced.


The sty is still in my eye after two months.

I have been washing my eye almost every morning with baby shampoo, which is supposed to clear out any mucus, and in addition I have been putting a warm dishrag on my eye for a couple of minutes. That’s a little hard to do because it gets cool in only a few seconds, so I stand over the sink with the hot water slowly running so the rag can be rewarmed every five seconds. I was hesitant to get it too hot, after all I don’t want to overtemp the eye itself and get a vision problem. However, what I have been doing hasn’t worked so I am going to be much more aggressive this week.

Because the rag cools down too quickly from too hot to too cool I am trying two different ways to apply hotter and more controllable heat. The first method — I have filled a small 14 oz flatish plastic salad dressing bottle with hot water, about 110°F. I chose this bottle because it has a rounded shoulder which presses comfortably onto the eye area where the sty is located. This works better than the recommended compress rag because I can control the heat better, and because the whole of the water can circulate next to the sty and thus keep a much more even temperature. I have been heating it up to where it is comfortable and feels just short of painfully hot.

The second method is to use a hair dryer blowing hot air directly onto my face and the closed eye. I move the hot air to about a foot away for a minute to warm the skin on my closed eyelid to a comfortably warm, not quite painful temperature. This would produce about the same effect as the water bottle in the first technique but with the hair drier I have the option of pulling the eyelid down and exposing the pimple part, which is just inside, and blowing hot air directly onto that infected little zone. I practiced keeping my eye closed but rolling the lower lid with my finger so the sty is exposed, that way the hot air goes directly onto the sty. To protect the eye itself from being over heated I keep slowly rolling it around. This whole procedure takes only a couple of minutes and gets the sty hotter than any of the other methods.

Sty in my eye

Hair dryer blowing at medium heat onto the sty on my lower eyelid.

I am doing this more aggressive method of heating the sty, several times a day, for the week before going into visit the ophthalmologist. Here is hoping for a positive outcome and I can cancel the appointment.