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It was a balmy day here in Bend! The temperature was 58° and with a very mild breeze it was a perfect day to climb the 500 feet up Pilot Butte. Near the top there is a sign warning of pedestrians, but that sign can’t possibly be for auto drivers because the one mile long road is closed and gated for the winter. The sign must therefore be warning of some other oddity of the people up here. Then I saw it.

A traffic caution sign at the top of Pilot Butte, OregonA traffic caution sign at the top of Pilot Butte, Oregon

Why is Mr. Ped appearing to float above the city? What can he possibly be cautioning us about except that there are people floating about and that we should watch for them and be careful of their behavior?

Levitation lessons on top of Pilot Butte, Bend OregonA levitation lesson on top of the Pilot Butte platform,

Here is a photograph I made showing three people levitating, and one standing on the launch platform in a very strange yoga like position, in an apparent attempt to take off. The man standing immediately behind the platform is watching carefully the launch procedure. Observe that the three successes are standing calmly about as if they are tourists on holiday, although their foot positions seem just a bit strange.

In a earlier post I revealed Superman’s secret technique for flying. It is obviously more advanced than what we see these people doing. A couple of weeks ago I was observed relaxing over Pilot Butte with a horizontal levitation.

Many mysterious things are easy when you know how.