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The UNESCO – World Heritage with Links has consumed a lot of time! It has thousands of links, each of which must be verified. It takes time finding the proper links and it takes time putting them into an HTML web page and it takes time verifying that all of them are right. It wasn’t that these web pages needed to be perfect, no web site can ever be perfect, but it should be without annoying flaws. This site has large numbers of slightly arbitrary decisions, which constantly had to be made, but those are not flaws, unless they interfere with most users’ appreciation of the whole experience.

This World Heritage site with links is an organically growing thing, because of the way it is constructed, and will not go out of date. It leans heavily upon the future new input of other people, in the form of Wikipedia improvements, new Flickr photos, new YouTube videos, and new GoogleEarth inputs into the maps overlays. This site is intended as a means of accessing all of these wonderful sites in a uniform and coherent way, which brings the information available in each of those sites from specific locations into a single place. Thus the user can go to almost a thousand wonderful sites in the world and get an in-depth experience of that place before going there. That easily accessible computer experience permits them to get a good idea of what the multitude of places have to offer, without having to go there in person.

This site saves its users time, money, energy. It also helps preserve the environment by not consuming so much natural resources. It makes its users more aware of the wonderful world we live within, and gives them the possibility of choosing those parts which will enhance their personal life experience here on Earth to the best of their own personal ideal choices. This site gives you the opportunity to make really good choices.

To live your life abundantly needs forethought of possibilities.