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The event horizon is always now. Strange and wonderful things are always just happening, or just happened or are about to happen. To postulate some potentially incredible thing and give it a special name gets some people a lot of press, but it doesn’t really mean much. We are always in a state of flux and flummox. The hope to get one’s whole mind converted into a potentially eternal computer-state strikes me as similar to the kind of heaven many people hope will come to them when they die. If they satisfy certain conditions. Both the computer heaven and the after-death heaven are equally untested and untestable and to my way of seeing things not worth wasting any time on beyond checking out their basic premise. If that is foolish then it is simply time to move on into a real world where you can have some cause and effect relationships with reality.

I am very happy that some of the seven billion living people, and perhaps a hundred dead people, have explored these things and set them before the rest of their communities to explore. However, when an idea doesn’t work and produce real world effects it is time to put one’s attention elsewhere. My long term extrapersonal goal is to maximize the totality of human happiness. That requires human beings, not robots, and time —lots of time—not the collapse into a singularity.