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Some person unknown to me, 0x522d47, commented –

It seems like this article doesn’t do anything else than asking unnecessary questions related to a lot of existing\unexisting issues. Maybe writing articles that solve (or try to) questions and problems, so that the world can understand the main issue, would be a better choice, rather than writing ones that have a lot of very funny questions that a 10 years old child could ask.

That comment sat unnoticed until a few minutes ago when I was browsing some of my two-year-old posts. This one titled Artificial Intelligence as a precipitator of Doomsday. was about the doubling of the computer-generated new world we inhabit and how long it would be until that technology generates a Doomsday event. Presently clicking the same referenced site now shows 28.7% penetration of the world population. That’s a 445% growth since 2000, but only a modest growth since July 10,  2008, when it was 21.1%. The internet penetration isn’t doubling in two years, and yet it is still growing in absolute numbers very rapidly. However, all the technical developments are still progressing at a remarkable pace, but the thing which most people consider the important development is the social interaction aspect created by sites like facebook and twitter.

Moore’s law is generally considered the base for discussing the compounding effects of doubling of computer chip power, but as helpful as that concept is, it standing alone doesn’t address the compounding power of the world of interconnected chips, interconnected with multiple independent types of devices and ultimately with all of the humans on Earth. Even the knowledge and wisdom of people who don’t have access to computers, say in the depths of New Guinea mountains, will have an input. I know linguists studying in that area who are mostly exploring the language, but they also bring back other types of knowledge, some of which is latent in the language itself. The point is that all humans are now being accessed into the greater human experience.

It was strange to me that I was challenged for not addressing the main issues facing the world, and supplying humanity encompassing answers to those problems, because it has always appeared to me that I was trying to do exactly that. I have been facing the greatest world problem, the Darwinian/Malthusian one, that people will reproduce to the limit of the food-carrying capacity of the Earth. That will generate wars of national survival between countries using Weapons Of Extermination (WOEs) to obtain food to supply their own people. Those wars, which I have been calling Doomsday wars, will send many, perhaps most, species into extinction and bring humanity to a population of under 16 million survivors. If those are not fundamental questions, for which I have given considerable effort in offering workable solutions and posting them for all the world to see, please inform me of what issues are more important, and I will pursue them.

And, while thinking about those all encompassing problems I have expatiated upon, consider the absolute arrogance of my writing a piece advising future religious prophets on how they should form their new world religions. Who else goes around telling the future Jesus, Moses, Lao Tzu, Buddha what they should be considering and promulgating. The current religions based on those ancient ones are not taking modern knowledge into sufficient consideration, and better formed religions based on our better understanding of reality will greatly improve future ones. I am not talking about converting the world into Unitarian or Ethical Culture type religions, because those will never appeal to the vast majority of people, but to something which has a more dynamic and universal appeal which at its core provides a basis for long-term stability and sustainability for all humanity.

Humanity’s survival is the fundamental issue, as I see it.