Religion has been around for thousands of years and has served the function of answering basic questions such as, why are we here and what should we be doing with our time and attention. There must have been a time, before humans learned to speak and become homo sapiens as we know them, when they did not know how to make logical sentences. There would have been an time long ago with only signal warning-words, then a time with word pairs, later a time of ordered word pairs and then a time with linked groups of words which would be about where we are now. It wouldn’t be until people had the power to link groups of words together that the concept of abstractions like where do we go when we sleep or die, would arise, and need to be answered.

People who were a little different from the crowd would offer explanations that were unusual and some of these would be remembered by the normal people and transmitted to future generations. That very generally is the route that language development took and the reason traditions and religion came into being.

Religion claims to give answers to perplexing questions by using verbal reasons for things being as they are and should be. It doesn’t offer testable proves for their beautiful stories but uses them to communicate how other people coped with similar problems.

The scientific method encroaches into religious thought where postulated ideas about reality can be tested anyone with the right equipment. Click below to see how science and —

Humanity moves along trippingly from one gravestone to the next.