Brewers and bottlers please save us from COVID-19


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Social isolation and cleaning our hands is not enough to STOP the novel coronavirus from ultimately infecting nearly everyone. Like the common cold, it will probably become a background disease that recurs occasionally. Like the cold, it is primarily in the sinuses, throat, and lungs but it brings on a fever throughout the body. Usually, the disease is caught from the spray of droplets from another person’s cough or sneeze, or from touching a contaminated surface like a doorknob and then one’s nose, eyelids, or mouth.

All the world knows those things well enough but none or few can prevent the disease from happening to them personally. What is obvious is that we need to wash our hands but even more important we need to wash our sinuses and throats, because that is where colds and COVID-19 grow. COVID-19 virus doesn’t grow on the hands or doorknobs, it only survives there. It is in the sinuses that it grows, and from there sneezed droplets fly out and infect other people. And it is from the sinuses that infected postnasal drip enters a person’s throat and lungs and a life-threatening disease develops.

We need to eliminate the novel coronavirus from our sinus. Some of the disease process will be growing in the flesh of our sinus, and this virus will require presently non-existing drugs and vaccines to destroy them. Maybe we will have effective drugs next year, and maybe not but the COVID-19 disease is here now and killing people.

But the viruses that are the worst problem are not the ones that are already embedded in the sinuses. The problem is the viruses that are moving out of the sinuses and into people’s lives, and the viruses post-nasal dripping out of the sinuses and into the infected person’s lungs. When these viruses are external to the body, even in the nose, they can be killed with handwashing soaps and detergents. We know this to be true because they are routinely killed by people washing their hands. The obvious solution for getting rid of COVID-19 viruses in one’s sinuses is to wash those sinuses and kill the viruses when they are outside of the flesh and exposed to the outside world.

I have been experimenting with different methods for washing my sinuses with a very mild dilution of the detergent HIBICLENS. It is available over the counter or on the web. It is safe and effective and has been used by surgeons at full strength, washing it off with water, before they do open surgery operations.

A comfortable sinus wash can be created by mixing one drop of Hibiclens into 200 milliliters of distilled water. That equals 1 to 3084 dilutions. At this level of dilution, the water still holds a foam when shaken in a bottle, and that shows that it has enough surface tension to rip apart COVID-19 and kill it. When sniffed into the nose and snorted back and forth in the sinuses for a few seconds it will probably kill the COVID-19. Doing this procedure when irritation is already occurring will inhibit the disease from spreading further. Doing the procedure when exposed to another person with the disease will probably prevent you from succumbing to it.

“Chlorhexidine, the active ingredient in Hibiclens, is a broad-spectrum antiseptic skin cleanser that is proven effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast. Washing with chlorhexidine kills bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane.”

“Hibiclens is a 4% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) solution for patient cleansing and skin antisepsis which has been trusted by hospitals and healthcare professionals for more than 40 years.”

The method suggested for the sinuses for using Hibiclens is very different from the usual rubbing full-strength solution onto the wet skin and then applying water to work up a lather. The recommended usages for Hibiclens at full strength are all external. The eyes and ears are to be avoided at that concentration of Hibiclens or blindness may occur, or deafness.

The plea to brewers and bottlers and others dealing with large numbers of bottled liquids is to supply your public with small bottles of water with a single drop of Hibiclens mixed in. This may save some of your customer’s lives and benefit you for your public service.

If this method of cleaning the sinuses works to kill COVID-19, the current pandemic will soon come to an end and your popularity and business will thrive.



Logarithmic projections of COVID-19 get worse.


Here are this evening’s facts from Worldometers and my graphics which include logarithmic projections for the world cases and world deaths. The projections are simply picking a well-documented date of data and drawing a line through it to a more recent well-documented date of data, and then doing a straight line doubling of that line. Except for China, the projected line, shown in dashed dark yellow, has proven to be a good prediction. China imposed draconian restrictions on the localities infected with the COVID-19 disease, and they were successful in largely eliminating it. See the chart below for lots more details and the surprising explosion of the disease in the United States. It has already surpassed China and hasn’t been contained. Perhaps the current policies of keeping people at home will work. I think my plan to suppress the disease with dilute nasal washes of the surgeon’s hand washes will help.

We people of earth are in for a memorable year 2020. With 20 20 vision, some of the grief could have been prevented.

Hibiclens dilution of 1 drop per 200 milliliters for sinus infection.


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This post is a retest of the dilution of Hibiclens in distilled water. The new wider boundaries explored are at 10 drops per 200 milliliters of distilled water through 1/1000 of a drop per 200 milliliters of water. The 10 drops density of Hibiclens gives a much foamier solution than 1 drop per 200 ml, but the 1/1000 drop solution still briefly gives a visible amount of foam. I have tested the denser solution in my sinus and haven’t felt any burning or other more unpleasant feelings than getting pure water in my nasal passages. I suspect that others will have a similar response to Hibiclens, although there may be people who are allergic to this chemical, or who develop an allergy to it after a few uses.

It would appear that the middle dosage of one drop of Hibiclens per 200 milliliters will be well tolerated by most people and because it will probably disable if not kill the coronavirus it will be a great benefit to them. Also, 200 milliliters of the solution is a quantity that will last through the inflammatory portion of a sinus infection.

Using this solution several times per day during the pandemic would be a reasonable preventative. You may encounter other people who may be carrying the coronavirus without showing symptoms. Rinsing the nasal passages with dilute Hibiclens when entering or leaving public places like elevators or transit vehicles would impede the disease.

Sniffing the suggested solution may help prevent you from catching coronavirus and help prevent you from spreading the disease if you are a carrier.

Here is a video I made this afternoon demonstrating why I think one drop of Hibiclens per 200 milliliters is about the right concentration. It is the point where the solution readily foams up when shaken, but the concentration is tolerated by me when sucked into my sinuses. This somewhat comic video compares the foams of various levels of dilution. Enjoy.

This solution may or may not work, but if it does work it would hurry this pandemic out of existence, and let us return to our normal lives.

What is the right % of Hibiclens for nose wash?


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Yesterday, I did a few experiments based on how Hibiclens felt in my sinus before forming a recommendation. Today I did some more experiments, but this time it was for the foaming of the Hibiclens when mixed with water and shaken to create foam.

One measured cup of distilled water has been poured into a beverage bottle.

A drinking straw has been dipped into Hibiclens, held inside the straw with a finger pressed over the opening to prevent the fluid from flowing out.

One drop of Hibiclens was dripped into the bottle and has just been shaken as shown by the small bubbles below the foam.

One drop of Hibiclens makes foam which goes away in a minute.

10 drops of Hibiclens in a cup of water and shaken still has foam 5 minutes later.

As you will see in the photos above a single drop of Hibiclens in a cup of distilled water will give some foam, but ten drops will give more foam that will last for five minutes. That implies to me the Hibiclens will be more effective at that concentration.

From yesterday’s experiments at double that concentration, which I used without any burning in my sinuses or other ill effects, it seems okay to use twenty drops of Hibiclens per cup of water, but today’s experiments demonstrate that it keeps its foam okay with ten drops.

You don’t need to leave the concentrated solution in your nose all the time, and doing a sinus rinse followed by a saline nasal rinse a few times per day should be enough. If, however, you are in a location where there are actively sick people, doing one of these rinses after every exposure would seem reasonable.

This is all in the experimental stage, but the Covid-19 doubles every few days in an active community, so we don’t have the time to do longitudinal studies. We must act on our best analysis of the facts. 1. Hibiclens has been used for many years by doctors for washing hands before going into surgery and has proven its effectiveness. 2. The published evidence is that washing hands with soap is a preventative for transferring Covid-19 from the fingers to the nose. 3. If surface Covid-19 can be eliminated from the sinuses then postnasal drip loaded with the disease will not get into the lungs and cause death. 4. It is older people who have trouble swallowing and closing their epiglottis, to keep mouth fluids from going into the lungs, who are at most risk from Covid-19 and are having the most mortality. But, we all will benefit by gaining immunity from further coronavirus diseases from having a mild case in our nose now rather than a deadly disease from postnasal drip of disease into our lungs.

This use of a mild but effective standard cleanser to clean the sinuses has the possibility of saving many lives.

The Tao Teh Ching – #70 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn


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When you are alone this method of Tao is easy to understand, and
This method of Tao is easy to practice.

But when one is mingled with a crowd,
Only a very experienced user of attractive methods
Can understand it; and
Only a sage can put it into practice.

Those who know what the self is are rare!
Internally that self may be made attractive and approached.
Externally the sage appears extraordinarily ordinary, and
None can see his profound common sense.


Cleaning your sinuses may save your life.


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Keeping social distance can not be tolerated for long, and will only slow, not stop the coronavirus from eventually getting through to all of us. Keeping a really clean environment will slow it a bit, but the viruses are ubiquitous and will eventually find you and me. Keeping our fingers off our mucus membranes sounds great, but watch a group of people and you will notice that they touch their faces every couple of minutes. I do.

In other words, yes, I’m repeating myself, you will get exposed to the coronavirus and will a couple of years from now test positive for having had the disease. It may have been so mild you thought it was just a sniffle or a passing allergic reaction to some obstreperous plant. It will, like the common cold, just become a background disease we learn to live with.

How can we develop an immune reaction without getting seriously sick?

Getting a vaccination will be the easiest way to become immune, but that is unavailable now, and the disease is doubling every couple of days in places like New York City. These eruptions are going to be popping up all over the world for the next couple of months. How can we stay healthy when nearly everyone around us is sick, and those who aren’t sick may still be carriers of the disease? I have found a way to suppress coronavirus that seems simple and easy to do. In fact, it is obvious once you understand what’s happening. It’s like washing your hands, as the authorities repeat endlessly, to keep from getting sick. But, the disease doesn’t begin in your hands, it usually begins in your sinuses and gets deadly when it reaches the lungs. The obvious thing to do?

Wash your sinuses with something that kills coronavirus!

Watch for symptoms of the onset of coronavirus disease. Itching in the sinuses will be one of the first indicators, followed by a fever. But the fever is your body’s attempt to warn your immune system to get busy looking for nasty things to destroy. That fever appears when the disease process is already moving beyond the surface infection in the sinuses and into your body. You want to wash your sinuses as soon as the itching appears, or even sooner. When you suspect coronavirus is in your air, it’s time to do the washing of your sinuses. Once you are set up, it can be done in fifteen seconds. Sitting here right now typing this post I have three separated spray bottles touching my left arm and could do a nasal spray with any of the three in five seconds. They are from experiments I have been doing. Two are small pocketable bottles with a built-in spraying function. One of these little ones is a “Saline Nasal Spray”. It costs a couple of bucks, but you can fill it almost for free. The advantage is that you can wash your sinuses any time in a couple of seconds. The mist sprayer I think is best for home use held 2½ cups of sprayable household cleaner. It squirts out about 1/8th of a tablespoon of mist with each squeeze. I like it because it is easier in three squeezes to get plenty of working fluid into my sinuses.

The working cleanser is HIBICLENS. It is used by doctors for surgery preparation.

After carefully cleaning the spray bottle and letting it soak in hot water for an hour and cleaning it again, I rinsed it again with distilled water and then filled it with two cups of distilled water. To that, I added 40 drops of HIBICLENS Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser. I had performed several more dilute experiments earlier and I didn’t have any reactions to them. HIBICLENS is what doctors use before surgeries, so I assume it is better than the dish and clothes detergents I tried. Those will probably work but will require more dilution to not be annoying. Also, if you can’t get a mist-sprayer, sniffing the fluid out of a teaspoon or your cupped hand works, but make the sniffs very short to prevent the mist going into your lungs.

I held my breath while spraying my sinuses and then snorted a few times back and forth to distribute the HIBICLENS. After about ten seconds, I blew my nose several times to clear it. I then sprayed in some mild “Saline Nasal Spray” and then blew that out too. It is all a lot easier than it sounds when you have the two bottles ready to spray and a Kleenex to clean up the nose drool.

At the first itching of coronavirus, sniff into your sinuses 1/4 teaspoon of a solution of 40 drops of HIBICLENS in two cups water.

Coronavirus is attacking the United States


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I am not an alarmist! I am looking at the charts that I have created from data that are easily found on the internet. Especially helpful is Worldometers/coronavirus/. The numbers in the chart below for the first month were collected elsewhere, like WHO, but Worldometers is doing such an excellent job of keeping up with the real data coming in from all over the world that I am now using them exclusively.

What the presentation below illustrates better than any site I have visited is the relationships between the various factors. The turmoil that hit Italy is about to hit the United States! The reason that is probably true, and I personally hope that it isn’t, is the projection on the graph below of the growth of the cases of coronavirus in the US. The number of cases in the US has gone from 16 on February 12 to 46,145 on March 23. If you look at the top of the purple line, you see that it is as steep as the green line that represents Italy. If that long line continues for another week, or two, the US will surpass China as having had the largest number of cases. All of that happened in a little over a single month.

The purple US line is rocketing past China and Italy.

I am only responsible for the presentation of the coronavirus data, not the data itself.



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Do you have the coronavirus yet?

Before the coronavirus arrives you can learn how to cope with it.

You should make the assumption that you will catch the coronavirus disease. Everyone will catch it until a vaccine is developed and distributed, but that is said to take a year to eighteen months. This flu-like disease has already been spread worldwide by travelers, but the rate so far is that only one person in a half a million has died of the coronavirus as of today. Coronavirus is still invisible in most people’s lives even though it is getting massive amounts of news interest and official demands on our personal behavior.

Here are the March 22, 2020, statistics: 7,773,000,000 world population divided by 322,625 contracted coronavirus and that equals one person in 24,093 contracting the coronavirus and 7,773,000,000 divided by 13,745 died thus equals only one person of 565,515 world population has died so far. That’s why I say it is still invisible. It has to be a thousand times worse before you will personally know someone who died.

In the years 1918-1920, the Spanish flu killed between 17 and 100 million people of the world population of 1.8 billion. That population was only one quarter our present 7.8 billion thus, 7,773,000,000 / 1,811,012,000 = 4.29 times more people now than when the Spanish flu ripped through humanity a century ago. For our present coronavirus to get a comparable number of deaths to the Spanish Flu, we multiply the 1920 world population deaths of 17 – 100 million by 4.3 and we would now get 73.1 – 430 million dead to equal that tragedy.

That would mean that 5% of today’s world population would die to equal the Spanish flu. It can happen here and now, and there are still a few people alive today old enough to remember that event.

1% die = 77,730,000

2% die = 155,460,000

3% die = 233,190,000

4% die = 310,920,000

5% die = 388,650,000

6% die = 466,380,000

Within a few months, everyone on earth will be exposed to coronavirus including you and me. Most of us will survive and develop lifelong immunity to this coronavirus. Also, that immunity will probably give some protection to new forms of the virus that will evolve out of the present virus. Thus having the current coronavirus while you are young isn’t all bad.

At present, about 80% get a mild infection, and they will be over symptoms in about two weeks. Unfortunately, old people confined in nursing homes are much more likely to get a serious illness and many will die. It is that geriatric group of the sick 20% who will get quite sick and die. “Using available preliminary data, the median time from onset to clinical recovery for mild cases is approximately 2 weeks and is 3-6 weeks for patients with the severe or critical disease.”

The severe form of coronavirus disease is in the lungs.

I have been pursuing the idea that coronavirus primarily begins in the sinuses, and the body develops some immunity to the disease in those first few days. If the virus doesn’t get aspirated into the lungs in those first days, the person probably won’t get very sick. However, if the virus does get to the lungs, regardless of their age they will probably get very sick. The suggestions I am offering are ways to prevent the post nasal drip from getting into your lungs.

The image below is from

Causes of a postnasal drip are the sinuses trying to prevent the bad stuff from getting into your body, such as seasonal pollen. The reason the disease gets old people sick more often than younger ones is that they have trouble swallowing.

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. Some people with dysphagia have problems swallowing certain foods or liquids, while others can’t swallow at all. Other signs of dysphagia include: coughing or choking when eating or drinking; bringing food back up, sometimes through the nose.”

Two-thirds of the people living in nursing homes have dysphagia. Thus, these people aspirate food and other stuff in the mouth and also tend to inhale post nasal fluids. When that postnasal drip loaded with infectious disease gets into the lungs, it often kills them.

Here are some ways to prevent postnasal drip and dysphagia.

For the first two weeks of coronavirus infection, maintain the habit of holding your chin down while eating, chewing food and drinking fluids. A good angle is about halfway between looking straight ahead and your chin just touching your chest. In this position, your epiglottis at the back of your mouth covers your trachea (windpipe) better and prevents stuff from going down the wrong way and into your lungs.

Habits are hard to create so it is a wise thing to practice holding your chin down whenever you might be looking up while swallowing. When at your computer adjust the screen so you are looking slightly down at it.

Another simple thing is to cough slightly after every swallow. That is to clear out anything that might go toward the lungs.

Do a slight huffing cough and forceful blowing out of the nose frequently into Kleenex when you have a coronavirus infection.

When sleeping it is probably better not to lie on your back because nasal drip can more easily enter the windpipe than when lying on your left side.

Carry some Kleenex and lunch bags with you so when you cough or sneeze you can put the tissue in the bag. When you have a permanent disposal place put the bag deep inside, so the stuff goes to the city incinerator without encountering any other people.

Whenever I’ve had a common cold for the last 25 years I have at the first sign of the illness taken a 105°F bath and raised my body temperature to 101°F. I am going along with my body’s inclination to raise my temperature, and turn on my immune system. I do that twice a day for three days and once a day for about five more days. It works for my colds and it might work for coronavirus because they are similar viruses.

Keep invigorated by going for fifteen-minute walks twice a day, but keep some distance from other people and anything they might touch.

Follow the usual advice given by the authorities.



Update – Coronavirus pandemic comparison chart


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The terrible coronavirus accelerates.

Click the image to make it bigger and look carefully at the blue line topping out at 308,227 World cases. You will notice that it is tilting a bit upward. That is significant because it means that although China has gotten control of its ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the rest of the world hasn’t.

This chart has plotted a straight dashed light-blue line beginning on February 1st and ending on March 15th. That was a line based on six weeks of collected data. It was then doubled in length to project the coronavirus’s possible progress into the future six weeks.

This chart is semi-logarithmic and goes from a single unit at the bottom to ten billion at the top; thus it includes all the eight billion now-living people. When the light blue line is projected to the top, it would mean that every person on earth would contract the coronavirus by September 9th, 2020 (9/9/2020). That won’t happen, but if only one person in one hundred died of this disease it would equal the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. On the straight-line semi-logarithmic chart we have already gone halfway to reaching that unwanted goal. The seriousness of this problem is why I will be posting some strange things to do that are clearly unusual.

When you catch the coronavirus, do not let nasal drip-laden disease get into your lungs. STOP POST-NASAL DRIP.