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I have been working more than full time on my UNESCO World Heritage with Links site trying to make the thousands of links work properly. It is tedious work, slogging around in the HTML and trying to find faulty locations and correct whatever is ailing them and to make the locations interesting, valid and most of all work like a fresh viewer expects them to work.

Some of my time was used trying to figure out how the Google Ad words works to make a site more visible to the human searchers and to the search engines. A good choice of key words in the address line and in the headlines will make a difference. These Probaway blogs have had lots of new and useful content, but they haven’t been discovered as well as they might have been if better key words were placed in better strategic positions. I want to get this World Heritage project polished up as well as possible before starting on The EarthArk Project. That is infinitely more important than this travel project, but doing this one first will help me to better understand what needs to be done to make the second one a success.

The pros at the WordPress MeetUp say that the first effort is always a failure, but that after a couple of tries one can get it right. Hopefully, they are right and with their help I can make this World Heritage move forward quickly to some moderate success. That will help me learn what the essentials of marketing the next worldwide project on a worldwide scale. We all know there isn’t much time until humanity will have fallen over the edge of no return and will need to be picked up and brought back to life. That is the essential goal of The EarthArk Project.

One can learn from their mistakes, and from others’ mistakes too.