Yesterday’s post was about making the years of good ideas presented on this blog into salable products by changing the delivery format slightly. And yet on rereading that post it is obvious that there is still a strong undertow, in my habitual thought patterns, of giving away the ideas instead of me personally profiting from them. For example, take the sentence, “The idea isn’t so much to make unlimited piles of money, as it is to provide the economic stimulus which seems to be necessary to promulgate ideas, or anything else for that matter.” When I read that sentence today it seems wrong-headed, because spreading the idea isn’t the goal for any entrepreneur; that’s silly talk. The goal is to make as much money as possible, for personal use, and the fact that making a lot of money is proof of the value of an idea is not even secondary; it is off into the nebulous world of non-functional speculation. The goal is to make it, and make it work. In the world of ideas and invention the goal is functionality, but in the world of commerce the goal is to convert all of those things into personally controlled money. It is a different set of objectives, both of which have a valid place in the human world.

In my new world and life of contentment I just accept these things as being the way the world was and is and in all likelihood is going to be for a long time, regardless of what I do. Therefore, any person, myself included, should just function within the rules of existence they find themselves within, and not be bothered overly much with alternate promulgations by outside others of the way the world ought to be. They exist in a different world, their own world. The total world, which we all inhabit, is what it is, and I am what I am, and I can live with harmonizing as best I can whatever overlap there is between the two. There is no reason for me to live by some other person’s moral idealistic proclamations, which likely as not they don’t obey themselves. My responsibilities are to myself, and that is to obey the offerings and limitations of the world and my own self. To try to comply to other people’s idealizations simply prevents me from realizing my own potentials.

One of the problems I have had all of my life has been the unwillingness to tell other people what they should be doing. I like to create ideas, not force them onto other people. The role of boss has always been an anathema to me, because I always expected people to be responsible and self-respecting entities. It is only recently that I have realized that even the decision makers at the very top, the ones telling everyone else what to do, are themselves being obedient to a higher authority – they are followers also. They are obeying a leader we don’t see – sometimes they claim it’s god they are following, but then they seem crazy. Or sometimes these leaders just admit it is money they seek, or power, which is just another name for money. Ever since, way back when I left being a bomber pilot for the US Air Force, under an atomic cloud, I have intentionally avoided certain kinds of responsibility, that which tells others what to do. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very productive. That is sad for me, and for everyone else a loss, because I haven’t been very productive in supporting my share of social responsibility, and that’s because I haven’t joined into the system and pursued money.

I am taking a new direction now, even though I am old and have declining energy. That new direction includes the realization that to be successful in making things work, and promulgating them, is mediated by money. Changing my life style into a new direction after years of going one way will be difficult, but three and a half years ago I decided to write a blog post every day, and it astonishes me that I haven’t missed a single day. So, if I can do that, I can probably make a small change in the way I present my ideas; it will include the possibility of making money from those ideas.

I will explore and exploit even the annoying aspects of promotion of ideas.