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Rembrandt and lots of other artists did self-portraits so why not I?

Charles Scamahorn - Probaway - SAM_2922a

C Scamahorn - Probaway self-portrait at Thump's in Bend, Oregon CLICK

The sun was setting and there was nothing but skylight falling on the chalk drawn on Thump’s coffee shop wall. It had some photo-worthy qualities but they needed something more, more light and something  in the foreground to give it a human touch. I had been thinking of the blue circle as a comic strip word balloon with the pink diamond as some sort of cosmic abstract statement. The religious iconic square in a circle in a square image. That idea needed a cosmic character to be making the cosmic statement, but there wasn’t anything or anyone who fit that description handily nearby, so I long-armed this shot of me.  It was a visual experiment as much as anything.

The balloon didn’t quite line up with my mouth, but it is better this way. It would look foolish to have the diamond coming directly out of my mouth, and it’s comic enough as it is. The stark sun was making me squint, but it produced an interestingly sharp profile, and a textured grazing shadow across my beard stubble. My whitening hair comes out sparkling too, proving to everyone that I really am getting old. In post processing I thought about dimming down the zipper end from under my chin, and still might. The single hair drifting down my ears adds a little casual realism so it stays. The short nose is inherently mine so it stays too.

Everyone is the center of their universe and should reveal themselves.