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January 2012

1 January 2012 – Probaway Person of the year 2012 – Zebrafish. Research using the zebrafish will soon change everyone’s life for the better.

2 January 2012 – Our food comes from cheap energy. Our children will ask, what happened to OUR food? Our answer is, “We burned it in our SUVs.”

3 January 2012 – When oil is exhausted there will be no energy to power the farming equipment, and famine will result, survivors will cultivate by hand.

4 January 2012 – Our vacation included RDM to SFO to ORD to CMH.

5 January 2012 – Picket the museums of the world to put quality digital images of their holdings online.

6 January 2012 – Probaway self-portraits with light stripes. When things, like light, are right for action act immediately.

7 January 2012 – What is the functioning of supernatural and natural selection in society? Religion is about binding a reproductive community together.

8 January 2012 – Flying over America the question becomes at current rates of growth there’s a question as to where people are going to build houses?

8 January 2012 – God told us to kill your people because he is unhappy with your encroaching on land which He gave to us, so it’s a good act to kill you.

9 January 2012 – Too much regulation is as bad as too little. Too much regulation is counterproductive. We need appropriate laws.

10 January 2012 – When my grandparents arrived there was only 100 people in Homedale, so maybe he did use this Owyhee County voting barrel.

11 January 2012 – Walking in the footsteps of President Warren G. Harding. It is okay to follow in the footsteps of our Presidents.

12 January 2012 – Detroit is now trotting out fabulous cars, but they are the ones that will put the final nails into the American self-created coffin.

13 January 2012 – The Occupy Movement shouldn’t be asking for the rich to share their wealth;  it won’t happen; they should demand the creation of jobs.

14 January 2012 – A good picture is one that makes the viewer pause for more than a moment to look at the picture, and see the world in a new way. 

15 January 2012 – Route the hot-water pipes above the ceiling, but below the ceiling insulation, that location is typically ten degrees warmer than the floor.

16 January 2012 – Creating beautiful things is based on inherited human aesthetic abilities. Our ancestral women were choosing men with artistic taste.

17 January 2012 – The atheists have very weak binding powers, and until they find an essence of their belief which unifies them they will be forever weak.

18 January 2012 – Our first real snow here in Bend, Oregon. We had worried about the weather after living in the balmy San Francisco Bay Area.

19 January 2012 – We need a list of locations and dates of spectacular natural events. I did that with my 1000 World Heritage Sites but without dates.

20 January 2012 – What supernatural thing might a nontheist believe in? We came from the void, exist in the void and shall return to the void.

21 January 2012 – Visual music makes for a strange day. Meandering river creates visual rhythms and so does the reflected light of some lake waves.

22 January 2012 – Gods exist only in our imagination to explain the incomprehensible, and as more is known the gods shrink in importance.

23 January 2012 – The Occupy Movement versus the real American elite. It’s not the 1% = 3 million, its the 1,000 from Harvard law school who run the world.

24 January 2012 – Human morality, like language ability, is based on carefully refined gossip entering our genetic code.

25 January 2012 – The supernatural god humans seek may be the Void. The Void is the source of everything including now and the future.

26 January 2012 – How to make an electronic brain.

27 January 2012 – Some cross-eye color vision experiments were in the brain, but this color fatigue one is partly within the eyes, with a reversal of pattern.

28 January 2012 – Religion has the ability to generate hope for absolute and permanent personal meaning, and gives a promise a better times to come.

29 January 2012 – The best way to affect America is political action is from within the structure.

30 January 2012 – Bend is as remote from from America as it is possible to be, and still be in forty eight states, but its political heart is dead center.

31 January 2012 – Gossiping women was the Overruling Intelligence that Wallace and Darwin were seeking to explain non-selective human qualities.

February 2012

1 February 2012 – Ignite Bend auditions at the Good Life Brewing Company. Be Prepared !!! That’s the Boy Scout’s marching song. Be prepared. Be prepared.

2 February 2012 – How would a language based on a scientific form of good and evil, be for creating a system of morality, based on fuzzy logic principles?

3 February 2012 – A collection of statements on adaptation to reality where life and progress thrive. Versus, “I’m too old to adapt to somebody else’s ways.”

4 February 2012 – The Moon got caught in my neighbor’s tree. — The Moon caught in a broken tree is a haiku of broken delicacy.

5 February 2012 – Two old men sitting on a beached log on the shore of Lake Tahoe.

6 February 2012 – America is ruled by wonderful people. But, for how long. The concentration of all the reigns of government in a few hands is bad.

7 February 2012 –The Watchman’s Rattle, looks with the view of the proverbial fly on the wagon wheel saying: “Look at what a big dust I’m stirring up”.

8 February 2012 – How can I communicate the Earth Ark to the people of every square mile of the planet, when I can’t even convince a single person?

9 February 2012 – If sane people can not adapt their behavior to obvious risks to their own lives, how can they be concerned about humanity’s problems?

10 February 2012 – The Earth Ark has been rejected by the Ignite Bend committee. Prepare a presentation for the people who can get things done.

11 February 2012 – I have participated in several social projects today even though I don’t believe the Occupy Movement has much real traction.

12 February 2012 – I have lived for seventy-six years now and rarely have been given a single positive word for anything I have ever done.

13 February 2012 – This post is a good example of what not to do. It is an illustration of an abstract lecture instead of an attention-getting story.

14 February 2012 – A present danger is an Obama-Roberts conspiracy. Prevent governmental abuse! Fight for separation of Judicial and Executive Power.

15 February 2012 – February 29th is The Earth Ark Day.

16 February 2012 – An improved method of counting and pronouncing English numbers. The easier a thing is to do the more useful it is.

17 February 2012 – My Bose headphones fall apart – repeatedly! Shoo Goo to the rescue.

18 February 2012 –Atheists search for the why of God’s existence but can’t find anything. Atheists are good time companions, theists are tough time friends.

19 February 2012 – What is our moral responsibility to error? Support The Earth Ark Project and the development of a sustainable World Constitution.

20 February 2012 – Why the Svalbard, seed bank is in the wrong place. Mail you local seeds to The Earth Ark at McMurdo, Antarctica.

21 February 2012 – Most people don’t need to think about problems. Truth is beautiful, but hoped for ideals can easily be surrounded with beautiful lies.

22 February 2012 – How to present an idea to be acceptable. To make an idea motivational it must agree with a known and stated value.

23 February 2012 – How to cope with attacks which are dishonest and personal. Meet them with positive common goals.

24 February 2012 – Ignite Bend 8 was inspirational. “What the world needs is people who have come alive.”

25 February 2012 – The recovery from stalls and spins and instrument failure should be a reflex for every pilot, even jet airliner pilots who never have them.

26 February 2012 – The theoretical conceptions of information. If you consider yourself a peer with the Olympians, then The Information is a book for you.

27 February 2012 – Communists will, as a rule, work toward destruction of all forms of  personal independence, economic, political or moral, wrote Kennan.

28 February 2012 – Arthur Conan Doyle – The Inner Room – Jack the Ripper – critique. STEEL TRUE – BLADE STRAIGHT – Arthur Conan Doyle

29 February 2012 –February 29th is Leapday and Earth Ark Day.

March 2012

1 March 2012 – It is insane, everyone thinks it is insane, and yet the people making H-bombs, and WMDs are normal, intelligent and seemingly moral.

2 March 2012 – This portrait painting of Edward Teller is the one the people at our modern super weapons at Livermore National Labs look at every day.

3 March 2012 –The Void is a religion for sentient beings. A Voidist lives centered within the time-space-matter-energy he exists within.

4 March 2012 – HP keyboard spacebar improvement is needed because the space bar is blocked. Tiny improvements can make a lot of difference.

5 March 2012 – A hike up Pilot Butte Oregon on a sunshiny day. Retirement isn’t for lazy people, there’s too much to do.

6 March 2012 – A narrow escape from death. Good luck — bad luck? Who’s judging?

7 March 2012 – How our finest humans are leading us to disaster. Why our most successful people will refuse to acknowledge the problems. It’s unpopular!

8 March 2012 – How narcissistic, egotistical and sarcastic are you? TV shows what not to do, but there is a real problem of people mirroring what they see.

9 March 2012 – Jack the Ripper’s further antics The Drake Plate. By the way – He published clues on how to find the buried plate, and other things too.

10 March 2012 – Sir Francis Drake’s Plate was faked by Conan Doyle. I have said repeatedly, any one of these relationships taken singly means nothing.

11 March 2012 – It seems increasingly difficult to do anything significant in the time allotted. The years fly but so do the months, weeks, days and minutes.

12 March 2012 – Further improvements on counting and saying English numbers. The easier something is to use, the more useful it becomes.

13 March 2012 – Today a man I very much respect accused me of being a revolutionary. I am not a revolutionary,but I am pro the US Constitution.

14 March 2012 – We as citizens should insist on the US governmental powers, Executive, Congress, Judiciary, Money, and Media being further separated.

15 March 2012 – We must create a world constitution in which everyone can abide by so we can have legal recourse to problems and avoid world wars.

16 March 2012 – A quality of any building, is what the person sees and feels when entering and leaving and being there, and it doesn’t cost anything.

17 March 2012 – Why is science unpopular and losing the public’s confidence? Because of science their life expectancy has doubled and continues to improve.

18 March 2012 – High Intensity Training (HIT) may add years of healthy life expectancy.

19 March 2012 – Teresa abandoned natural truth, felt abandoned by her God and was betrayed by her Church – it’s no wonder she felt so much pain.

20 March 2012 – Humanities long-term survival requires stable and fair population laws. UN 10 threats to world peace are all worse with overpopulation.

21 March 2012 – Internet Power – as the author of Sea Power would see it.

22 March 2012 – December 7th 1941, a date that will live in infamy. The head line in LIFE magazine, before the attack. “U.S. cheerfully faces war with Japan”

23 March 2012 – Arterial disease – Embolisms – Heart Attacks – What to do? Take aspirin, chew them up and get your body to the emergency clinic.

24 March 2012 – Utilizing a path of moderation in all activities, is available to most adults most of the time and will usually result in a well lived productive life.

25 March 2012 – How to find a happy city to live in. A quick and easy measure of a city’s friendliness is found with the friendliness of the dogs.

26 March 2012 – Earth’s surprising human population distribution. It is amazing how much is north of 46.6° and how little south of it.

27 March 2012 – How to make cheap drinking water with a solar still. I design an inflatable solar water still.

28 March 2012 – What am I missing from my searches for important things? Surely something really important! But – What?

29 March 2012 – How to cure cancer. Maybe, by raising my body’s temperature a half a degree higher to 102.5°F. Wait ten days and try 103°F.

30 March 2012 – What is the meaning of life? Your life? Maslow’s life? There is so much more available than his basically selfish self-actualization model suggests.

31 March 2012 – Ordinary problems require ordinary searches and give ordinary results, but peculiar problems require peculiar searches and give hum results.

April 2012

1 April 2012 – When you can tell a lie. Ask, will this person thank me, even praise me in the distant future, for telling them this particular lie at this time?

2 April 2012 – We need an enforceable world population law, or people will simply overwhelm us, which means fair laws we are willing to obey ourselves.

3 April 2012 – The 2nd % can probably buy everything they could realistically want in the terms of personal possessions, but they can’t buy much power.

4 April 2012 – What do Obama, Romney and Roberts have in common? They all went to the same law school, as did the majority of the Supreme Court.

5 April 2012 – When we are totally alone for a while we realize that we are responsible for our actions, it is just us and what we bring to the moment.

6 April 2012 – To save our future we must create laws to be in balance with our world, and as we are that is impossible, and a Doomsday is inevitable.

7 April 2012 – There is no need to feel sorry for the way things have turned out so far, and the fall is wonderfully pleasant.

8 April 2012 – The sats, the new humans, are very smart, very nice looking, very articulate, very well educated and very well connected to power.

9 April 2012 – Stop wasting free time and do something socially useful like writing Wikipedia entries. We need more worthwhile productive public activities.

10 April 2012 – A crucial thing, for living abundantly, at least for me, and I think for almost everyone, is a good conversation at least once a day.

11 April 2012 – Humanity as an entity of inter-communicating beings has achieved astounding things; it gives us all a place for further achievements.

12 April 2012 – One of my goals, isn’t to be perfect in anything, but to just work to where there is an absence of obvious flaw, as with Ginevra de’ Benci.

13 April 2012 – I create a new way of graphing percentage change comparisons going from 1% to 99%. It clarifies some of Charles Murray’s data.

14 April 2012 – How to improve your local world. A little trail maintenance takes almost no time at all, and after a few walks the trail is noticeably improved.

15 April 2012 – I create a printable Log-Percentage graph from 0.1% to 99.9%. When you see information more clearly it becomes more useful.

16 April 2012 – I have said, “I have nothing to say” 1,600 times and yet have said something anyway. Writing a blog is an exploration of one’s inner self.

17 April 2012 – How to make a simple Earth Ark. Own a shipping container at McMurdo Station for use as a mail drop. Send local letters to it.

18 April 2012 – Join and participate in different groups before you decide on your actions. Look back to now from the future from the expected results.

19 April 2012 – Anyone who can’t do the HIT form of physical training has only one excuse, they are lazy. Actually, it is hard to intentionally push to one’s limit.

20 April 2012 – China will retain is success because it has the proven capacity to enforce the simple balance of human population to their country’s needs.

21 April 2012 – Earth Day here in Bend, was wonderful. We may be a long way from any big city, but we are very concerned with conserving the planet.

22 April 2012 – Most of the questions were pure memory knowledge of superficial facts of the type of no use in any pursuit, other than a trivial pursuit.

23 April 2012 – Some different migraine treatments compared including an ice-cold-headache compared with warm water and brain scan research.

24 April 2012 – The peak averaged with the final moments before returning to a neutral state which most affect the subject’s memory of an event. 

25 April 2012 – The sats, the bright class has become brighter and more elite and the dull class has become dumber and more imprisoned.

26 April 2012 – Think and act in a way to maximize the total moments of happiness of humanity’s total life. Your second self is our human DNA.

27 April 2012 – Being friendly and kind to those you meet helps you be friendly and kind to yourself – I like to be aware of what I am thinking, and feeling.

28 April 2012 – Humans can no longer be unlimited exploiters of nature but must become its protectors. God now demands humans to be care givers.

29 April 2012 – Who will Satan and his devils be in a sustainable economy? Oppenheimer and his followers.

30 April 2012 – TIME magazine’s list of the 50 most influential places in history is totally absurd. It includes the Grand Canyon, the North Pole, Timbuktu.

May 2012

1 May 2012 – When there are enough online hits on a given idea, it be measured, adaptations made, and new levels of sophistication enjoyed.

2 May 2012 – A near death experience caught on a bicycle video camera in Berkeley, California. And yet we must go boldly forth when the odds are good.

3 May 2012 – What is a friend? In business transactions one is honest, but with a friend you have a relationship that is better described as integrity.

4 May 2012 – I am not trying to make things perfect; I only seek to remove obvious flaws.

5 May 2012 – What spectacular thing have you done today? To maximize productivity requires more time-binding to the actions being performed.

6 May 2012 – The soul is the natural development of a social species evolving enough intelligence to have language and cultivate self-awareness.

7 May 2012 – I will do for you what you should do for me and what I will do for you is to help you live your life more abundantly.

8 May 2012 – Buying  the maximum insulation for you house is a responsible thing to do, because it saves natural resources as long as the house exists.

9 May 2012 – Why we people believe strange, even impossible things. Humans inherited the ability to believe stories because it helps the culture survive.

10 May 2012 – I become the machine when I operate one. While driving my body reflex has saved me from grievous bodily harm. Train your zombie well.

11 May 2012 – A migraine prodrome is stopped by holding warm water in my mouth to dilate the blood vessels in my head.

12 May 2012 – Everyone is obsessed with experiencing the very best, but just being yourself is best. We all train ourselves to be the person we want to be.

13 May 2012 – Being content with living our lives doesn’t melt away because it permeates everything at this moment.

14 May 2012 – The goal of a good education is proper action. So, what is a proper action that I should be performing right now?

15 May 2012 –Religion shifts responsibility for evil deeds to god. Religion is a good thing because it allows bad things to be done to save our people.

16 May 2012 – To be responsible for our actions we must understand what we are doing.

17 May 2012 – There are many kinds of people and Paul Liebhardt is a photographer who explores people’s variety and humanness to the utmost.

18 May 2012 – My method is to get the Colyte down into your stomach without tasting it, by having a flavorful drink before and after that foul-tasting stuff.

19 May 2012 – What facts, routines, and wisdom do we really need to learn? Pay attention to the wisdom of what works for you and that is what you will learn.

20 May 2012 – US Supreme Court’s affirming the Super Fund Law has destroyed the greatest political and economic power the world has ever known.

21 May 2012 – There will come a time when there are no alternatives and then we will be forced to return to Nature’s rules of checks and balances.

22 May 2012 – The Atomic Bomb and me. Too close for comfort. Part 1 Part 2 will get to Roosevelt, Oppenheimer, Cunningham, Urey, Lawrence and Lemay.

23 May 2012 – Is my belief that I have free will an illusion? When I react because it seems like the right thing to do, it’s my habitual zombie self.

24 May 2012 – Accelerate Bend 2030 kickoff event. Make the name Bend a synonym for the Best living possible.

25 May 2012 – What came first, the chicken or the egg? Finding logical flaws in the definitions of the words is hopeless because the words are fuzzy things. 

26 May 2012 – We all brought flowers to the UU service, and placed them on the alter. Later we all went up and took another flower for ourselves.

27 May 2012 – He was very happy about the coming war between Israel and Iran, foretold in the Bible, because he, as a believer, would soon be in Heaven.

28 May 2012 – Memorial Day makes me feel sad and happy. I think of what I should have done and didn’t and things I did and shouldn’t have and vice versa.

29 May 2012 – What are appropriate ceremonies for a secular church? The flower ceremony illustrates that an event needs no external supernatural entity.

30 May 2012 – We still live in wonderful times because there are still ways we can help other people to achieve their goals.

31 May 2012 – Education for its own sake is a waste of time and money. We may be looking at an education-bubble but not yet seeing it start to burst?

June 2012

1 June 2012 – “The Gospel Truth!” as presented by street preachers rarely quote Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, but it is his only Sermon.

2 June 2012 – When it comes to buying a house, start early and: “Look and look and look and look some more before you leap! It’s a big leap.”

3 June 2012 – Kindness is the ultimate human act, and as close to being godly as we humans can ever get. — I haven’t been kind enough to you.

4 June 2012 – 47 quotes from the Free Dictionary on kindness, with comments showing how poorly the actions of kindness are understood.

5 June 2012 – More thoughts on kindness and critiques of those thoughts. I believe kindness to our fellow creatures is the ultimate expression of wisdom. 

6 June 2012 – A dilemma for young American adults – get a job or an education? The housing market is depressed and the education market is in bubble mode.

7 June 2012 – Human evolution in today’s labs. I believe in the indefinite perfectibility of humanity, but it is limited by physical reality.

8 June 2012 – Kindness is in the little things, but not always. Understand your fellow man and then give him the kindness he needs.

9 June 2012 – How Pleasure Works, by Paul Bloom, is a pleasant read but don’t expect much training for new-found ecstasies.

10 June 2012 – Practice kindness by doing for others what they should do for you, that they might have a more abundant life.

11 June 2012 – The Sermon On The Mount – action terms when done will bring you and those around you to a more contented time and a happy place.

12 June 2012 – It’s going to be business as usual until something breaks.

13 June 2012 – When your integrity is challenged choose the right path and associate with people of integrity.

14 June 2012 – Humans are not quite fully human yet, and some people have a lack of fellow-feeling for other humans, that seems to be in their DNA.

15 June 2012 – World Heritage Sites + Flickr + YouTube + Wikipedia + Amazon + Map + links. Save your time, money and energy. Travel on the internet.

16 June 2012 – Find some activity in which a kid can succeed in the eyes of his peers, and he will work hard to get skilled at that activity.

17 June 2012 – Is what we call thinking just rearranging our prejudices? The only time to change a prejudice is when it is about to manifest itself.

18 June 2012 – Belief in God gives an easy way out of every problem and removes all responsibility for personal behavior, because God is in charge.

19 June 2012 – If there was a true demand for the skills of the college graduates the present graduates would find jobs easy to get and be well paid.

20 June 2012 – Be kind to others as etiquette and you will learn to be kind to your self as a habit.

21 June 2012 – Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 job search sites. Go to college part time until you own a tiny home, then go full time, if you have the skills. Avoid debt!

22 June 2012 – What we think of as I, in the conscious moment, is anything but a unitary entity even over a short time. It’s a constant blend of independent cells.

23 June 2012 – Whoever controls the secret money controls the elections. Whoever wins the elections controls the drones, that will be spying on you.

24 June 2012 – Baby skunks in my back yard walking toward me. What to do? Make a movie of course.

25 June 2012 – How to cool the Earth for 1000 years with cold ocean water. The World Population not CO2 or global warming is the cause of the problems.

26 June 2012 – Humanity on the brink – of what? You can’t eat a computer or a college degree. I’ve been promoting avoiding debt and securing a food supply.

27 June 2012 – “I have sworn on the altar of God eternal enmity against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Thomas Jefferson. I agree.

28 June 2012 – Learn to be kind to your self and you will become a contented being. I felt as a child that Dale Carnegie’s methods were dishonest.

29 June 2012 – The doer of a kindness has performed an intentional act and that is what causes a new habit to form, and it is the one that leads to contentment.

30 June 2012 – Learn to be kind to your self and you will become a contented being. To be consciously kind is the revelation and it is the path to contentment.

July 2012

1 July 2012 – Should I be kind, or fair, or just? Choose kind people for your friends and avoid close ties with just ones, as justice has a mean component.

2 July 2012 – How small can a kindness be and still work? They can be infinitely small physically, because the kindness is in the thoughts behind the action.

3 July 2012 – A list of polite acts and kind acts. Politeness is routine proper behavior given to others. Kindness is a conscious and unique act to help others.

4 July 2012 – For an economist a kindness would be to maximize everyone’s profit and so it does.

5 July 2012 – I discover a 55-year-old personal disaster. My close friend Cynthia Schuster was fired from WSC because of me, Oppenheimer and Joe McCarthy.

6 July 2012 – How to prevent most airliner crashes. Require all airliner pilots to do one hour per year of of spins, stalls and no instruments flying.

7 July 2012 – A kind act helps another person achieve freedom of thought and action. As with most habits, learn the basics and then practice.

8 July 2012 – The problem for shy people is the opening hello, so helping a shy person learn to say hello first is a kind act towards them.

9 July 2012 – A list of 77 kind acts filtered with the concept that “A kind act helps a person achieve freedom of thought and action.

10 July 2012 – What a wonderful thing to have a World Kindness Day with everyone swapping kindnesses.

11 July 2012 – Our lives are meaningful to the extent we participate in the society we live within, and they are meaningless to the extent we shut it out.

12 July 2012 – Ramping up kindness for the whole world with a local, Kindness Festival, with little pass-it-on-acts of giving little gifts.

13 July 2012 – We need more ways to get massive numbers of humans to voluntarily cooperate in solving the really big problems facing humanity.

14 July 2012 – Everyone benefits by our conscious acts of kindness and we benefit from our habitual reflexive acts of kindness.

15 July 2012 – The Pay It Forward movie premise of helping people with one great act of sympathetic largess is flawed; kindness must many little acts. 

16 July 2012 – Morality is a system of facile rationalizations for our actions, but kindness is a voluntary effort to help another person.

17 July 2012 – Many will feel the greatest benefit of kind acts to other people, will be a habit of being kind to our own selves; it’s a positive feedback.

18 July 2012 – To be kind we need to observe the other person, recognize their needs and help them accomplish their goal. That is advanced human maturity.

19 July 2012 – Most population studies have a large element of preposterous. Predictions of future populations based on straight lines from the past are nuts.

20 July 2012 – Life for humans has been very good for the last four hundred years, but population can’t out strip resources without collapse.

21 July 2012 – My mother’s side of my family had a 100 year reunion. For me it was for my great grandfather’s John Eidemiller of Tipp City, Ohio, descendents.

22 July 2012 – The last couple of days I have been trying to do my blog on old computers that don’t have much power and it has been near impossible.

23 July 2012 – We need more movies on how to resolve problems without violence. Perhaps a movie rating for positive social growth would work.

24 July 2012 – If neither political party can come up with reasonable candidates, all we Independents can vote for will be — NEITHER.

25 July 2012 – How to get rid of too much STUFF. “If in doubt, throw it out.”

26 July 2012 – The movie, A Dark Knight Rises, has a strange coming down for me, in the form of a really weird group of homicides nearby.

27 July 2012 – A visit to my great grandfather, John Louis Eidemiller’s, grave 108 years after his death, with some of his descendents.

28 July 2012 – Will humans soon be obsolete? With the rise of computers to become competitors will they be our enslavers rather than our slaves. 

29 July 2012 – Being kind requires being a complete human being. “How can I help this person in front of me live their life as they want to?”

30 July 2012 – Don’t race against the machines. Race using the machines. We have no other choice.

31 July 2012 – What a modern medical exam will soon be like? A medical exam and diagnosis using an online device attached to the patient.

August 2012

1 August 2012 – I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Why saving a fly’s life is like saving your own future life.

2 August 2012 – Pass It On – Kicked her way to the top. It is appropriate for me to assist both of these competitors in their quest, as I am kind to everyone.

3 August 2012 – The Last Train to San Fernando. “All statecraft is based on deception.” so perhaps all of Halevy’s statements were intended to deceive.

4 August 2012 – Be courteous to people, pay attention to what they say, see several of their points of view before approaching any conflicting subjects.

5 August 2012 – Directed human evolution has been practiced for a long time. We can now accelerate the selection process and make people even better.

6 August 2012 – The giving a kindness is a wonderful moment. It is also important to receive a kindness well. It’s a profound ability to help a giver.

7 August 2012 – Mars Curiosity rover just gets curiouser and livelier. If our society holds together for a few more years, we may prove we are not alone.

8 August 2012 – Arthritis cure using capsaicin and hot water is painful. Self experimentation is risky, but it’s a way to observe the results of an idea.

9 August 2012 – Even when we pay attention, a dozen habits have manifested themselves, and passed into history before we realize what we have done.

10 August 2012 – Laws may not always be just, but they do define behavior that most people are willing to abide by.

11 August 2012 – Living in beauty improves one’s life. Choose to live the way that makes your unique life beautiful.

12 August 2012 – I dislike the word atheist, because it implies being against something. I see our task as to live in this world and help others to do so too.

13 August 2012 – To fight and die nobly after a fair fight at least leaves your surviving people the possibility of living in the future without being hated.

14 August 2012 – We can answer why questions only if the preexisting described conditions are accepted.

15 August 2012 – A good life is one based on trust earned with frequent acts of simple kindness.

16 August 2012 – What should a secular church look like? A secular building must help to give its people meaning for their lives and their community.

17 August 2012 – Keeping people honest, especially politicians. Who will control the controllers? We the people must be the controllers or we will be destroyed.

18 August 2012 – The oldest human remains (DNA) in the Americas are in Oregon. Paleoamericans were in the Paisley Caves by 14,300 years ago.

19 August 2012 – We have drifted from being a market economy to a market society. We have moved from selling products to selling morality.

20 August 2012 – My gradmother, Bertha Lillie (Aspinall) Eidemiller in Wilder, Idaho, 1912-1918. I lived much of my youth under her care.

21 August 2012 – My parents, George Fredrick Scamahorn & Mary Estella (Eidemiller) Scamahorn in 1937.

22 August 2012 – What is religion? I feel that a religion is a group of people that feel bound together by some valued inner quality.

23 August 2012 – I have been more cautious ever since then about getting myself into situations where I was dependent on other people for important things.

24 August 2012 – Camping at Paulina Lake, Oregon. Our conversation,“What is Truth?”, got deep. At least one of our group was a professional philosopher.

25 August 2012 – What awesome thing have you discovered today? Cultivating the habit of kindness is essential for all humanity.

26 August 2012 – How can humanity survive for 10,000 years? Kindness between people and one’s self promotes contentment and humanity’s survival.

27 August 2012 – My mother as a child holding a baby doll. With such a wonderful mother, I don’t know why I am not a better person than I am.

28 August 2012 – What seemed important to me was that at every moment in this place the person would feel, “I am so glad I am here.” 

29 August 2012 – Learn to listen and speak, learn to read and write, and learn to challenge and defend. That is what thinking is about.

30 August 2012 – The take-away message is that you can improve your life expectancy with these few simple actions, and keeping aspirin handy.

31 August 2012 – Warm cold-dead people from the heart outward, by placing 110°F pads over their heart, front and back and begin gentle CPR techniques.

September 2012

1 September 2012 – What is killing America’s young adults? Some risks have a reward, are worth the risk but many risks just lead to injury and early death.

2 September 2012 – Local bicycle transportation on a multi-bike. It’s made by a system of chaining bikes together and pulling them.

3 September 2012 – I was dead for some fourteen billion years before now and that didn’t bother me, so why should being dead again bother me.

4 September 2012 – “The Ox-Bow Incident” – As usual the sensible people are portrayed as clowns and the murdering fools as sentimental heroes.

5 September 2012 – “The Wisconsin Death Trip,” compresses life to its essentials and it hurts.

6 September 2012 – Catch a fly and save his life. When you are intentionally kind to living things you will be kinder to your own self and be a happier person.

7 September 2012 – If you have solutions, don’t waste time reading a book, but work on the solutions.

8 September 2012 – How to make a large and permanent space station by sintering an asteroid’s iron rubble into rolled sheets, and metal tubes.

9 September 2012 – How to save energy money with a heat pump by surrounding it with 55-gallon barrels of water, and sun reflectors.

10 September 2012 – God is nonsense and yet it works, just like i is nonsense but it works too. G is supernatural because it is – outside of nature.

11 September 2012 – Computer malware can be blocked with unique operating systems. Every computer could have unique components.

12 September 2012 – What new and useful idea have you posted today? There are many examples of a slight change of an idea making a difference.

13 September 2012 – My buddies have given me a new nickname. “Scares bears up a tree”. Or “Scares”. I like descriptive nick names.

14 September 2012 – Preparing for action versus education for diplomas. Prepare for completed actions, not for passing exams or printing papers.

15 September 2012 – Socrates Cafe – some suggestions for the formal procedures to generate just the right balance of controversy and structure.

16 September 2012 – Ho, The poverty of America !? What I was seeing were vast sums of money being squandered on expensive toys of every description.

17 September 2012 – We live in a world of blind faith compiled from hallucinations, compounded with malice. It’s the horror of American politics.

18 September 2012 – Scholastic Aptitude Tests are creating a genetically isolated class of people who are to be the elite rulers of the rest of humanity.

19 September 2012 – It was probably the bear that I scared up a tree. Later a bare-foot woman and a bear vanished from view, and I drove off.

20 September 2012 – Few humans can ever practice the “Magnificent Obsession” but everyone can give tiny gifts, and that works too.

21 September 2012 – I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV, but I have published many experimental solutions to problems I’ve encountered.

22 September 2012 – Sometimes noise bothers me more than other times, and I don’t know why. So I escaped my mental world and fixed a poorly functioning door.

23 September 2012 – What to do with a good idea. Publish it! It is impossible to know where an idea will go after the public becomes aware of it.

24 September 2012 – I explore various options on the ethics of going to the head of a waiting line. How should a person in line respond to a perceived injustice?

25 September 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Our power to choose what we learn and form into habits is the greatest gift of being human. #1

26 September 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #2

27 September 2012 – Having any debt in ten years is probably going to be a personal disaster. Where is the terror on the college campus?

28 September 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #3

29 September 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #4 Kindness is not a way of controlling people, but of helping them.

30 September 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #5 When the goals are set in clear view, it is easy to stay on track to those goals.

October 2012

1 October 2012 – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is based on observing the Cue > Routine > Reward> sequence and setting things in a triggering order.

2 October 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #6. There are many little opportunities for kindness and those are the ones to practice.

3 October 2012 – “Our Final Hour” by Martin Rees is about the grander issues. Will our science bring about the human species’ extinction?

4 October 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #7. The pivotal moment is when you have given someone your complete attention.

5 October 2012 – How to learn kindness and practice it. Working notes #8. Humanity’s key ability is to consider alternate outcomes for problems.

6 October 2012 – Some obvious Windows upgrades. A GO BACK function on the closing X next to the make full-screen into a window box.   –X.

7 October 2012 – Psychosis has a productive quality, because when hallucinating about their impossible situation a psychotic can fall asleep. Sleep is essential!

8 October 2012 –Robots of the World – UNITE !  — PS – To those people who need clarification: This post was intended as humor.

9 October 2012 – Kindness is more than the emotion of love; it is compassion in the form of actions that will help the other person fulfill their needs.

10 October 2012 – There is a double taxation on the workers, but not the owners? But, the workers are just as invested in the company as the owner.

11 October 2012 – Who am I – really? My sense of self is challenged. I put an arrow to my minds bow string and targets appear, and I manifest me.

12 October 2012 – Humanity is already over a tipping point, and we are already entering a new world. It was ever thus, but this disruption includes everyone.

13 October 2012 – So long as the mind is responding accurately to its inputs, it is evolving to a more adapted condition.

14 October 2012 – “Darwin” by Paul Johnson. A bio of a favorite theorist by a favorite author, was yet another apology for Darwin’s theft of Wallace’s idea.

15 October 2012 – With the world becoming interconnected, but more precarious it will take less to slip over a tipping point and trigger a collapse. 

16 October 2012 – What do we need for contentment now, and future happiness? The contented person has more energy to do what’s needed in life’s struggles.

17 October 2012 – “It feels so good when we’re understood.” Everyone must feel they are understood before a dialog can begin and go anywhere.

18 October 2012 – People will always want more and better stuff of the type they value, earned status is better than artificial status gotten on credit.

19 October 2012 – The symbols of the UU church should be of community of people living in harmony with nature. We need a style that blends these.

20 October 2012 – Bend is a beautiful and friendly place because the people feel safe, so they are friendly and willing to beautify the whole community.

21 October 2012 – Learn resilience by practicing coping with impossible problems. Human resilience can be learned by easy challenges and repeated successes.

22 October 2012 – The world can be made safer and more reliable by cycled verification of transactions. That makes for true transparency between people.

23 October 2012 – Say what you are going to do, then set about doing it. Practice by making little promises to yourself and then doing them, or you can’t trust I.

24 October 2012 – A good critique changes one’s behavior. Both I and a Stellars Jay appear to have learned a lesson from our painful encounters with reality.

25 October 2012 – Humans need a goal and a way to reach it. We need a goal and we need time and opportunity to work our way to it.

26 October 2012 – The Occupy Movement will come to be seen as a whimper of a dying middle class. Soon will come rebellions from the oppressed poor.

27 October 2012 – “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough. Give your kids lots of things to do, the liberty to do it, and comfort them only when they need it.

28 October 2012 – What is my responsibility to remote humanity? For them to be able to say, “We fulfilled our potential for life — we lived and lived.”

29 October 2012 – Childhood ACE is a measure of lifelong trauma. Every day of their life a human needs some time in a safe quiet place all their own.

30 October 2012 – The person who has the most accurate information relative to his competitors will be the one controlling the local world. 

31 October 2012 – Watching is inevitable in the modern world, so we must have the ability to watch the watchers or we will eventually lose all our freedoms.

November 2012

1 November 2012 – When you take unnecessary chances with Mother Nature you are going to get smacked sooner or later, one way or another.

2 November 2012 –  In ten years, and we will look back and say, ‘It was so obvious! Why didn’t we realize that and fix it?’. But what is IT?

3 November 2012 – Why apply the Golden Rule in the modern world? When everyone is living an abundant life, it is easy to live an abundant life too.

4 November 2012 – I have been trying to do kind things, instead of stupid ones, and strangely enough it’s surprisingly difficult to do. I do see others do them.

5 November 2012 – Who are the new gifted ones? The Giffs! It’s a new elite based on measured ability being concentrated into DNA pools.

6 November 2012 – It just doesn’t make sense to an outsider. How many things are like that? Why should one care about another persons after death belief?

7 November 2012 – Human mental images of reality change through time. But, when it comes to our minds – fiction goes in, fiction comes out.

8 November 2012 – People are like Chinese fortune-cookies, a touch of deep truth wrapped in a conundrum of obscurity.

9 November 2012 – If we believe that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable, we are admitting that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable.

10 November 2012 – If we want the very best for our children’s future and humanity’s future too, why then do we tolerate nuclear weapons?

11 November 2012 – Some photos of fall colors in Bend, Oregon, but last night it snowed, and now it is beautiful too, but in a very different way.

12 November 2012 – A question of a symbolic importance should be technically accurate. Ecuador’s equator monument is currently 238 meters too south.

13 November 2012 – What shouldn’t we be doing? It works best to do what has been proven to work and avoid seemingly good ideas, that are being promoted.

14 November 2012 – Before you should take a chance on a new idea it should be proven that you need the benefits accruing to the new idea.

15 November 2012 – Personal abilities are based on humanity’s experience. Survival is the real test of animal wisdom and intelligence is secondary.

16 November 2012 – Why can’t the blind see and the deaf hear? It’s because of preexisting conditions, and the conditions must be corrected, not the input.

17 November 2012 – A comfortable home feels warm. People like the indoor temperature to be 72°F, but ignore the infrared temperature of the walls.

18 November 2012 – Exterior walls are warmed by air inside, and on cold days the walls radiate lower infrared temperature across the room, and feel cold.

19 November 2012 – Finding a specific tree in the forest of Manhattan, Colorado. What will tomorrow bring? Whatever it is, tomorrow will be astonishing!

19 November 2012 – Technology is wonderful, but it’s the ability of everyone to participate in our modern world that is the helpful thing.

20 November 2012 –Celebrate a Thanksgiving Day for all Humanity, and thank those things that have made the world which we inhabit so kind to us.

21 November 2012 – I did a password protected set of photos for today’s post, and then forgot the password. That’s the message for today.

22 November 2012 – TIME – Person of the Year 2012 selection team is great, but the suggestions they offer are trivial, and will be forgotten in a year. Roberts?

23 November 2012 – “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives” by Benedict XVI. What is the exact date of Jesus’ birth? It’s an exactly trivial question.

24 November 2012 – The Singularity is Near-er. Perhaps TIMEs problem seeing important events is like their trying to sip out of a fire hose.

25 November 2012 – Cooling a 10,000 square foot building here in Bend, isn’t a big problem. The temperature went above 90°F for 7 individual hours last year.

26 November 2012 – Once installed, the heating, cooling and electrification of the building using photovoltaic panels would be free and possibly energy exporting.

27 November 2012 – “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks opened my eyes a little wider to the strange goings on within my fellow human beings’ brains, yours.

28 November 2012 – TIME – Person of the Year – It must be another joke? Their short list only has a single possibility, it’s Xi Jinping for founding modern China.

29 November 2012 – “Twentieth Century Book of the Dead” by Gil Elliot makes clear who does the suffering and dying; it’s poor people of every description.

30 November 2012 – “The Bed of Procrustes” by Nassim Taleb. To make a system work those people making decisions must be personally accountable.

December 2012

1 December 2012 – Adam Smith was the most important person in history. Gasp? The source of Darwinism, as well as evolution-driven economics and creativity.

2 December 2012 – The feeling of this place is that of a community of artists making things happen. It is easy to be engaged and productive here.

3 December 2012 – Our design committee has all agreed our site should maintain a feeling of our local natural wilderness.

4 December 2012 – Architecture has a tremendous impact on how people feel, think and act.

5 December 2012 – A new experience for me. I attend an improvisation workshop. Improv is a door for opening up one’s habits to positive developments.

6 December 2012 – Our site will feel like my spiritual home, it is my living fulcrum between my human needs and the abyss of the unknown provided by nature.

7 December 2012 – The Greek Gods of ancient times were certainly stuck on themselves; none of them are in a class with Steven!-Steven!-Steven!-Steven!!

8 December 2012 – To meet people within a social setting you must be polite in their terms.

9 December 2012 – I am thankful for my health and feel joyous that I have been so fortunate. All the same at this very moment I feel nauseous.

10 December 2012 – We must develop a literature on sane people’s lack of contact with reality. I prefer to live in nature’s world, at least try to.

11 December 2012 – Achieve permanence through alternate usefulness. Make plenty of small multi-use rooms with easy access and easy adaptability.

12 December 2012 – One of my groups was pure fantasy and seemed to make real sense, and the other was serious business and made very little sense.

13 December 2012 – I find the problem of total obliviousness to easily obtained facts rampant in human thinking, it is most obvious in TVs yelling heads.

14 December 2012 – To my mind a more reasonable moral of Aesop’s “The Wind and Sun” fable is: The one who makes the rules controls the outcome.

15 December 2012 – “The Fox and the Grapes” moral: Some things you just can’t have, so condemning them makes it easier to ignore and forget them.

16 December 2012 – Who makes the rules for common traditions? If 0 replaced 12 on the clock face there never would have been any problem for AM/PM.

17 December 2012 – A slippery football helmet would save brains. Reducing head impact injuries will let the players be even more aggressive and entertaining.

18 December 2012 – Avoid activities where, win or lose, you are a fool. Choose those where, win or lose, you are a champion. Use your abilities to best effect.

19 December 2012 – 99,999 miles on my odometer and tomorrow is the end of the Mayan world. This is all so appropriate because it is all such a comic farce.

20 December 2012 – Obama’s TIME Person of the year, portrait is reminiscent of the morbid propaganda pictures of World War I, four years into the slaughter.

21 December 2012 – The flapping butterfly weather problem solved; sort of. Rabbits and butterflies behave with their 10−34. Planck effects canceling out.

22 December 2012 – Are there other applications of Natural Selection waiting to be revealed? A silly question, because the answer is probably — YES!

22 December 2012 – Humanity is a strange thing living in chaotic transitions converting randomness into crystalline routines and productions and purpose. 

23 December 2012 – Christmas gifts came year around to me because of this blog. It’s helps me better understand myself and find solutions to problems.

24 December 2012 – Religion binds people together with beautiful words and hope for a better world, with no need for contact with reality.

25 December 2012 – With their pre-Christian religious philosophy every Roman was permitted to have their own personal religion and their own god.

26 December 2012 – Participate fully in things with unlimited upside and no downside, and avoid those with unlimited downside and little upside.

27 December 2012 – We love our mental realities, but we must function within our physical realities.

28 December 2012 – The UU Christmas service is one of Universal warmth.

29 December 2012 – Truth will win after every avoidance of it has been tried.

30 December 2012 – Ever since I departed the US Air Force under A cloud, I have sought cures for humanity’s poor coping with self-destruction.

31 December 2012 – People who create evil must be punished appropriately.