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The World Heritage Links web site is coming together in a new form. The countries were originally all on a single list, and that proved far too slow to load from the internet since it was so very large. Then the site was broken up into groups of countries listed more or less alphabetically. They couldn’t be strictly alphabetical because some countries like Spain and China and a few others have many World Heritage sites and others have only one site and it became confusing. The last few days have been spent in creating a separate page for each country’s list of World Heritage Sites. That took a quite a lot of fiddling picky work, but it is now done. For someone such as myself who has used the website, this new layout makes very little difference to the online experience provided, but to a new visitor it makes the site easier to understand and navigate on first exposure.

It was necessary to transfer the whole thing over to a web hosting service, which had its own problems, but it has the advantage of permitting greater access to the commercial aspect of the internet. That is what I am going to do from now on, because I have convinced myself that free stuff can’t be distributed as successfully as monetized materials can. So along with the hope of getting greater coverage there is the hope of making more money. That won’t be difficult to accomplish because the return on three years of daily blogging, which included at least some good stuff, wouldn’t buy me a cup of the cheapest Starbuck’s coffee.

My very first commercial link just happened to be at Vanuatu, because I wanted to keep my opening pages clean until various decisions had been made. This life-changing event for me can be seen by clicking World Heritage Links – Vanuatu. It is a tiny change and you might not even be able to find it, but it is there. And now I can earn a little coffee money.

The new landing site is in Italy

It’s money that makes the world go round, the merry-go-round, me go round.