Humanity has progressed morally since written history has begun. Probably we had progressed considerably even before our written record documents what was motivating human behavior. It is speculation enough to consider what people actually meant when they wrote certain things, and to infer what even earlier people were thinking from pictures on pottery shards is probably saying more about the modern person writing the essay than it is about what those ancient pre-literate people were thinking. But suffice it to refer to the nations of Ancient Greeks and Hebrews murdering their brethren over personal slights, which shows a low moral consideration for the other person’s well-being. I will jump ahead to the future.

It seems that humanity has enough spare time and energy at present for some people to evolve to a higher moral state. It would be a state well beyond personal survival, a state beyond social advancement, a state beyond grudging obedience to the laws of the land, a state even beyond the love of conformity to reasonable laws. I see this new morality as one based on the idea of helping our fellow human being raise himself to a higher moral state. Each person helps others, especially others near his own state of development, to confront issues that would help him understand what improvement is and how to achieve it. By improvement I mean moving toward a mental state where you help others to become more human. The measure for this is, how much a person can help those near him in moral development. A person who is too developed for some people might better spend his time and energy with more advanced individuals. These people could spread his good words, and because they are closer to the problems could spread his words better than he could himself.

The goal here is to enhance every person’s ability to help other people help themselves advance by helping still other people. It is rather like a chain letter of personal improvement designed to help all humanity. It is by helping other people with their moral growth that we enhance our own ability to develop our own moral growth.

We help ourselves to grow by helping others to grow.