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Many new ideas have been proposed on the internet which could have been made into useful products. A personal example is my automatic docking station for electric cars so people would not have to remember to plug them in every time when they got home or to their parking spot at work. Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work. But that obviously good idea has lain dormant on the internet for over two years.

Chevy Volt battery powered automobile with two power plugs.

That is only a single example of many, but it is so clearly needed I don’t know why an entire human society of people worried about CO2 and energy hasn’t picked up on this idea.

Of course, I am the foolish one! If I had patented this idea it could have been sold to any and every auto maker, but instead I had the idea, along with Ben Franklin, that ideas should be free. I also believe that ideas on the internet should be free, silly me. But there is a simple problem. No one wants to manufacture something unless they can be sure of making a profit on the product, and if they don’t have some form of exclusive right to the manufacture and sale of the thing why should they bother? So they don’t. End of story.

If you don’t patent an idea, it will almost never get made.