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Big news, maybe. Another meteorite has been found which appears to have fossilized organisms within it. This is mildly interesting but mostly a tedious rehash of earlier discoveries.

My basic thoughts on extraterrestrial life – either life exists in space or it doesn’t. If it can be proven that life exists in a single place then, considering the vast number of stars known to exist and terrestrial planets around them, it is likely life exists in many other places.

It is now known that a high percentage of stars do have planets, and it is likely that common stars like our Sun will have rocky planets in the habitable zone. Now for the obvious part. We know for a certainty that Earth exists in space and that what we call life exists on Earth. We know for a certainty that there are vast numbers of stars like our Sun (1 x 10 with over 20 zeros ) and that many, perhaps most, have Earth-like planets in the habitable zone. Since it is easy to observe and demonstrate that all of the known factors of life are not uncommon and also that life is not impossible because we are alive, it then becomes more probable because of the very large number of stars, that life exists in many places. This argument shifts the burden of proof to showing that the environment in this single known example, Earth, is so unique that life cannot exist elsewhere, even with a billion times billions of opportunities (1 x 10 with 20+ zeros). There would have to be some extremely extraordinary reason to permit life here on Earth, but prohibit life everywhere else.

To get the extraordinary effect of life existing on Earth and Earth alone would require some all-controlling deity setting up these ideal conditions more than four billion years ago when Earth was a still a searing hot mass. That was a time long before anything we call a self-reflective intelligence existed on Earth. There is no reasonable reason to limit life to one planet, but then Deities are not noted for being reasonable.

In the far reaches of the improbable there is the possibility that life formed around our star because of an accidental miscalculation of some Universe creating extraterrestrial Deity. That intelligent being wanted a universe without life, and somehow it slipped by his otherwise universal control. The reason the Deity didn’t want life to come into being is because it would eventually evolve through natural selection into intelligent life, and those intelligent beings would evolve and explore the possibilities latent within matter and then create a tool which would trigger the universe to destroy itself – some sort of super grey hole – neither black nor white, just neutral nothingness. The way to prevent that universal disaster would be for that Deity to prevent life from coming into existence in the first place. We, by that unlikely chain of events, would be an enormous mistake. We would be the very reason why intelligence is so very unique. In this bizarre scenario, the Deity doesn’t want us to exist because we threaten the continued existence of absolutely everything. So what now needs to be contested is that:

Either God goofed, or life is abundantly sprinkled throughout the universe.