We have been looking for a new home for several months now, and it has been an emotional roller-coaster. There are entry fees, and interminable waiting in line for entry privileges, then comes choosing the ride, getting the various safety hookups and then the slow tedious climb up the hill with an ever better view of the twists and turns ahead. Then the first and probably most terrifying drop as the state of obvious total commitment occurs as you drop over the edge, then go flying along with various slams to one side and then the other and then another, and soon a seemingly impossible turn, a splash and then a slow tedious coming to a dead stop with your heart still pounding.

We haven’t experienced the whole ride just yet because we have now gotten tossed off several times, but still we persist. It is tedious going through hundreds of potential new houses. In the olden days you just chose a city, found a Realtor and told them what you wanted and how much you could afford and voilá all your dreams were lined up and you contacted the moving company and moved in. Then of course the suffering began of trying to adapt your old self to these new digs. Usually that worked out okay as you convinced yourself that this was a move to a better life.

With the advent of so very many online helps, you can check out all sorts of things which would never have been dreamed of even a couple of years ago. For example, one place we looked into mentioned, only in passing, a near full size swimming pool in the back yard. They didn’t mention the really fantastic scenic view or the gorgeous fully designed walking path only a few steps away, nor the brand new major shopping center just a ten-minute walk away. I discovered these things by looking at Google Earth which, in this case, gave a better view than the other sites, which were also fantastic. It is just necessary to check out everything if you are going to discover the very best buy you can get for your money.

The average American house is currently valued at just under $200,000, and at that dollar value you can go from a very poor place with almost all the disadvantages you can imagine to a surprisingly great one with almost all the advantages you can imagine. But, it takes a lot of work and a lot of flexibility as to what compromises you are going to make.

Case-Shiller Home Price Index

Case-Shiller Home Price Index shows the extreme current price adjustment.

The US economy may, or may not be at the end of the housing bubble, but surely we are no longer at the very pinnacle of it either, and it might not go much lower, or it might. We are judging that for us, at least, this is a good time to buy, and so we are still on this crazy roller-coaster.

I am at a point in life where I want to try something a little different from what has been happening, and I would prefer that it be pleasantly interesting rather than annoyingly interesting. One place we looked at on the Oregon coast, 29350 CLEAR SKY Lane Gold Beach, OR. was spectacular, complete with a ten person spa hot-tub, but it was close to the beach and the ocean spray would keep everything cold and clammy all the time; the salt spray would destroy our car in a year or two. But it is beautiful!

Perhaps we love that environment best where we spent our childhood.