January 2010

1 January 2010 – New Year’s Resolution is meaningful — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. Do something every day which will attract attention to the blog.

2 January 2010 – The Top Ten SMART resolutions for the New Year made easier. This is the usual stuff, but I worked up ways of doing them that is easier to keep doing.

3 January 2010 – While lying in the bath tub an hour ago I was wondering why the most distant galaxies appear to be accelerating.

4 January 2010 – A list of 47 blog promoting sites with brief comments.

5 January 2010 – Many of these blog promotion sites are exploratory and thus controversial, so expect dissension.

6 January 2010 – My previous blogs might have been too negative to be read. And yet, the most hits came on the negative, You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid.

7 January 2010 – So, what I need is not just promotion but the right kind of promotion to the right people and to the right organizations.

8 January 2010 – Water in the well can be consumed quite easily until it reaches an end point and then suddenly everything totally changes. Eliminate poverty from the Earth

9 January 2010 – twitter – A new spin on life for me.

10 January 2010 – Robinson Crusoe Island is an okay Google Earth vacation spot, but not much real fun. I wonder what it would be like to live in a remote place like this?

11 January 2010 – The airliner flight A320 Hudson River crash was unnecessary and risky. Radar reflectors in geese food would prevent many serious airplane-bird encounters.

12 January 2010 – The real Sherlock Holmes was also the real Jack the Ripper.

13 January 2010 – Who wants to die on Doomsday day? Not I! Here’s why you should attempt to survive.

14 January 2010 – Maximizing human happiness is my goal. What’s yours?

15 January 2010 – You can survive a heart attack with two aspirin taken instantly.

16 January 2010 – Do for others what they should do for you, gives you the opportunity to observe and change in yourself a habit seen in another person.

17 January 2010 – My big question on timing is when is the Black Swan of Doomsday going to occur and which way to duck? It is impossible to time it, so duck now!

18 January 2010 – Conversations are most productive that appeal to preexisting bias. Don’t bother trying to convince anyone of something that challenges their bias.

19 January 2010 – Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms – The fourth is freedom from fear, is impossible in a world of fewer resources than of people needing those resources.

20 January 2010 – My remembrance of me, has less reality than of the momentarily spinning bread, hanging by its tail. I remember the event not my consciousness of it.

21 January 2010 – When you pander to the greatest possible number people you are driven to approach the basest qualities of most of the people.

22 January 2010 – Nature has its solution, breed maximally and let death sort it out. Earth people are their own worst enemy. In fact their only really dangerous enemy.

23 January 2010 – People value most what they pay most for.

24 January 2010 – Glenn Eidemiller Jr. – A wonderful life in my memories.

25 January 2010 – The primary task when conversing is to be interesting and if you can’t be interesting to listen to someone else who is interesting without interrupting.

26 January 2010 – Insanity is a contagious disease and we should put distance between ourselves and everyone infected with any disease.

27 January 2010 – Newspapers grew consistently until about 1975 then plateaued until about 1990 went into a slow but steady decline and then fell off a cliff.

28 January 2010 – Laurie’s quick-click home page, is a home page of sites my friend Lauie would like, because he likes to keep up on the news.

29 January 2010 – The ideas I present in these blog posts must be crazy. I must be crazy just as everyone says. Who else would wast time trying to save humanity.

30 January 2010 – Old people and children may be the most likely ones to support The EarthArk Project, because they aren’t locked into short term productivity.

31 January 2010 – People are now using coffee shops as internet study halls rather than conversation venues. The coffee shops need you to buy some coffee.

February 2010

1 February 2010 – Any one is excused for coming through the Med’s  front door the first time but anyone who comes thru it a second time must be crazy.

2 February 2010 – noise – noiSE – –  NOISE — — NOISE — ∞ ≡ ◊< • NOISE — is making everyone crazier and stupider. The curse of modern civilization is noise.

3 February 2010 – The most amazing map of our mother Earth. Shows that humans are a species almost exclusively inhabiting the northern hemisphere.

4 February 2010 – Perhaps philosophers would do more good for the world by shoveling rabbit pellets. If it tastes like rabbit poop it probably is rabbit poop.

5 February 2010 – I drink 2¼ ounces of vodka after I reach the body temperature of 102°F, during my flu-cure bath, to dissolve any plaque that has built up in my arteries.

6 February 2010 – I took two hot baths yesterday to cure my flu and one more this morning and have been feeling okay until about an hour ago, so it’s time for a bath.

7 February 2010 – This flu came on a little differently so it will be interesting to see what happens and how long it lasts.

8 February 2010 – I have cured the H1N1 flu – hurrah – maybe I am cheering a little too soon, but I haven’t hacked up a single loogie.

9 February 2010 – Virginia Woolf – Portrait comparisons – Today I have been 98.6% okay, not perfect but I have to observe very carefully to notice anything whatsoever.

10 February 2010 – Sara and I were chatting about the Virginia Woolf photos on my computer when a woman walked by who had the same aura as Woolf.

11 February 2010 – Today I felt fine, as I did for the previous two days but took a single bath as a backup to any possible rebounding of the flu. 

12 February 2010 – So far Doomsday avoidance has been a lonely subject to think about because essentially everyone, instantly gives up on the subject as being intractable.

13 February 2010 – There is a down side to having camp fires if you are covered with an abundance of  fur/hair instead of clothes, sometimes hair catches fire. 

14 February 2010 – Fun color experiments with your crossed-eyes and brain, using reversed color patterns for each eye.

15 February 2010 – More fun experiments with your eyes using more complex patterns.

16 February 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #3, using soft edges on red/green and a simple blue/yellow transition.

17 February 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #4, using soft circles in one and radial wiggly sunburst disks. Your mind is a wonderful place to visit.

18 February 2010 – A photograph of Charles Scamahorn by Sara Frucht. The purpose of the world it to provide something interesting.

19 February 2010 – A Maturity Quotient MQ-test to replace IQ-tests. Being quick just gets a poor answers more rapidly, but thinking maturely gets better results more consistently.

20 February 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #5. What’s really in your mind is more elusive than Schrodinger’s cat. Proceed at your own risk! 

21 February 2010 – A brain concussion can be measured with a falling ruler, dropped by another person and note the distance. I averaged about 16mm.

22 February 2010 – Why are adolescents so stupid? I don’t mean low IQ I mean stupid. Getting a skull tattoo is sort of stupid but getting killed is really stupid.

23 February 2010 – Adult behavior isn’t so stupid as adolescents but it isn’t smart either. Adults make boxes for their mind and get comfortable in there.

24 February 2010 – It takes good intelligence and considerable ruminating on experience to develop maturity to its fullest, and it’s good conversation that polishes the maturity.

25 February 2010 – To behave as a sage requires intelligence, experience and thoughtfulness. A sage does things that help everyone as well as themselves.

26 February 2010 – Childish behavior is okay for children but very poor for older people. A human being loaded with childish habits will behave as a child.

27 February 2010 – To maximize happiness behave at your highest maturity level. Pause occasionally and consider — What is a better way to do this?

28 February 2010 – Probaway – PATHS TO MATURITY – Chart expanded into into  60 plain text sentences. The maturity of a person is observed in the habits they choose.

March 2010

1 March 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #6. Various basic color combinations for cross-eye fusion experiments. A white border on the central dot helps convergence.

2 March 2010 – The new rules of conversation in coffee-shops or at dinner. Newspeak is about things which involve your friend that you can influence.

3 March 2010 – How to fix your umbrella’s tie points with ShoeGoo for next year’s rain. Note – Repairable umbrellas are free after the first rain or a little wind.

4 March 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #7, using red/green of various densities spirals going clockwise and counterclockwise.

5 March 2010 – The answers to the eternal questions varies greatly depending on the situation and what the person is able to bring to the moment. 

6 March 2010 – INDEX by subject of this blog with a list of my most popular posts.

7 March 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #8. It uses a gradient with an index so you may make notes of where and when and how quickly your brain shifts.

8 March 2010 – I asked major players, “Are there any plans for restoring humanity to a pre-Doomsday condition?” If it happens humanity will not survive, so why prepare?

9 March 2010 – Instructions on how to fix a leaking Delta faucet, with photos.

10 March 2010 – Nobel laureate Yuan Lee speaks to some Berkeley International House students and me.

11 March 2010 – Coffee shop mouse sh!t, bull sh!t and elephant sh!t We are pity-worthy beings trapped in sh!t producing bodies and minds.

12 March 2010 – America must lead the way for population control but it can’t generate enthusiasm for future based ideas that interfere with present pleasures.

13 March 2010 – There are too many people on planet Earth for long-term sustainability but if viewed from the right places in the South Pacific there appear to be very few people.

14 March 2010 – The poorest people are incapable of expressing empathy because they live too close to survival to make the effort, and the richest have no motivation.

15 March 2010 – Intentionally prepare for and do those things that maximize participation in the situation around you in the most mature way of which you are capable.

16 March 2010 – Most people I talk to say they want the H-bombs to fall directly on them when Doomsday finally arrives. To my way of thinking that’s crazy-stupid.

17 March 2010 – I deny that I am worthless. I feel what I do is working and it is valuable. It has not been rewarded monetarily, but it will increase human happiness.

18 March 2010 – The real power of Silicon Valley is the willingness to generate ideas that usually fail but the effort lays the foundation for eventual success.

19 March 2010 – Experiments with your eyes and brain #9. Is your brain tired yet? If not try these new cross-eye pastel color fatiguing mind-fuzing examples.

20 March 2010 – A list of 35 biggest man made holes in the world. Gold, copper, diamonds.

21 March 2010 – Live longer by surviving heart attacks with aspirin taken immediately upon appearance of symptoms. Keep aspirin in your wallet by your money.

22 March 2010 – How to make an aspirin case. Glue an elastic string, from an old name card holder, to the back of a Listerine mouth freshener case.

23 March 2010 – A Google Earth lair is found here in Berkeley. They copy my eleven year old effort but have Google’s backing, better equipment, and more motivation.

24 March 2010 – I’m here at the Med with Laurie trying to show him how to make a blog and how very easy it is to do.

25 March 2010 – People only grow when they are personally in charge and responsible for outcomes. Truth is what we giving you and lies are what those ugly people are spouting.

26 March 2010 – A migraine prodrome aura cure with a strange cross-eye exercise that forces the visual centers of the brain to work harder.

27 March 2010 – Wing extensions on airplanes would save fuel, and we need to save fuel every way we can!

28 March 2010 – The EarthArk Project vaccine bank. Preparing for the distant future would pay for itself with the first crisis.

29 March 2010 – How to fix the global warming problem for a while by having water pumped to high flying kites to create clouds to reflect solar heat and create shade.

30 March 2010 – It isn’t until you can identify the cause of a particular unpleasantness that you can consistently make changes that make improvements possible.

31 March 2010 – Copy the habits of the most successful people in your intended environment. Observe your improvements and then improve on them.

April 2010

1 April 2010 – Remember to take your pills by having the container as part of your table setting. Set up your habits so an absence of something becomes noticeable.

2 April 2010 – My observational self is about a half a second behind my behavioral self and more than a second behind my abstract decisional self. My inner Who is in control !!!

3 April 2010 – Geo Engineering using sunlight reflectors 30×30 meters in an ideal location to equal one small cars heat output.

4 April 2010 – What are the best questions to be asking?

5 April 2010 – I like to work with the fun problems and try to quickly solve and pass by the trivial problems and not get too stuck in the ugly unsolvable problems.

6 April 2010 – Simple addition gives an absolute minimum number of 70 people who could have detonated an atomic bomb on whom ever they chose. This can’t last forever!

7 April 2010 – Here in Berkeley, where the atomic bomb was first conceived, Bostrom’s book “Global Catastrophic Risks” isn’t available in bookstores. How curious is that?!

8 April 2010 – Here we are approaching Doomsday, and the only scholarly book on the subject will be happy to add a brick, to the foundation of a way of thinking.

9 April 2010 – Help someone survive a heart attack where the heart stopped?! — Give 2 aspirin, give CPR and chill the brain with ice cold water wrapped around the head.

10 April 2010 – I can not know what will help to make future people happy, but I can say with certainty that unless they exist they can not be happy.

11 April 2010 – Sudden global climate change has happened before. Big things can happen and if the time frame is long enough some are inevitable.

12 April 2010 – Mt. Toba exploded a short while back, in geological terms just 71,000 years ago leaving only some 6,000 human beings alive on planet Earth.

13 April 2010 – The public response in the form of Hollywood celebrities offering concerts to aid the desperate doesn’t arrive until much later and to call it band-aid is being generous.

14 April 2010 – Homeplanet Security – Update of major risks. The 15 homeland security disasters weighed, and 8 real threats to human survival, and predictive indicators.

15 April 2010 – Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think. Enjoy yourself while your still in the pink. The years roll by as quickly as a wink. Is our manna coming from heaven?

16 April 2010 – The Mt. Tyree EarthArk, has possibilities because it is very high latitude and very high altitude, so it should be very cold the year around for thousands of years.

17 April 2010 – All the Earth Ark requires is collecting some typical samples of commercial seeds, wild seeds from one’s local area and mailing them to – The Earth Ark, Antarctica.

18 April 2010 – We need doubt about the truthiness the government, and the media feed our cowering public whose main concern is security and being accepted.

19 April 2010 – A handful of your local environment in an Antarctic deep-freeze EarthArk will restore your country in the future.

20 April 2010 – I have grown accustomed to my situation. I am me. I live in a certain time and place and I participate where I find myself. Go and find a good problem for yourself.

21 April 2010 – I suggest we chart a course for improvement that incorporates procursive processes, that includes ways for improving the processes themselves.

22 April 2010 – I attended the lecture – Trotsky: Downfall of a Revolutionary – because of my long-held suspicion about a LIFE article leading to the assassination of Trotsky.

23 April 2010 – My proposals for a quick recovery plan from a Doomsday disaster. The Earth Ark Project, The Life haven Project and The Next Year’s Crop Project.

24 April 2010 – You can know what a man’s world view is by the way he behaves.

25 April 2010 – What is it that every person should do? It’s clear that for any sentient person it is to help all humanity, including themselves, into a higher state of being.

26 April 2010 – Propagandocracy. Our lives are immersed in propaganda. It’s the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape our perceptions, thoughts, and behaviors.

27 April 2010 – What fulfilling your infantile fantasies demanding security and power has actually gotten for you is slavery to the bank.

28 April 2010 – Human society is smothered with is hopeful words slathering over supposed good intentions. What we need is an outside stabilizing force such as enforced laws. 

29 April 2010 – ChronoZoom is the coolest thing since GoogleEarth. We are imbedded in deep time and this program gives us a way to think about it.

30 April 2010 – If you can never sell the first one of anything you will always be a wage slave. Try to sell something new every day. How much would you pay for … ?

May 2010

1 May 2010 – World War III won’t kill everyone, and the ensuing mega-famine won’t kill everyone either, but all of the diseases released at once might bring extinction.

2 May 2010 – Not everything can be solved by normal market processes, and the inevitable creative thinking by smart people pursuing money.

3 May 2010 – The movie 2012 makes people into helpless pawns controlled by forces totally outside of their understanding and control. The EarthArk Project gives it back.

4 May 2010 – Francis Bacon in 1620 laid the foundation of the modern scientific method with its experimentation to pry into nature’s secrets so people could serve God better.

5 May 2010 – A panel about the health and survival of the human species barely looked beyond the current problems to their distant future of twenty years.

6 May 2010 – Dror Wahrman lectures on Evert Collier’s hidden codes. The truth is out there — somewhere — maybe.

7 May 2010 – When is lying okay and to be forgiven and when is it so bad that it cannot be forgiven?

8 May 2010 – Everyone is dependent upon the good graces of the US navy to maintain their vibrant economies. Forecasting the 21st century must acknowledge that fact.

9 May 2010 – I discover that we must use our nose differently to fully detect the quality of different odors. Pungent odors require a swift flow, but chocolate has staying power.

10 May 2010 – How a permanent civilization is helped by domes. I design a dome built of a spiral of stones that would last for thousands of years, so its functioning becomes cheap.

11 May 2010 – Anything intended to last for 10,000 years must take human shortsighted avarice into serious consideration, alternate uses only as it stands.

12 May 2010 – A name for those people carrying some Neanderthal DNA could be Newmantals. It is a conflation of New-man and Neanderthals.

13 May 2010 – The world is plagued by a disease called Modern Architecture. Give crazy people money and they will do crazy things with it.

14 May 2010 – Architecture should be of the people, by the people and for the people. That is an obvious goal, but mad men with pretensions rule.

15 May 2010 – “Why does anyone care about 10,000 years in the future?” I am a human being and I want human beings to be healthy and happy.

16 May 2010 – Great spherical monuments to Modern Architecture goes way beyond simple-simplistic over into profoundly-simplistic.

17 May 2010 – People can learn from their mistakes but only if they are exposed to them, and the harm an pain they cause.

18 May 2010 – Extreme Ice NOW by James Balog is a fine coffee-table book but it’s preaching ecological guilt to the uncaring wealthy choir.

19 May 2010 – A new possibility for extending your healthy life. This is my speculative idea but the risk is minimal and the potential rewards are very great.

20 May 2010 – Ads are honest white lies told by honest liars in the service of something far grander than our need for true facts — their making money.

21 May 2010 – The way to be interesting is to be interested in what’s happening, and a joke is disruptive and that is a characteristic of boring people.

22 May 2010 – If exposure to interesting stories is the guiding light to human behavior we need to find ways make reality more interesting.

23 May 2010 – The Story of Western Architecture by Bill Risebero back cover has a building constructed on time under budget and has functioned perfectly.

24 May 2010 – I’m exporting my own Buddha qualities. I must confess I have less empathy for mosquitoes and poison oak than flies, but I am working on it.

25 May 2010 – Our modern civilization is built to surprisingly temporary standards with amortization times of only a few years.

26 May 2010 – How can we now create a backup for humanity? Set an example by building a model city to 10,000 year survivability standards.

27 May 2010 – Here is a sketch of a distant future community forced to live underground because of our current destruction of the environment.

28 May 2010 – Modern architects don’t know what architecture is! Architects should create buildings that help people do what they want to do.

29 May 2010 – Architecture is a good starting point for studying a human culture because it is expensive and easy to see.

30 May 2010 – The future is fun to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. “You see? You see?! You Earth people are stupid! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!” Plan 9.

31 May 2010 – Since humanity arose the world population growth rate has been under 1%/100 years. Things are much better now than they have ever been.

June 2010

1 June 2010 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites by country with links – VWXYZ. With links to all other sites.

2 June 2010 – After the one use minerals have been consumed the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra will once again reign supreme. What won’t empower future humanity are the resources we destroy now.

3 June 2010 – Craig Venter’s creating synthetic life will be the most memorable accomplishment this year and probably for the rest of human existence.

4June 2010 – We have some control of our actions of the future but not of our actions of the present.

5 June 2010 – I have cured my common colds with hot baths but Sugar Plum Honey Bun does a much more complete and soulful transformation.

6 June 2010 – Enjoy your life by taking every opportunity for taking legitimately earned pleasure and by avoiding enjoying every unearned pleasure. 

7 June 2010 – My zombie has already eaten my brain! Mmm goood! Yes! It was okay but I want more! much MUCH MORE and I want you to get it for me NOW.

8 June 2010 – All sport is based on some sort of advantage and it isn’t cheating until the stated rules change to make the new advantage against the rules.

9 June 2010 – Venter’s creation of artificial life is the second most important event in human history, the creation of intelligent human beings is first.

10 June 2010 – There are lots of simple things I want and these techie people to be providing for me but they are failing in their quest to keep me happy.

11 June 2010 – My Venterium circle of life, in a square, is explained away.

12 June 2010 – It is clear enough, that what really happened that made modern humans what they have become was an extremely strong selective pressure.

13 June 2010 – If we want to control our future actions we must control what our future zombie perceives and that way we can control what our future zombie does.

14 June 2010 – Pandora’s Seed is a beautifully written book, but it is dipped in the National Geographic publisher’s style of honey coating everything.

15 June 2010 – Pandora is such a nice looking girl, who would never do anything bad, and it is such a pretty box, it could never hold anything but pretty things.

16 June 2010 – The EarthArk Project is designed to save as much of the world’s DNA from destruction as possible. 

17 June 2010 – In the present world everything will continue to be degraded until only the exploiters survive and everyone else is dead.

18 June 2010 – Is it possible that the majority of people could be raised in situations that developed more time binding habits of life and choice?

19 June 2010 – Dire Predictions: by M.E. Mann shows just how blurry, blank, weak, pathetic and uninspired buck passers conclusions become.

20 June 2010 – Transcend: by Ray Kurzweil, seeks eternal life, and some life extension is now available already, but forever is a very long time.

21 June 2010 – Truthiness, Lie-iness and Maybeness are not to be trusted without verifiable proofs, so it is necessary to verify everything.

22 June 2010 – Transcend: by Ray Kurzweil summed. NEW STUDIES SHOW ALL FOODS BAD FOR YOU. It’s loaded with sugar, so get evaporated cane juice ;)

23 June 2010 – Seek honesty, enthusiasm, and integrity. Avoid dishonesty, corruption, and wet blanketry.

24 June 2010 – Karen Armstrong says, the whole function of fabricated mythos is to fill the void of meaninglessness which permeates the world of logos.

25 June 2010 – Humanity now  understands how to build a society that could bring peace, calm, joy and long life to 10,000 years of future people.

26 June 2010 – I get some fancy book learnin’ from Homer Simpson.

27 June 2010 – I am a cigarette addict! Once I admitted that I was able to bring it under control and stop. A bar or coffee shop isn’t a venue for deep thoughts.

28 June 2010 – Afghanistan has been a hole in the ground where nations for thousands of years have sent their armies to be swallowed up and die.

29 June 2010 – There needs to be an abundance of common sayings like — Verify your facts! Check your assumptions! Get corroboration!

30 June 2010 – Tesla automotive needs my automatic charging platform system, because the driver will forget to plug in his car all too often.

July 2010

1 July 2010 – Finding a new house to buy is finding a new life, probably my personal forever, and trying to avoid personal stupid mistakes.

2 July 2010 –Will a100 million future people be forced to live on recycled leftovers of our current high tech civilization.

3 July 2010 – Eco-tourism is hypocrisy on stilts! Eco-tourists would do more good for the world by staying home. They gained nothing except bragging rights.

4 July 2010 – A catastrophe is brewing where several cyclic positive feedback processes converge and cause a life threatening situation for all humanity.

5 July 2010 – I don’t know what is going to happen but, I prefer 100 million happy people living 10,000 years to 7 billion miserable moribund ones 1 year.

6 July 2010 – See some cross-eye mind games you can do and understand versus religious verbal mind games that twist brilliant people into mental knots.

7 July 2010 – I doubt Descartes’, “Except for our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power”; even that is not within my power.

8 July 2010 – The scientific method doesn’t claim perfection, but it is better than unverifiable declarations that do.

9 July 2010 – After hearing something that is irrelevant to your life and your work forget it as quickly as possible and use the time more usefully.

10 July 2010 – Evolution was blind but now She sees quite well through the eyes of man.

11 July 2010 – Humanity is now the controlling force but it has nothing controlling it but for the natural processes of the Universe and its own self-created laws.

12 July 2010 – A momentary flash of heat pain will flip the switch on poison oak itch. Inflammatory arthritis may be cured with a moment of heat pain.

13 July 2010 – Techniques and links to web sites for house hunting on the Internet.

14 July 2010 – The continuing chicken and egg fuss shows how ill informed and ill informing the data the media presents to the public actually is.

15 July 2010 – My third home search shocker. – The very most expensive neighborhood in Berkeley had the very worst crime statistics.

16 July 2010 –You pay a big price to live in Berkeley but obviously Berkeley is twenty times better or people wouldn’t be paying the big price to live here.

17 July 2010 – Explore your housing options for at least a month before jumping off, and you can avoid fires, earthquakes, crime and fools.

18 July 2010 – Mysterious product labeling of Ivory soap and Capsaicin — 99 and 44 one hundredths percent pure, and it floats – Ivory versus 0.15% Capsaicin.

19 July 2010 – Why are people so stupid and me in particular? I am still ill-informed, but I am a little smarter about my recognizing stupidity.

20 July 2010 – A new life of opportunities and disasters awaits me when I buy a new house in a new city.

21 July 2010 – A Lethal Obsession – If you don’t believe anyone hates you, read this book.

22 July 2010 – The Baby Name Wizard measures what people are thinking and valuing. Humans are controlled by their weakness’ not by their virtues.

23 July 2010 – What I used to consider fun was talking about great ideas—even if in shallow conversations, it was animating, now I prefer talking about doing.

24 July 2010 – Studying some maps based on happiness demonstrate that good laws fairly enforced are needed for happiness.

25 July 2010 – Global Catastrophes aren’t all that bad. – NOT ! ! !

26 July 2010 – What would I like to have accomplished in 10 years. I will orient my activities to getting an EarthArk into Antarctica.

27 July 2010 – A bottle of wild seeds with your name on it could help restore your whole countryside.

28 July 2010 – A small effort on your part will bring a huge thank you.

29 July 2010 – People are tuned into their entertainment media at the moment of their death. Is entertainment the ultimate meaning of life?

30 July 2010 – What if we had a population explosion in reverse? Going to one half in 40 years. It would take 12 halfings or 480 years to get to 1AD.

31 July 2010 – There is some hope for humanity, but only if they have access to facts not fiction.

August 2010

1 August 2010 – It may be difficult to find someone who will tell you the truth, but it isn’t difficult to identify someone who will lie, and for you to avoid them.

2 August 2010 – Natural Experiments of History, attempts to find multiple examples of parallel initial conditions and compares the outcomes.

3 August 2010 – Identify catastrophic risks and be somewhere else long before they happen, because they are impossible to time accurately.

4 August 2010 – The past, the present and the future of life is in our hands. Act wisely! The top 3 events for humanity! Ever!

5 August 2010 – Top 10 search engines with a surprise!

6 August 2010 – How Superman is able to fly is revealed at last.

7 August 2010 – Help – My clothes are attacking me and falling apart. Now – if only I could find a way to fix all the other stuff I don’t like.

8 August 2010 – Discovery, enthusiasm, delusion, denial, grief, acceptance and libration. The Black Swans are waiting with plentiful rewards or death.

9 August 2010 – Charles Shaw recorked, a simple solution to my open wine bottle problem.

10 August 2010 – Bulls horn their way through deep time, from 17,000 year old cave painting, to Egyptian bulls, to Jewish and now on to Wall Street.

11 August 2010 –Campbell’s Soup Can tipping points and other weird points. The value of anything is how much someone will suffer for it.

12 August 2010 – THE FAITH INSTINCT: How religion evolved. Women chose men who are sociable, the other qualities are secondary.

13 August 2010 – Why keep breathing? Because it’s enjoyable discovering what’s next and how I can participate.

14 August 2010 – Read, Worse than War, weep a little for humanity, then support The Earth Ark Project.

15 August 2010 – Progression of a new idea from distrust to common usage. After some predictable craziness a good new idea will find a useful place.

16 August 2010 – I have no power to think but I do have the power to observe, but I rarely remember to do it.

17 August 2010 – Pain Scale for Intensity Measurement and Management, but think carefully about possible side effects before applying these ideas.

18 August 2010 – Hutton’s Section showing a sedimentary rock in a pyroclastic flow. Darwin’s theory of evolution required this abundance of time.

19 August 2010 – Here are some reasons to eat your desserts all during your meals. Warning! One of my chores as a farm boy was to slop the pigs.

20 August 2010 – With strong passwords you can go to sites you feared to go before. Here is how to create secure passwords.

21 August 2010 – How do we find a comfortable home for old age?

22 August 2010 – The murder rate in Berkeley is a reason to avoid that city.

23 August 2010 – I choose to control my destiny through CTRL+A>Delete, as those thoughts would never approach my goal, the creation of The EarthArk.

24 August 2010 – The Clash Of Civilizations – The world is still bright for the USA but brighter still for others.

25 August 2010 – Spider bites can be fun to watch. Saying nice things about Mother Nature isn’t as effective as playing by her rules.

26 August 2010 – A moving adventure begins with a new house. Modern life isn’t as locked into “location, location, location” as it once was.

27 August 2010 – The disaster in middle America is in positive feedback mode.

28 August 2010 – House hunting gets serious when you walk onto the property. You can live in a house, but with a savings you only look at a number.

29 August 2010 – Purchasing a house requires forethought. Purchase a livable house which you can own outright at the lowest possible cash price.

30 August 2010 – Why the word hope makes me queasy and should make you queasy too.

31 August 2010 – How to do a deep cough to clear inhaled food. Clear inhaled food with a hurling-hacking cough called a trakeshake.

September 2010

1 September 2010 – The TV series Hung finds sex symbols everywhere in Detroit.

2 September 2010 – Making your life better one small step at a time; Why not have buttons at the top of the pants that would go into buttonholes on the shirt.

3 September 2010 – I go to Christchurch, New Zealand on GoogleEarth to find the locations of earthquake photos seen in the news reports.

4 September 2010 – Get FREE toothpaste, and other stuff in tubes by cutting the tube open. Probaway – is hacking a way through life one snip at a time.

5 September 2010 – Is this a photo of a Recluse spider and one of a recluse spider bite?

6 September 2010 – Why should you read a book by someone who admits to avoiding the facts.

7 September 2010 – It’s now a traffic violation in California to be smoking in a car if a person younger than 18 years of age is present.

8 September 2010 – Dancing gives women an easily observed analysis of the physical and mental health of the dancer as well as his social flexibility.

9 September 2010 – Empowering people to hate you, by attacking their symbols, is as stupid as a human can get and should rate a Darwin Award.

10 September 2010 – Arthritis may be eased and eventually cured with a little routine heat pain.

11 September 2010 – Berkeley weather, plants and trees were beautiful today. Len and I have had many conversations on the details of eating, sniffing.

12 September 2010 – Stupid traffic signs cause auto accidents. Fess up now – Did you see the upcoming turn in the drop away tunnel?

13 September 2010 – Pain drugs epidemic caused by poor measurement of pain. The Probaway Pain Scale is a complete system for measuring pain accurately.

14 September 2010 – I overate today so tomorrow I must under-eat. You must under-eat for three consecutive days to reset your body’s “fatostat.” 

15 September 2010 – How to enjoy a dental root canal operation. The most important thing I could be doing was sitting still in the dentists chair. So I did.

16 September 2010 – Big events in my life! I am zeroing in on a new place to call home.

17 September 2010 – Sane people I know live in the severe earthquake zone. They say they can’t do anything about a quake, so they don’t think about it. ???

18 September 2010 – I dreamed I was an interloper in a classroom and I discover that paying the game well gives more profit than making snide jokes.

19 September 2010 – We live in easy world! It’s easy because we obey the natural flow of things.

20 September 2010 – The Easy World demands the Easy Life of flowing into the bliss of local existence, but it takes a bit of forethought.

21 September 2010 – Some photos of a Lake Tahoe sunset and then a sunrise on the South Shore. – It is far wiser to be a hypocrite than to appear to be one.

22 September 2010 – We make an offer on a house and proceed with cautious hope that our needs and the sellers needs can both be satisfied.

23 September 2010 – This blog subtitled Life Hacks is intended to find ways to make people’s lives a little better.

24 September 2010 – 70% of known plant species are at risk of extinction, and the civilization we enjoy today could easily be gone tonight.

25 September 2010 – How to remember to take four pills per day. Put them conspicuously on your routine time dependent path.

26 September 2010 – The Most Powerful Idea in the World – a review of steam power.

27 September 2010 – Every time you see a lie reveal it to the public. See here an advertisement of a San Francisco trip faked by a British Airways photo.

28 September 2010 – Easier for the end user means it will be more useful and more utilized, and too many icons are confusing and counterproductive.

29 September 2010 – Seasonal flu – infectivity, susceptibility, humidity, transmission, infections, and I propose an experiment in transmission.

30 September 2010 – Worst Case Scenarios: I brought up A-bombs . He avoided thinking about such things it kept him awake at night and he liked to sleep.

October 2010

1 October 2010 – Cross-indexing huge databases of differently indexed information. This becomes possible and reliable using a stickiness number and JulinA indexing.

2 October 2010 – Show me what you need and I will show you how to get by on less. How to save money on toothpaste and other tubed stuff by getting it all out.

3 October 2010 – Some tinnitus noise might be cured with a self-controlled hiss. May peace and quite be upon you, my friend.

4 October 2010 – Your world may be going to hell in your grocery hand-basket. So shop carefully, the life you extend and save will be your own.

5 October 2010 – Earthquakes in Nevada? Yes, and big ones too. I just analyze things and do what I can do, and don’t waste time on those things that I can’t do anything about.

6 October 2010 – We train our inner zombies with our conscious choices so, it will serve us well; Choose the most mature path of actions possible when given a choice.

7 October 2010 – Winston Churchill was a man who spoke golden words to lift men to glorious action when their real life situation was desperate.

8 October 2010 – The movie Third Man is a remake of Casablanca. The true evil of it all is that Hollywood programs movie viewers into inappropriately responding zombies.

9 October 2010 – Living a good life, most of the time, just means choosing to work toward creating a better life for those who want to have a better life, yourself included.

10 October 2010 – Life gets easier and easier when you live right and eat right.

11 October 2010 – Humanity’s top predator must be universal human laws. There is nothing in the natural world to prey upon humanity and keep us responsible to reason.

12 October 2010 – We can provide for a better future while we have the time and energy available, but the world can’t always be as benign as it now is.

13 October 2010 – Apply your self to enjoying what you have, while you have consciousness to do so, with the implied goal of improved future actions..

14 October 2010 – Top leaders are in effect are saying to us when the A-bombs are exploding. “I told you this would happen! Why didn’t you do something about it?” [I do.]

15 October 2010 – An easy way to pull a cork out of a bottle of wine.

16 October 2010 – Some first steps in creating a religion for attaining more mature people.

17 October 2010 – This counter-Obama poster could have made similar silly comparisons to any and every politician who ever held office, so why the problem and its removal?

18 October 2010 – A recluse type spider bite on my leg, photographed for two months.

19 October 2010 – See better by washing your eyes. We live in a world of sights and sounds and the cleaner our senses the more appropriate our responses and thoughts will be.

20 October 2010 – If your goal is to rule the world The Martyrdom of Man is a good book to read but not so much for others because it will offend you.

21 October 2010 – Richard Thaler isn’t  bothered when he makes a mistake. He asks for correction from anyone in the large audience who happens to know the right answer.

22 October 2010 – Dr. Michalek a was calculating the balance of expenses and I was trying to figure out some way to make the whole electric car system work automatically.

23 October 2010 – Atwood and the audience all seemed healthy but they were all clearly plagued with the idea that Capitalism is evil but, as he said, “What’s the alternative?”

24 October 2010 – Winwood Reade was striving toward a new meaning for human existence founded on a more honest relationship with the world around us.

25 October 2010 – We don’t need to have a belief in a life after death to be happy. We need a belief that something we are doing is making our world better.

26 October 2010 – Setting boundaries within which the real world solution must lie gives you the ability to avoid massive mistakes and large wastes of time and energy.

27 October 2010 – The volcano Merapi kills the old sage Maridjan, its famous guardian. It’s better to prepare for untimable local events by avoiding obviously dangerous locations.

28 October 2010 – Or, live your life the way you want to, even if it’s in an active volcano’s mouth; Of course you may soon become a dead person..

29 October 2010 – A theory of evil: A book review of ‘On Evil’ is a light shot at a very heavy subject, that comes up short of a positive solution. Just being nice isn’t enough.

30 October 2010 – Atwood, says people are more easily duped by the American dream than by other idealistic ideologies. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is very appealing.

31 October 2010 – Science or Religion: Good versus not so good. — Act as if your present behavior will be locked in for the rest of your life.

November 2010

1 November 2010 – The current laws make everyone suffer because the responsibility for actions are shifted away from where the decisions are being made.

2 November 2010 – It is wiser to own outright a small house within walking distance of every necessity and when you have the cash plus some slack buy a better one.

3 November 2010 – Controlling our own emotions is also controlling the emotions and behavior of those around us and thus it forms all our habits and our future being.

4 November 2010 – Artificial gravity for a Mars-bound spaceship could be created by having two equal portions of the ship on a cable and spun about their center of gravity.

5 November 2010 – The TV show The Office last night used one of my flu fighting techniques almost exactly and then made a nice comic argument against it.

6 November 2010 – With better measurement of pain a much more refined analysis would be possible. — Seeing reality better gives you more options for coping better.

7 November 2010 – Is humanity worth saving? No? Yes? Maybe? It’s you who must decide if saving humanity is worth the trouble.

8 November 2010 – Free just equals free and free means worthless.

9 November 2010 – On TV there was missile rising from the sea. This was crappy reporting at its most manipulative and disgusting, and I was totally duped by its careful editing.

10 November 2010 – Swindling and Selling by Arthur A Leff, a Yale professor of law, studies the personal experiences to be learned directly from practicing con men.

11 November 2010 – The media’s posting of false information is an irreversible action and it can created irreversible hysteria and potential havoc, none of which can be undone.

12 November 2010 – Aspirin can save your life or kill you. Taking aspirin doesn’t fix anything but it does help dissolve clots.

13 November 2010 – Human minds need an important goal to be happy. Idle fingers make for a bored brain and a bored brain makes for an unhappy person.

14 November 2010 – 175 separate posts about  Doomsday and how if humanity created a LifeHaven and EarthArk there would something left over to build a Humble New World.

15 November 2010 – It is easier to learn the habit of keeping other people on subject than to keep ones own mind on subject. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

16 November 2010 – Treat diarrhea with 1 teaspoon salt, 8 teaspoons sugar in 1 liter clean water. — Be somewhere else when the shit hits the fan, when it’s laden with cholera.

17 November 2010 – We are living humans and we must find our existential meaning based on real people and real life and not abstract prefabricated gods.

18 November 2010 – Decision Points by George W. Bush is a must read book for Bush lovers, haters and everyone in between, it’s about why he made the decisions he did.

19 November 2010 – Did 14.8 million Americans have a major depression last year as CNBC claimed? — Human sanity can’t be measured to three significant figures.

20 November 2010 – I rework some old Abe Lincoln photographs.

21 November 2010 – TIME person of the year – the pre-selection list with the preliminary publicly voted score sheet generates a sorrow the Germans call Weltschmerz.

22 November 2010 – The basic idea for a dry air home cooler is to use a swamp cooler type evaporative cooler to chill air in a heat exchanger and use that cool dry air.

23 November 2010 – You can be perfectly, friendly with dishonest people, just don’t form close ties or expect anything but difficulties to come from them.

24 November 2010 – Zero-sum games are destructive activities for humanity. You can become happier by doing something productive, something that helps other people.

25 November 2010 – Ambrose Bierce, a lovable curmudgeon. If a writer isn’t willing to expose his mortal existence to deadly fire then he isn’t going to risk it with writing either.

26 November 2010 – A new and improved bookmark, and choice passage marking system that lets one find the good stuff quickly, even in books read long ago.

27 November 2010 – Our life is on hold. We have an offer on a house in Carson City, NV, over two months old that was accepted by the owner but not the short-sale paperwork.

28 November 2010 – I now see my primary fault is lack of enthusiasm. I see things clearly enough, but I don’t care enough to carry through decisively and publicly.

29 November 2010 – The role of chief executive of the US is a horrible burden to bear and the president may have the worst burden because he is forced to be so public.

30 November 2010 – More, TIME – Person of the Year 2010, analysis of their idea, that no one  impacted our society, our world very much this year.

December 2010

1 December 2010 – Project your mind out 500 years into the future and ask the question: Does exposing someone’s boring emails make that kind of long-term history?

2 December 2010 – Was Washington Irving’s, Headless Horseman, Hans Van Ripper, a model for Jack the Ripper? Hans is the Dutch form of John and Jack is its vernacular.

3 December 2010 – Race mixing in the United States and New York. People always seek the safe and easy and find it most easily with people they feel to be most like themselves.

4 December 2010 – What is important and what can I do about it? All we value will soon be gone thus we must love it and participate with it now, while we’re here.

5 December 2010 – TIME- Person of the Year 2010 – race to the finish. Julian Assange has 40% of all votes cast of 27 named persons, Lady Gaga has 10%, and Craig Venter has 0.6%.

6 December 2010 – Life adapts to poisonous arsenic in Mono Lake. Extremophiles choose phosphorus instead of arsenic when given the chance.

7 December 2010 – What can you do until Doomsday arrives? Enjoy the life you have been given and participate fully with your opportunities.

8 December 2010 – America’s greatest product is dreams, but you can’t live on dreams forever. The world has a love-hate relationship with America and its dreams.

9 December 2010 – Syphilis and tobacco were America’s “gifts” to the Old World, and it’s near impossible to prevent or eliminate diseases linked to pleasure.

10 December 2010 – The media empowers the destroyers of humanity, and as the we become dumber we are more likely to stumble into an abyss, and more quickly too.

11 December 2010 – Bernie Madoff for President ! Bernie has it all — good looks, convincing speaking techniques and loads of experience creating money.

12 December 2010 – “Free” Stuff found on the web you might want, but cheaper. — Don’t buy stuff you don’t need ! Don’t buy anything you don’t have the cash to pay for !

13 December 2010 – Julian Assange is the winner in the popularity vote for Person of the Year 2010 but TIME is not obligated to choose him. The editors have the final say.

14 December 2010 – I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas with Vera-Ellen. With a list of her dance routines on YouTube . And a set for comparison with other dancers.

15 December 2010 – Zuckerberg is TIME’s Person of the Year 2010. “The human effect on the year seemed to be negligible, and that has been what has been frustrating people.”

16 December 2010 – Human happiness for 10,000 years needs purpose. When making projections it is important to set limits and to define what is being sought.

17 December 2010 – What Jesus really said in his Golden Rule. Help others to achieve their utmost human potential.

18 December 2010 – A list of 47 Sentimental Christmas Songs from Probaway. — Abandon all despair for the woes of the world with an hour of Christmas music.

19 December 2010 – Oh no! I just ate some rotten food. Now what? — I got sick! Don’t swallow bad food no matter what! If in doubt, throw it out!

20 December 2010 – Estimating the total world population of humans – historical estimates by seven demographers, and my easy way of remembering population numbers.

21 December 2010 – Earth is different from space and so am I. Point of view controls our perception. Our perception controls our behavior.

22 December 2010 – American’s, have the highest risk of dying in December thru January and the lowest July and August. To live long and prosper you must avoid dying.

23 December 2010 – All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do to them. Help them live more abundantly. That should be the Christmas message.

24 December 2010 – Stop lying to Virginia about Santa Claus. Lying hurts children! Lying to children is leading them into a life of hell by corrupting their ability to perceive reality.

25 December 2010 – Practice the enjoyment of eating before you physically do it, and make your New Year’s diet resolutions on Christmas Eve.

26 December 2010 – For most people to be happy means going into debt by living beyond their means, by spending money they know they don’t have.

27 December 2010 – People love themselves more than they love you. I realize that when I saw a desperate derelict going through a garbage can. Of course he values himself more than me.

28 December 2010 – Given that people will curl up and go to dreamland if given the chance; How do we motivate them to work but with sales of pretty toys and debt?

29 December 2010 – How to find places on Earth from memory, using key points at 30°N and 30°S and multiples of 30° around the globe. 30N 90W = the Louisiana Superdome.

30 December 2010 – How to make a map of the Earth from memory, using a standard 8½ x 11 inch typing paper folded long ways.

31 December 2010 – Humanity’s failure to understand problems isn’t new. — Three years of blogging has been a huge waste of time and money.