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Modern science has now proven the common knowledge that the common cold is eased a little by taking zinc supplement pills at the first signs of symptoms, and it worked best if taken within 24 hours of the onset. The research implied that zinc was effective at inhibiting rhinoviral replication. This is similar to what is claimed for Tamiflu, which is much more expensive, but I have no way of knowing if taking both of these at the onset of flu would improve the efficacy of both of these remedies. If they were synergistic, then Tamiflu should be made into a dual pill, but that will take another large study to ascertain or falsify. A good thing about zinc is that it is cheap, readily available and permanently storable, but Tamiflu is expensive, requires a doctor’s prescription and has a limited shelf life at room temperature.

A short list of some common cold fighting posts.

These are personal observations, but they have proven very effective for curing my flus. In fact the only colds I have had since discovering this technique in 1993, when I had a cold which became annoying to the point of a teaspoon full of snot, (the quantity of snot is a good measure of the severity of a flu) have been tests where I did only one hot bath per day. That wasn’t enough to keep the flu at bay; on the other hand, three baths per day worked just fine but took up too much time. Two baths worked just fine and I was able to carry on with my daily life as if there were no symptoms at all. Also, this technique has the advantage of keeping my viral load so small that I am not communicating the disease to people with whom I come into contact.

I would recommend this technique to all responsible adults, but I would also recommend that before it becomes common knowledge that a reasonable double blind test be run on the method.

Even obvious things should be tested to find their causes and limits.