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All history is bunk, but then so is prophesy and today’s news.

We remember and lionize those things that make us feel superior.

History like our DNA is written by the survivors.

Why believe historians when you refuse to believe testable evidence.

History is forgotten Rois, herstory is remembered boys.

Staged history is better than real history because it tries to avoid the boring parts.

History makes dead people live again, but only in our perceptions.

History makes some people appear much better than they were, and others much worse.

History is a dead dry thing read by dead-dry people.

Fiction is only different from history, in that it’s admittedly false.

History is mostly stories puffing up already puffed up people.

If one could make alive again for other people some cobwebbed skein of old dead intrigues and breathe breath and character into dead names and stiff portraits.  That is history to me!  George Macaulay Trevelyan — (Arthur Conan Doyle’s goal in, The Tangled Skein)

Are we prisoners of history or creators or fabricators of everything.

Even God can’t alter the past, present or future, and that’s the difference between God and Me. (and you.)

History is mostly dry ink, hidden on unseen paper.

Who reports the world better, and who can you trust, a historian, a news reporter, a stand-up comic or your own eyes? Who can you trust becomes who can you test? Trust those you can test.

The goal of most people is to avoid being involved in history making events.

People love seeing criminals exposed because they can then feel superior to those in charge of our lives.

History is written by people, too lazy to be out making it.

Reading diaries gives more the flavor of why historical mistakes were made, because at the time the diarist were not making mistakes they were making optimum adaptations.

Exciting history is mostly about homicide and reproduction the rest is boring.

History? It’s little more than flowing blood and sand.

What is all humanity to a mosquito, but a source of blood?

The past is history, but history is not the past.

A library is a heap of history waiting to be burned; if not by men, then by time.

It’s a collection of epigraphs and epitaphs.

Take the curiosity out of the past and apply it to the present.

History doesn’t repeat itself but humans do respond in similar ways to similar situations.

The present is a mirror which we may look forward and see into the past, but it blocks our view of the future.

Most history is about people taking other peoples stuff.

History demonstrates how people much smarter and better informed than we are about certain things, behaved in some really stupid ways.

In our high school history books the good guy always win in the end, and it couldn’t have ended in any other way.

Underdogs with a glorious myth of history in their belly and the fire of repression in their ears can commit hideous acts with impunity, and thus become tomorrows victors and next year’s heroes and next centuries honored elders.

Every time a history is told it’s a whole new history.

History is an accumulating pile of cast off love-hate and other stuff made by crazy people seeking greater love-hate and other stuff.

History is only a flickering light cast off by the flickering of the shadowed wall of distant actors.

It’s equal parts human stupidity and violence.

These are epigrams! They have nothing to do with reality.