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Just because you take a bite of food doesn’t mean you have to swallow it. Instead of packing food into yourself as quickly as possible, concentrate on chewing every bit of it as many times as possible to be sure to get every last unit of flavor out before swallowing. That process maximizes the total amount of eating pleasure that can be obtained from that particular morsel of food. After taking that bite, put your utensil down, and pause for a few seconds to enjoy the moment of satisfaction as you feel the food descending your esophagus down into your stomach. That sounds sort of technical, but it is enjoyable.

Before reaching for another bite do the mental exercise discussed last Christmas of mentally rehearsing the whole process of micro-habits in your mind of each of the things you do as you eat. You will discover that eating an apple is a totally different experience from eating a bowl of tomato soup. Ah, you say, I knew that all along, but I would retort, did you preview the crunch as you chewed your apple in your mind or think through the texture of the soup, and did the hot soup burn you tongue a little before you mentally ate it?

Here is a way to really slow down your overly fast eating habit. After every bite has been totally chewed, enjoyed and swallowed take the time to find all the little bits lodged in the corners of your mouth. When eating an apple there are an amazing number of little pieces that end up under the tongue, in the teeth and between the lower front teeth and the lower lip. Before taking another bite, explore with your tongue all around and clear out every last bit. This may take a surprisingly long time, but that’s the point. Slow down your eating, and pay attention to the food in your mouth because the longer you take eating the less total quantity of food you are likely to eat. Just before you swallow a bolus of food, bring it back to the front of your mouth, just to make sure you got every last bit of flavor and chewing pleasure out of it.

After all these exertions, and after your mouth is totally cleansed by your tongue, take a sip of tea, coffee or some other totally non-caloric beverage. This will clean you palate and reset your eatostat ready for the next bite, which will, after all these needless exertions, be feeling more fulfilled. Get in the habit of leaving a little on your plate, this will make food more objectified and easier to resist. If you are very frugal, use those leftovers as a starter for your next meal. This habit of leaving food on your plate will help you to put less on your plate to begin with.

Enough eating; let’s go for a walk.
We don’t need all that stuff!