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How to prevent pandemic influenza commonly called the flu

I don’t understand why the authorities don’t just step forward and say, how to prevent flu, the common cold and other infectious disease. After-all, they know the various factors so all it really required is someone with clout to say it. Unfortunately, the only way for a scientist to move up the hierarchy to where they have bureaucratic clout is by towing the accepted line and not rocking the political boat. With a track record like that these successful people are loath to do anything which might jeopardize their carefully developed career. Fortunately, I don’t have any connections what so ever with that monetarily funded group so I may say anything which pleases me, and if there are any complatints I  can pretty much just ignore them. The turn of that is that they will pretty much just ignore me. So here goes with the obvious on how to prevent flu:

Prevent the creation of new influenza strains

  1. Stop the creation of new varities of flu by preventing birds, pigs and humans from communicating the virius between each other. This can be done by:
  2. Informing poultry and pig husbandry men that they are the source of worldwide pandemics and therefore:
  3. Poultry and pig husbandry men should not go to work when they are sick with a flu and especially when their pigs or birds are sick.
  4. To help these workers endure this sick time they should be paid double their salary for seven days for not going to work, and,
  5. Their employer should be paid half his salary to help pay for his temporary replacement, because the replacement will not be as efficient as the experienced worker.

Prevent the virus from developing in humans

  1. Children in contact with birds, pigs or adults frequently working with these animals should be monitored at home and at school by their teachers for signs of flu.
  2. Children of this group should be isolated instantly when they show the first symptoms of flu, and given a antiviral such as Tamiflu for several days.
  3. Stockpile a small quantity of Tamiflu with the school nurse or principle in all communities with pig and poultry farms.

Prevent the virus from spreading locally

  1. Inform local doctors and people in poultry and pig areas to be vigilant about flu symptoms
  2. When a person has a flu quarantine them and give antivirals to everyone who came in contact with them
  3. Give masks to everyone at every public place
  4. Practice telling people to sneeze into their elbow
  5. Put antibiotic gloves on all public doorknobs and other things which people touch
  6. Stop all people, birds and pigs from leaving the community for several days
  7. Keep this community well supplied so they will be rewarded for being vigilant and cooperative.

Prevent the virus from spreading globally

  1. Shut down international air travel as much as possible
  2. Place antibiotic gloves on all public doorknobs etc.
  3. Require everyone entering the air terminal to don a mask
  4. Require all persons on airplanes to wear a mask
  5. Have microbial filters on airplane ventilation systems

Prepare vaccine, antiviral, mask, antiseptic stockpiles in all cities

  1. National governments should have local stockpiles
  2. UN should have a special backup stockpile
  3. Good quality information for coping should be preprinted
  4. Do evidence based research on what really works best

Personal home treatments

  1. Stay home and rest
  2. Avoid people as much as possible
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. (Treat aches with medications acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen) My personal experience is that creating a fever of 102°F with a bath of 105°F water, twice a day for three days at the very beginning of a flu alerts the immune system.

[Update: 2011 01 10 – How far do your sneeze and cough go?Swine flu survivors developed super flu antibodies – ]