California is said to be the eighth largest economy in the entire world. It produces thirteen percent of the entire US income and yet it only has only two percent of US senators in Washington, representing this massive economy. California’s GDP is almost as large as the next two states—Texas and New York—combined and is larger than 24 smallest states combined (Vermont, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Rhode Island, Maine, Idaho New Hampshire, Delaware, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico Nebraska, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., Arkansas, Utah, Kansas, Nevada Iowa, Oklahoma and Kentucky combined.) California could be subdivided into twenty four states for their population to have equal representation in the United States Senate.

If the state were divided into 24 separate states the various unique localities would have their own senator and thus they would have better representation of their views. The House of Representatives is allocated by population but the Senate is allocated by historical, political and economic reasons. Clearly there are portions of California which have virtually no representation in Washington at the national level and that could easily be corrected with a simple redivision. There have been other suggestions for dividing California into smaller states, but usually only a few. This suggestion for two dozen new states is a bit radical but it would give many people a voice in their government and therefore a greater willingness to participate in the welfare of the whole country.

People of California — Disunite.