What you see when you turn on your computer affects what you will do. These days what is on my wallpaper screen has been photographs of prospect views of locations familiar to me. The photos below were screenshots captured from the web and I use them to energize me in a particular way.

Indian Hills

A view of Indian Hills, Nevada, with my potential new home in the distance. - Google Earth

Berkeley from Lawrence Hall of Science, webcam

Berkeley, my old home, as viewed from the Lawrence Hall of Science - Webcam

Photos of this type greet me as a first-view when I turn on my computer. They have the effect of giving me a prospective overview of places I know and want to know better, and a desire to help the people living in these places and humanity in general to live better lives. I have lived nearly all of my adult life within the city framed in this photo of Berkeley, and during my running years ran past this camera location over a thousand times on my way to the very top of Grizzly Peak. There I would look over the world, breathe hard for awhile, meditate on the problems of the world and think through possible workable solutions.

I am thinking now that perhaps the wallpaper could serve other functions, such as showing suggestions for today’s special thought or a habit to cultivate. A web site could be set up with automatic links of downloadable wallpaper which would change every day. There would be themes, of course, to suit the individual. There is a setting on Windows 7 Control Panel > Appearance > Personalization but all the themes offered are mind-numbing pictures rather than life-enhancing challenges which help one locate themselves within the world. What is proposed for this new site is a new Life-Hack on your screen every day to help you live a more abundant life. Something which would help orient you to the world you live in. See below for some general examples of wallpaper.

World Map drawing with aids for memory

World Map drawing with aids for memory orients you to the world.

Having this map as a desktop wallpaper would after repeated exposures, and a few attempts to draw it using the helps, give you a much better understanding of the location of places and their relative size.

TIME Person of the year - 2009 retrospective

TIME magazine Person of the Year - 2009 orients you to public events

Glancing over these famous folks give one a centering on public events.

Table of Elements
Table of Elements orients you to the elemental world

See a more detailed Long Form of Periodic Table

Where your attention first starts affects what you will accomplish.