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Over the last couple of months of moving to a new home I have done lots of physical work which included my hands. I didn’t wear gloves for any of this work and because my hands were exposed they acquired lots of little nicks, scrapes and cuts. On observing my now somewhat abused hands it seems that most of the injuries were to the front inch of my thumb and forefinger of my right hand. Yes, I am right-handed. Also, my right shin, the area an the front of my leg between the knee and ankle sustained the majority of injuries to the rest of my body. What annoyed me the most however was my feeling of exhaustion. I did carry five truck loads of books down 18 steps of our old home and back into a split level ranch style house, but I was more tired than expected. It took two weeks after the last major hauling events before I felt totally recovered. There was lots of heavy lifting and other stuff that also got done those first few weeks.

One time I noticed a little cut on the tip of my thumb. It was about a half-inch long and barely to the point where it bled. Had I been wearing gloves it wouldn’t have happened. After washing it clean and drying it, I put some second-skin paint on. It’s a quick-drying plastic bandage, which I really like; but because the injury was a cut it was still open a little. After a few minutes I put a ½-inch wide, 1½-inch long piece of very sticky cloth medical style tape over the thumbnail and down the skin almost to the crease. I noted in my notebook that 16 hours later the thumb was  pain-free and the tape was still in place. I am thinking that if I had put this tape on my thumb and forefinger  and some tape on my shins before working, I would have avoided all the injuries, except the fatigue.

Wear gloves while doing physical work if available, if not tape your finger tips.