Humanity has already transitioned through various stages in its trip along its path to fulfillment and oblivion. The term humanity is intended to encompass everyone who has ever lived, who is now living and all of those who will ever live, and all of their human inspired activities and productions from the beginning to the very end. Other creatures who have lived can be clearly defined by their bodies and their bodies’ direct impact upon the environment upon which they live, but humans seem to require a more extended definition. Even as individuals our sphere of being extends way beyond our personal physical contacts, and with the internet and radio broadcast to potentially much further.

There was a time before humans existed and there will be a time after humans cease to exist. From some distant time and place a conscious being could look back and report that there was once a top predator species, rather like the even more ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex, which once inhabited the Earth. Both of these terrible species once ruled the Earth but they are now extinct. At this distant time there are only remnants in the fossil record sandwiched into the pages of geological history to even imply that they ever existed.

The question might be asked, is there anything which humans could do between now and our most certain extinction, to which that distant intelligence would repeat immortal words of admiration, “Take him with all his faults, there was man!”? And what is the ultimate goal of humanity but,  to maximize the life force of humanity? And how can this life force be maximized but for every human to live their lives to their fullest? That being said, what I am seeking is ways for people to live more fully, but in such a way as to maximize all humans’ potentials not just their own.