We have been trying to find a new house to make a home for months, and our range of opportunities has expanded greatly. However, here in the San Francisco Bay area the prices are very high and so we have expanded our search out to Carson City, Nevada, where we made an offer on a short sale. Unfortunately for us that fell through. Last week we made an offer on a house in Grass Valley, California, but on second thoughts I decided that it would be too much trouble living in the house we chose. It was great in so many ways, but it had a couple of things which I would have considered difficult and un-fixable, so by my new standard of walking away from any potential house that looks like it might not be easy to live with on every dimension. I was the one who cancelled out.

We feel the perfect house will automatically say, This is your home! loud and clear the moment we walk in.

That hasn’t happened yet, but we still have our hopes up. Somewhere out there, there are no doubt many places that would say that, but we need to find one and it needs to be available. I feel like the Mountie in that old movie with the song “The Indian Love Call.” A wistful searching in the wilderness for our future together.

Here I am, come and live with me.