A couple of days ago I had a medical office visit and had a professional equipment blood-pressure test. I got a score of 120/68. That is approximately what I always get, but my question is why do I get such good scores on this primary indicator of general health, while the average American male aged 76 scores much worse. Oh sure I chose my parents and grandparents carefully and they lived, on average into their late 80s, but I am in markedly better condition that all six of them were when they were my age.

I am of average height and weight and just about as average in every way as it is possible to be, and my New Year’s resolution many years ago was to be extraordinarily ordinary. That is, to be uncommonly common. Perhaps most people would consider me to be a total failure on that score, and would consider me to be extraordinarily boring and annoyingly common. I do make attempts to be interesting, but for me that tends to move into the abstractions of generalized problem solving a little too easily, and away from discussing other peoples personal problems, which is what most people appear to be more interested in. People seem to be more interested in themselves than any thing else. I just don’t understand.

When I do have some personal problems, such as physical health, or mental health problems I try and discover their rood causes and then to create solutions for those problems which will have a universal applicability. Therefore, it may seem to others that I am overly concerned with my own problems, and I do have more unnecessary anxiety than most people, but there is a difference, I get deep into the my problems and then try to find solutions to those problems and publish those solutions onto the internet so that anyone can find them with a google search. To make things findable requires a touch of audacity in the way things are titled and developed, because a perfectly scientifically bland statement with all of the required definitions and subtle provisos will be near impossible to find with a standard search. Even now it seems most of my good ideas have been buried in a mountain of irrelevant repetitive commercially driven rubbish that has no verified, in a personal reproducible way, information, just generalized blah blah.

What I consider my most important ideas never even reach the computer generated top ten list on my personal page. The EarthArk Project, with over a hundred posts, is the easiest thing humanity could be doing to preserve its long term well being, but it is never read. What may be what gave me good health was carefully observing my bodies reactions to things and making intentional corrections to problems. My discoveries: the easiest, cheapest and most life preserving thing an individual human can do to prolong their lives I have had published 22 years ago, it is to chew up an aspirin at the very first sigh of any physical malfunction, and it is all but unread. The Probaway Pain Scale has been out there for years and the Probaway Maturity Scale for Decades, and those are extremely easy to understand and are useful for orienting your mind and body to reality, but they also are all but unread.

Perhaps the Unabomber was right, as are the news people — If it bleeds it leads, but what doesn’t is ignored.