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Yesterday, while walking down Wall, Street in Bend, Oregon there were people in the trees. On closer observation I discovered they were putting up decorations. These were not exactly Christmas decorations in the usual sense, but will probably remain up until New Years, so I suppose we should call them Christmas decorations even though it isn’t near Thanksgiving yet.


Older adults putting up Xmas decorations into trees in Bend, OR

These particular decorations were to continue the fight against polio. END POLIO NOW was on one of the disks flying on a string. These decorations were being put up by the local Rotary Club, but across the street, and seen directly above the person looking up are some hanging donuts. I walked over there to see what was up.

Donuts hanging in the trees in Bend OR

Donuts hanging in the trees in Bend, OR symbolizing police support of the KIDS center.

This strange decorative project has just begun, and I am curious as to what will be found in the numerous trees which line the streets of downtown Bend in the following weeks. Bend takes its art projects seriously, even the funny temporary ones, like this tree decoration tradition. The many parks of Bend are beautifully manicured and there is a program called Art in Commons which has put up strikingly good large sculptures throughout the city such as in the round-abouts at street intersections.

This tiny city of Bend has a big heart for art.