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The reactor was located in a vast field of known earthquakes. - GoogleEarth clip

The WordPress monster just struck me again and destroyed about 700 words of my writing. It seems this always happens when I am typing away enthusiastically. This time I think I know what happened. When hitting the most common key, the one I have observed most people hit more often than any other, I overshot, with my right little finger, by a half an inch. This means I hit the F12 button or something nearby, and that means WordPress deleted everything back to the last save.

As if that wasn’t annoying enough when I just saved this newly typed complaint, the title of the post had vanished. Because of these repeated failures of this word processing system I have gotten into the habit of going to the HTML screen, doing a Control-A, then Control-C (being very careful not to hit the V key) which is to prevent the loss of my typed data on a Save data entry click, which sometimes deletes the whole page. This habit has saved me several times. Why there isn’t a simple Control-Z to back out of these easy to make mistakes I don’t know; there certainly should be. I love WordPress, but it still needs some tweaks.

I am not going to rewrite this post but just link to one of my previous ones:

The 8th most important issue facing humanity is human stupidity.

My typing mistakes are easily corrected but building nuclear reactors on an earthquake zone isn’t.