The reason people you meet are out of contact with reality is because the news sources they rely upon are out of contact with what is important. Click here for Google search – top news stories of 2010 which should give an objective, up to the minute list of the media sources themselves valued. Below is one of the better lists from Rate It All: but to observe historical significance while reading this list ask yourself, “will this story be remembered in 500 years?” Very few of these stories will be remembered in ten years because, even in so short a time they will be displaced by almost identical, but more current, stories.

  1. House Passes Health Care Overhaul,
  2. Earthquake devastates Haiti,
  3. BP Oil Rig explodes off Louisiana gulf coast,
  4. Republican Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts’s Senate Race,
  5. Arizona Passes Tough Anti Illegal Immigration Law
  6. Supreme Court overturns ban on direct corporate spending on elections,
  7. Polish President Lech Kaczynski and other high officials killed in plane crash
  8. Rescue of Chilean Miners
  9. Greece’s financial crisis unveiled
  10. Wikileaks Releases Cache of Classified Documents
  11. Toyota Recall
  12. Nine Die in Confrontation between Israeli Commandos and Flotilla Bringing Aid to Gaza
  13. Snowpocalypse Blizzards on the East Coast
  14. Ash Cloud from Iceland Volcano Shuts Down European Air Travel
  15. SCOTUS Rules That Gun Ownership Right in 2nd Amendment Applies to the States
  16. Coalition Government Takes over in England
  17. Floods Hit Pakistan
  18. UK’s second hung Parliament
  19. Obama expands offshore drilling
  20. Google Squares off with China
  21. Florida Church Plans “Burn the Koran”  Day
  22. Ground Zero Mosque Controversy
  23. Earthquake Strikes Chile
  24. US Federal Judge Rules Against Patents On Human Genes
  25. 2010 US Midterm Elections
  26. United Kingdom general election called for May 6
  27. Student Protests Against Tutition Fees in the UK
  28. Full body airport scanners to hit UK airports
  29. Sex Scandal Embroils Vatican Leadership
  30. Washington DC legalizes gay marriage
  31. Admiral Mike Mullen Speaks Out against “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
  32. U.S. announces new military policies and restrictions on nuclear weapon use
  33. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Body Scan Controversy
  34. Obama Declares an End to Combat Mission in Iraq
  35. Elena Kagan Nominated to the Supreme Court
  36. Obama announces federal guarantees to build nuclear reactors
  37. Four Arrested Trying to Tamper with Phones at the Office of Senator Mary Landrieu
  38. Juan Williams fired by NPR
  39. Minority Labor Government Formed in Australia
  40. Assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai
  41. Finance Reform
  42. Moscow Metro hit by deadly suicide bombings
  43. Proposition 19 (Decriminilization of Marijuana) narrowly defeated in California
  44. Researchers discover Neanderthal Geome in Some Humans
  45. Professor Phil Jones Admits No Significant Warming 1995 Through 2009
  46. UK Weather Chaos Leaving Thousands of People Stranded at Airports
  47. Dubai $10 billion bailout approved
  48. Protests Embroil Greece Over Proposed Austerity Measures
  49. Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is dumped by his Labor Party and resigns
  50. CERN Hadron Collider breakthrough as beams collide
  51. North Korea Suspected of Sinking South Korean Naval Vessel
  52. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to Retire
  53. Leaked Pentagon video shows civilian killings in Iraq
  54. Lancet retracts 1998 study that claimed to find link between vaccines and autism in children
  55. Somali Militants Bomb World Cup Fans in Uganda
  56. Christian Militia Accused of Plotting to Kill Police
  57. General McChrystal Resigns Following Rolling Stone Interview
  58. Derrick Bird Kills 12 People during a Gun Rampage in Cumbria, UK
  59. Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is dumped by his Labour Party and resigns
  60. Blair brought before Iraq Inquiry
  61. Evan Bayh Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election
  62. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden Visits Israel To Strengthen Bilateral Relations
  63. Ukraine Elects Viktor Yanukovych President
  64. Ben Bernanke confirmed by Senate to stay as Fed Reserve Chair
  65. “Barefoot Bandit” captured in Bahamas
  66. Iraq’s March 7 parliamentary elections
  67. U.S. Missionaries Charged with Child Kidnapping in Haiti
  68. Congressman Eric Massa Abruptly Resigns From The House of Representatives
  69. Cuban police haul protesting “Ladies in White” away
  70. Health Care Summit Is Held At Blair House
  71. Wyclef Jean Running for President of Haiti
  72. SEC sues Goldman Sachs for fraud
  73. Colombian soldier held 12 years is freed by rebels
  74. Cuban Dissident Orlando Zapata Dies after a Hunger Strike in a Cuban Prison
  75. Nouri Al-Maliki secures leadership of Iraq after a 7 month parliamentary deadlock
  76. Taleban Commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Captured in Pakistan
  77. Cameron apologises for “Bloody Sunday”
  78. UK’s first televised Election debate
  79. Kyrgyzstan riots
  80. Pension Rallies Hit French Cities
  81. Huge Police Corruption Scandal in Puerto Rico
  82. Man Deliberately Crashes Plane into IRS Building in Austin
  83. “Forced” passing of DE Bill
  84. Illinois Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor steps down amid scandal
  85. One million dogs to be killed in Baghdad over the next few months
  86. Rep. John Murtha (D-12th Pennsylvania) died on February 8
  87. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announces retirement
  88. BA announce likely strike for March
  89. Christopher Dodd Announces Retirement
  90. Late night talk show battle
  91. Nigeria’s ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua dies
  92. Prince William Announces his Engagement to Kate Middleton
  93. Bush Wipes Hand on Clinton’s Shirt
  94. Referendum on Icesave Bill in Iceland is Rejected by the Voters
  95. Stutnex Computer Worm strikes Iranian and Chinese Industrial Facilities

If it bleeds, it leads.

That cliché is always the top news, but of course people are more likely to read Top Crime Stories – Top Entertainment Stories – Top Sports Stories – Top Movie Stories –

If this is what people are basing their life decisions on and are using news for their voting decisions it is amazing the world functions as well as it does.

Top news stories by juried by source – Global Post, BBC, Columbia Journalism, PEW,

We are living through the biggest shift in wealth, power, and prestige since the Industrial Revolution catapulted Western Europe to global dominance 200 years ago. Ian Morris CSM

To see what is valuable in the long run see – Probaway – Person of the Year – Craig VenterHumanity’s failure to understand problems is nothing new.