The news media always misses the good stories about life because it focuses on the startle-reflex-grabbing ones. There is rarely anything you can do personally about those stories because they are usually after the fact tragedies, in other people’s lives, that you can’t affect even if you tried. The most you can do about these stories is to feel a little sad for these unfortunate people. In my world of contentment I pay little attention to things which I can not affect and only observe them closely enough to verify there is nothing I can do to help. There are a great many things which I can do to help the world be a better place and so I try to pay more attention to those things rather than waste time and attention on things which I can not help.

The news has failed to report a really super spectacular success which should have the whole world cheering  humanity in general and America in specific. This is something which we all can feel really good about, and it is something really positive, which we Americans did as individuals help support, with a few dollars. The Mars rover Opportunity, which had a life expectancy of 90 days, has somehow managed to survive for 2676 days and is now on the lip of huge new crater. This will soon give a much deeper picture in time of the life of Mars and its potential for life. This amazing tool will help in the human quest to discover how life and humans came into existence. It is very important and very thrilling but the media can not report on it because it gives a positive feeling rather than a reflexive response of fear.

Here is the picture that Opportunity created a couple of days ago, which the media should have been showing as a banner on the front page of every newspaper in the world. I had to go get the publicly available pictures and paste them together so you can see the panorama of this vast Martian crater.

The Mars Rover Opportunity photo publicly available at NASA.

I took these images and pasted them together so you can see the crater lip more clearly about 50 meters ahead and can see across the crater into the distance of about 30 kilometers.

Opportunity's photos pasted together to give a better view. Click to enlarge.

Our understanding of our place in the Universe is improving. Enjoy it!