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Computer death

My computer died yesterday which was a disaster for me, because I have a little promise to myself to write a post every day. I have kept that promise for three and a half years, and a little thing like a computer failure wasn’t going to stop me. Unfortunately, it did stop me, and after a couple of hours of cleaning out dust and pulling and pushing connections and running fault-finding procedures it looked like the only alternative was to write the required post on a palm top, which would probably force me to truncate it a lot. That’s okay when on a trip, but it isn’t acceptable when at my self-imposed duty station.

Lazarus rises from the dead

Then as if by magic, after some brushing at the mother board and further vacuuming and blowing through a straw at key points, voilà it worked. It is now working just like new, which in this case is about eleven years old. It was among the first 64 bit motherboards, which it turned out was a problem because Microsoft hadn’t released an operating system, and it ran on various betas for a while. I tend to be an early adopter, but in this case it was just over into the bleeding edge. Anyhow, it might be time to cough up a few bucks and do a total upgrade. It is strange but the desktop computer has outlasted several laptops. There have been several hard drives, and a couple of video cards go by the motherboard.  But why move on now, if it is now running perfectly again? I don’t really need super speed for internet posts.

A better repair

Sooo, not to let dirty linen ever float into my loved one’s innards again, it made sense to measure the open side of the under the desk, desktop box, go to the Ace Hardware store and buy a 19×21 inch air filter. That has now been taped to the side, so now there is plenty of filtered air available to its cooling fans, but hopefully no dust. While fussing with this problem it seemed reasonable to take some porous sound absorbing board, about a half-inch thick and attach it to the sides with duck tape. Room for air flow was left, but the sound board taped to both sides knocked the fan sound down from a constant and annoying whir to, a for the time being, an acceptably distant hissy-hum.

Effective air filters and muffling should be standard equipment on computers.