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Selections of YouTube earthquake videos of the February 22, 2011 Christchurch quake. It was strangely difficult to wade through the advertising and other non-interesting stuff to find the good videos. Listed below are some of the best ones. I can only hope the links stay active, because that is totally out of my control. Since these are only links to other sites any copyrights that are still attached to the videos are at their source.

Christchurch TVNZ

Injured Christchurch earthquake victims help each other escape the falling rubble.

Christchurch man lifts huge stone off a victim

An incredibly strong man lifts huge stone off a Christchurch an earthquake victim. -43.5301 172.6397

Christchurch earthquake hero

This guy is my hero! He quickly does what needs doing!

  1. Street view a few minutes after the quake – BfcWraeZvcw
  2. Aerial video of Christchurch with some Lyttleton – opsiKirDfde
  3. Massive 6.5 New Zealand earthquake kills dozens – iS-0dvLaIFs
  4. A New Zealand Earthquake Disaster
  5. Christchurch Earthquake: Roslyn Chapman escapes being trapped – Uy3VykHYsH4
  6. The NZ Prime Minister is on the scene – p/u/6/FjUrYIyJ-2U
  7. 22February 2011 6.3 New Zealand Earthquake Devastation
  8. Live earthquake in Christchurch with bolder and dust – qt0iIHXFnRo
  9. Christchurch news video clips – p/u/8/KetOf15Q3lc
  10. Christchurch Horrific live pictures – 9XLwBTFZOBk&NR=1
  11. A long news made the next day.
Christchurch car sunk into sand

Liquefaction of the soil causes strange things to happen during earthquakes.

  1. Stock videos of earthquake destruction – 4Y-62Ti5_6s
  2. My dog Sophie senses 6.5 earthquake in Eureka – 1MFzcl-kZHo&NR
  3. California 1989 quake

Christchurch newstalk building up

Christchurch Newstalk ZB building up


Christchurch Newstalk ZB building is seen standing in the background.

Christchurch newstalk down

The Pyne Gould Guinness after a pancake collapse. Camera at -43.5277 172.6395

Pyne Gould Guinness Building before the earthquake

Pyne Gould Guinness Building before the earthquake. Camera at -43.5277 172.6395

[Update: 2011-02-25. Note the flag flying above the Pyne Gould Buinness building is nearly at ground level after it collapsed sidways. I finally found this building on Google Steetview. It is of the building behind the collapsed building.

Christchurch tilting building

The only view available of this as striped roof building seen through the trees. -43.5279 172.6377

It became visible in the collapse picture above only after the earthquake.]

[Update 2011-02-24] 101 photographs from Mercury news

A GoogleEarth 3D view showing Christchurch spire, 500 meters behind the CTV.

The strong man and the three walking victims pictured at the top are 390 meters, line of sight through the buildings, behind the upper right hand corner of the CTV building. The News ZB building is on the right. They photos were made at the intersection of Manchester and Gloucester. These events were recorded for TV posterity because they were within a couple of blocks of the media centers of South Island. The cameramen just picked up their cameras at their offices and started walking. There were probably many other similar scenes of heroism and tragedy, but they will only be remembered by those actually involved. It took a lot of time to find the various locations because there were so few visual references. It makes a image and story more meaningful when the viewer knows exactly where the various actions are taking place; so, when making overview shots, insert a latitude longitude marker.

With documentary photos be sure to include easily identifiable distant objects.