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Oblivion approaches – it’s only a matter of timing. How do you want to time the end of your world? Obviously ten billion years is much longer than our sun is going to last, and possibly some natural thing will happen within even so short a time as a billion years which would destroy everything we presently hold dear. It might be disturbing at first, but everything we hold precious will eventually be gone. Absolutely, totally beyond our human conceptions of what gone means. It is hard to even think about matter evaporating or time squishing into who knows what, but it is generally accepted by physicists that even these most elemental of things will not last forever.

When we consider living things, even microscopic ones, we must contract our hopes to a much shorter time frame, and for large animals such as ourselves we must contract even more, and for humans even more and for us as individuals even more. What we value in other humans even more and for our present mental state and circumstance even more. The whole existence we value is going to evaporate eventually and much of it will do so before our eyes and our mental perception of it if we look closely enough. But why worry about these things if they are inevitable and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it? It makes more sense to concern yourself with things over which you have some control. And, hopefully, the thing which you have the most control over is your own self and your perceptions. You can affect your relationship with all of these temporary things.

But it is possible to find a relationship with these temporary things that is valid and yet comfortable. Contentment is possible for some humans some of the time and is probably available to everyone who seeks it, all of the time, even those in desperate situations. It is a relationship with the eternal realities of the universe which can permit contentment to form in a person. It is a more exalted attainment than happiness, health, wealth, or wisdom because those can and will evaporate with the consciousness of the individual. Their association with the universals mentioned is transient. But it is possible for your relationship to the universe to be valid even if your consciousness of this relationship is only for a moment and then evaporates totally and forever.

Contentment is easy and simple; it doesn’t require giving up anything or taking up anything. Contentment is found when a person accepts the universe and all that is in it as existing and being what it is. Nothing need be added to it and nothing need be taken away. Anyone can choose to modify some part of it to their desires or choose not to; it really doesn’t matter because it is all subsumed into what the universe is. It is what it is — accept it, participate in it, enjoy it. It matters to you because it matters to you that the part you relate to matters to you. It is circular but no matter what you do or don’t do you are still part of it; you are still subsumed within it.

It is what it is and you are what you are and you are part of each other.