January 2008.

1 January 2008 – A list of Life Hacks for creating a better world with good habits.

2 January 2008 – Defining the parameters of The 1st Probaway Person of the Year.

3 January 2008 – A good life boils down to maintaining your interest and awareness and creating good habits.

4 January 2008 – Some noteworthy people I have met.

5 January 2008 – The Unabomber claimed the reason he killed innocent people was to get the public to listen to him.

6 January 2008- I am a slow learner but I can learn, and all of the things in my Probaway Ten Day Diet are easy to do.

8 January 2008 – I have long eyes and just do my life tasks as well as I can.

8 January 2008 – The longer the time frame that the solutions are sought after the more unpopular the solutions will be!

9 January 2008 – The world population is increasing three and a half times faster now than it was in 1900, and that was considered a population explosion.

10 January 2008 – Resolutions are easy to keep if they are just the continuation of things you are already doing.

11 January 2008 – Szilard gives a precise description of how to make the H bomb into a Doomsday Bomb.

12 January 2008 – A measure of what people value, is what they spend their money on. Words are easy, but money “costs” … well money and it takes effort to get money.

13 January 2008 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

14 January 2008 – At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F.

15 January 2008 – I have happened to be within a few steps of where strange, but very specific things relevant to me had happened.

16 January 2008 – Dogs barking, it seems to me refers almost exclusively to territorial space creating.

17 January 2008 – At the top of the Happiness scale, there are longer, and longer periods of time that the hoped-for state of affairs continues to exist.

18 January 2008 – “Tell me what you think you need and I’ll show you how to get along without it.” This applies to money most of the time.

19 January 2008 – Do you have trouble remembering faces? It may be treatable prosopagnosia.

20 January 2008 – I was able to do 30 sit-ups and 16 manly style push-ups without too much strain

21 January 2008 – Here’s how to make a better spell checker.

22 January 2008 – How to enjoy drinking foul tasting purging fluids for a colonoscopy.

23 January 2008 – “Now I am going to start the anesthesia …. ….. WAKE UP, this is the recovery room! Come on now WAKE UP!”

24 January 2008 – The unthinking people tend to categorize ideas, and other people, and once they have made rigid statements they feel compelled to defend them.

25 January 2008 – Photographs are representations of reality, they are symbols of reality, and they are not the real thing. They are their own thing.

26 January 2008 – 1943 – Age 8 – A Brownie Box camera was my first personal camera, and my first picture was of my parents’ tummies.

27 January 2008 – No post?

28 January 2008 – Is there a way to turn a profit out of preventing global warming? That would be the best way to ramp up the massive development needed.

29 January 2008 – Ambassador Kröner and I had a half hour conversation yesterday, and one of the things which came up repeatedly was his “HOPE”.

30 January 2008 – The historic rewards were metal, jewels, ribbons, and honors. One visits history wondering why people risked everything for these symbolic material things.

31 January 2008 – There are facial expressions which were consistent indicators of specific emotional states, but from the facial expression alone you can not tell what is underlying the reason for the emotion.

February 2008.

1 February 2008 – Unpopular, unpleasant things are not discussed by nice people.

2 February 2008 – They see it coming, they feel it coming, and they are slowly having their life squished out of them but they are absolutely helpless to do anything about it.

3 February 2008 – A diet must be made into a habit so it can be done without thinking, and it has to be automatic to succeed in the long run.

4 February 2008 – In a famine the intellectuals die off at a higher rate than other occupations.

5 February 2008 – After you are starved for only eight days and you get access to food you will eat to the point of pain and then eat some more.

6 February 2008 – The simple truth about overpopulation is as unpleasant and unpopular a statement as can be made – I agree, I agree wholeheartedly, but it is still true.

7 February 2008 – People live on empty hopes that make living more pleasant but it courts disaster and eventually marries her.

8 February 2008 – I watched No Blade of Grass, because it was on a list of important disaster movies which is my current theme but it was boring, boring, boring.

9 February 2008 – Research climate scientists must provide the most accurate information possible, in the clearest possible way, and remain objective.

10 February 2008 – Hopefully — the Disaster Scale will help people see more clearly and find their way to a better understanding of world events.

11 February 2008 – If every one of the suggested ecology patches were implemented it wouldn’t fix the problem – Illusions of invulnerability, Rationalizing warnings, Unquestioned belief, Stereotyping, Social pressure, Self censorship, Illusions of unanimity, Mindguards.

12 February 2008 – Vint Cerf – My life at present is so pleasant I hesitate to screw it up.

13 February 2008 – Other people’s rare-risks actually coming to pass caused people at risk to consider their rare-risk as more likely to happen.

14 February 2008 – Sooner of later Mother Nature is going to say “You will reduce your numbers!” and she speaks with authority. I am only speculating.

15 February 2008 – It is difficult to maintain composure especially where there is no clear source of the problem and no clear course of corrective action.

16 February 2008 – What can be done to eliminate the flu? 

17 February 2008 – Some policies are clearly wrong, but what can be done or what to do is not so clear.

18 February 2008 – No post?

19 February 2008 – No post?

20 February 2008 – How one author’s material submitted to Wikipedia is compared to another author’s material to decide which is most trustworthy.

21 February 2008 – I tried to attend a lecture by Craig Venter, and I got there ten minutes early, but people were already hanging out the fire escape doors.

22 February 2008 – There is a minimum level of IQ, approximately 100 before there was much sustained global thinking.

23 February 2008 – “Changes in Climate Extremes: History and Projections for the 21st Century,”

24 February 2008 – 10 million people living an American lifestyle will put as much CO2 into the atmosphere as all of the people of the world did back in 1800 when things were in balance.

25 February 2008 – There are more than a thousand times too many people at present for the Earth to sustain for long. That figure is so outrageous I don’t know what to suggest.

26 February 2008 – What can be done now to help the few humans who do survive the impending population collapse reestablish a sustainable way of life?

27 February 2008 – I would like a string of thumbnail pictures of the sites visited in a horizontal band underneath browser bar.

28 February 2008 – In this case holding up your hand was taking a risk because Bryan was likely to call on you with rapid fire questions.

29 February 2008 – At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available.

March 2008.

1 March 2008 – El Cerrito BART station photo of Golden Gate sunset.

2 March 2008 – One advantage of the digitization of the human DNA code is that it can be transmitted via radio—as well as stored in physical media—and therefore it could be sent to some distant planet arriving in some remote time.

3 March 2008 – I should have spoken to Dr. Chu!

4 March 2008 – Where are all my friends, my dog, my true love? All gone—and now I am all, all alone.

5 March 2008 – Humanities survival requires something of which humans, as a whole species, are bereft of—forethought and a Lifehaven.

6 March 2008 – Intel’s view of UC Berkeley campus, and its source of computer geniuses.

7 March 2008 – Some thoughts on humanity’s survival with a population of 1 million people.

8 March 2008 – Locating a photos location using the combined power of Google, Google Maps and published photos.

9 March 2008 – A quiet day watching the Simpsons and walking in the rain.

10 March 2008 – TVs “Breaking Bad” lets the viewer hone up on their ability to  understand people, and test their understanding by predicting those characters’s idiosyncratic behavior.

11 March 2008 – Today at the Med, the “Caffe Latte Invented Here” sign goes up, and a lama gets interviewed on French TV, but my pals and I talk of more important things.

12 March 2008 – The appetite is highly dependent upon what and how much has been eaten three days before.

13 March 2008 – It seems inevitable that we are going to sell our freedom, and our individuality, and our souls for more toys.

14 March 2008 – I wasn’t very happy sitting there — then I realized … “I wanted to be exactly here!” I wanted to have my teeth in better shape and this dentists chair was the best place to be!

15 March 2008 – It was a lovely and peaceful, and the ominous clouds were beautifully embedded in another perfect day.

16 March 2008 – The short form of Probaway’s Law: Anything that can be digitized will soon be worthless.

17 March 2008 – Human time, attention, and labor are among the last things to become free, but the last external things to be free would be space and energy.

18 March 2008 – Payment is in the form of others listening to your words with the repayment your listening to their words. That’s a strange expansion of the definition of money.

19 March 2008 – Anything that can be digitized will soon be worthless — monetarily worthless in a short term sense.

20 March 2008 – Nobody wants to pay the fair market value for anything anymore. “Free drugs, free sex, free rock and roll.” More FREE stuff!!!

21 March 2008 – The Microsoft Health Vault is for personalizable health control.

22 March 2008 – The strongest and best propaganda is that which you believe.

23 March 2008 – This post will outline what 100 million survivors might be confronted with, and what we might do now to help them re-establish a more habitable world.

24 March 2008 – Once operational the Lifehavens could be maintained as self supporting world storage sites for the world’s information, and banking data as well as seed banks, DNA data and complete ecosystem seed storage vaults.

25 March 2008 – Even if things are perfect now, and getting better by the day it cannot continue growing as it is forever.

26 March 2008 – Each Lifehaven would contain large seed banks of plants, and animals, and a large data bank of technical intellectual knowledge, and design information.

27 March 2008 – The best place to search for a location for a Lifehaven would be in the Southern Hemisphere coupled with an island, and with some large existing caves.

28 March 2008 – Well, I made it home, and finished off another fine, and uneventful day.

29 March 2008 – Today Marin County library had its annual book sale.

30 March 2008 – A surviving world population of only one million people would probably be the result of a disaster — DISS~11 — such as a major atomic war.

31 March 2008 – I asked Dr. G.I. Shulman about my concept of dissolving plaque and fat out of the body by raising the body temperature four degrees coupled with a little alcohol as a solvent.

April 2008.

1 April 2008 – Retired cruise liners might prove nearly ideal for Lifehavens because they are already cities with all of the various things necessary for maintaining people.

2 April 2008 – Hooked in people come to live a life of streaming current information of which they are a living interactive, and meaningful part.

3 April 2008 – The BMI (Body Mass Index) is replaced by the more accurate BDI (Body Density Index)

4 April 2008 – Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona brought secondhand tobacco smoke to the world’s attention, and thereby helped curb the sale of cigarettes.

5 April 2008 – Dan Reicher of Google spoke of their plans to make electricy cheaper than the Chinese pulverized coal burning process.

6 April 2008 – Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 people, requires substantial aid from remnants of our current civilization.

7 April 2008 – All of the power used by humanity is ultimately derived from the sun in the form of stored energy from coal, oil, and gas.

8 April 2008 – I was gravely disappointed in Paul Ehrlich’s lecture! Population is up by 3.8 billion since his 1967 coming famine article. He seems to have quite trying to cope. #

9 April 2008 – Paul Ehrlich is a man, who has made his living from youth to old age talking about world poverty, about famine, bragging about his consumption of $1,000 wines.

10 April 2008 – Corporations choose to deliver what they can sell at the most profit rather than deliver what is best for their customers.

11 April 2008 – The life struggle can be meaningful, and enjoyable in its self.

12 April 2008 – Short term moral behavior is in direct conflict with long term moral behavior as immediate pleasure conflicts with permanent survival.

13 April 2008 – Salima Ikram – Egyptian animal mummies, past, present and future link the name and body together and revivify the essential being.

14 April 2008 – Lifehaven – A list of 25 remote refuges designed for humanity’s survival.

15 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Adams Island – bury a huge retired cruise ship on the side of the inlet with everything needed for over a hundred people for a year.

16 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Bouvet Island is a remote ice covered island that would be difficult to construct but easy to defend once outfitted.

17 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Pitt Island may be the easiest survival community to create and populate because it is remote and still a temperate oceanic climate.

18 April 2008 – Lifehaven – The green zone of possible survival after an Atomic War is based on the experience of an albatross.

19 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Gough Island is remote and cool, but not cold. It has a tiny population that must be totally supplied from outside.

20 April 2008 – Google Earth – Desperately needs better controls for zoom and horizon tilt as the ones they used are functionally backwards.

21 April 2008 – John Adams – TV mini-series was dignified and not the continuous struggle of petty, bickering, self centered, and conniving children, Jefferson described.

22 April 2008 – Lifehaven – South Georgia Island is a possible site for beaching, and raising a retired cruise ship, and forming a large ready made survival hotel.

23 April 2008 – Lifehaven – South Pole is too expensive to supply, and as a seed-bank too mobile for a thousand year station.

24 April 2008 – Michael Marks, took Flextronics from 70 million to 70 billion, he  emphasized that treating people well, and with a friendly respect was always a good idea.

25 April 2008 – Seven sophisticated climate projections all say the same thing. There will be a steady increase in temperature which means until crops fail and people starve.

26 April 2008 – I pause and come back to my senses. Then I go to the aid of the truly needy — the TV oddballs … Michael Scott and find him a girlfriend.

27 April 2008 – These are not arbitrary climate facts, but facts for which they are held personally accountable, and their reports are held up for peer scrutiny as well as public consumption.

28 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Antipodes Island is at the other end of the Earth. -49.686 178.774

29 April 2008 – BUT ultimately it, an A-bomb, is just tripping a trigger like on a mouse trap, and then it all happens rather quickly.

30 April 2008 – A Lifehaven could be totally closed off from the 15 official problems from the, “List of Scenarios” from US Homeland Security Preparedness site.

May 2008.

1 May 2008 – Lifehaven — How bad are the 15 Homeland Security Disasters? They don’t include major war, and top out at a single homemade A-bomb.

2 May 2008 – The next Mars rovers could be cleaned with a tiny air pump motor, used to pressurize existing tubes. Point the pressurized tubes toward places that need blowing off.

3 May 2008 – How to cure itching, even Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, safely effectively with hot air.

4 May 2008 – Lifehaven — Doomsday forecast with projection of effects but without specific timing – just not today thank you.

5 May 2008 – I want a robot to pamper me, to cater to my every whim, even my unconscious whims and I suspect that is what everyone else wants too.

6 May 2008 – Lifehaven — Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania is the balmiest Lifehaven, but not remote and therefore must be defended.

7 May 2008 – A review of search engines, with links to 42 favorites.

8 May 2008 – Intelligent Design — of humans by humans and for humans is the result of women choosing mates based on their conversations with other women.

9 May 2008 – Australia and New Zealand are the owners of the best places on Earth for locating Lifehavens.A list of potential Lifehavens.

10 May 2008 – It is paramount to avoid gathering facts for oneself, and analyzing them with one’s own mind because that means you are prone to unpredictable behavior.

11 May 2008 – When a robot becomes indistinguishable from a human they need a new name.—android, manoid, womanoid, kidoid, boyoid, girloid, dogoid, dinoid, caroid, planeoid, corpoid.

12 May 2008 – Lifehaven – Peter Island is as difficult as survival gets even on a good day.

13 May 2008 – There are so many variables we must be cautious, and prepare for the probability of extremely unusual events. Some lists.

14 May 2008 – The Doomsday feedback factors are synergistic, and on a collision course, and soon there will be a moan heard around the world. “They” should have done something.

15 May 2008 – A intentionally diverse set of people and other life will be selected to live, and be stored in the Lifehavens.

16 May 2008 – Capzasin and Quinine relaxed the cramps and stopped the cramping pain.

17 May 2008 – You don’t need to go some distant place for recreation when, a short walk several times a day will please your body, and spirit even more.

18 May 2008 – Thus, we need a Lifehaven in place. A single philanthropist could finance it. — Philanthropist is an interesting word. Philanthropist, a “Lover of humanity”. 

19 May 2008 – The foresight of the rich and thoughtful is eliminating their genotypes, and it decreases the foresight quality of humanity.

20 May 2008 – I remain cheerful. Why? Simply because it feels better to be cheerful than to be miserable.

21 May 2008 – These are the people we still call heroes. Nonsense — they are monsters of the worst kind, intelligent, moral people behaving in monstrous ways.

22 May 2008 – — The time is ripe for Doomsday —

23 May 2008 – “Will this TIME person be important a thousand years from now?” 

24 May 2008 – No post?

25 May 2008 – A chart of the Doomsday population crash which is better than anything I have seen before on this subject.

26 May 2008 – No post?

27 May 2008 – NASA has gone where no man has gone before, and they have done it again, and AGAIN and AGAIN! Phoenix sits on Mars

28 May 2008 – The Tunguska Event – Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Missing Comet.

29 May 2008 – Doomsday is already upon us; we haven’t gotten to the nasty bits, just yet.

30 May 2008 – I don’t worry about natural disasters destroying humanity and here’s why:

31 May 2008 – A chart showing the relationships between outdoor air pollution, water pollution, malnourished people, A-bombs, and the Doomsday Clock.

June 2008.

1 June 2008 – I don’t like this method of controlling people like barnyard animals, but one must consider the alternatives: recurrent famines, and thermonuclear wars.

2 June 2008 – The probable precursors to the Doomsday event: #10 State sponsored theft of another country’s water or food.

3 June 2008 – Recognize the unsustainability of the current trends, and prepare humanity for life after the almost certain to be sudden collapse of our current high tech society.

4 June 2008 – Be prepared! Never rely on the chance of the enemy’s not coming, but on the fact of our ability to hold him.

5 June 2008 – People will look back, and say, why didn’t they just limit their families to two children?

6 June 2008 – The only worldwide population authority and controlling mechanism is nature itself and her methods are famine, disease and violent death.

7 June 2008 – When there was a handful of people God told Noah to be fruitful and multiply, now there are a billion times that many and God would say, not too fruitful so divide.

8 June 2008 – From beginning to end “The 11th Hour” is redolent with neo-defeatism. The solution is to pick some population which the whole Earth can sustain and go there.

9 June 2008 – A solar powered refrigerator would be non-polluting and free to operate.

10 June 2008 – How you can cut your domestic water consumption in half by using this controllable toilet flushing system.

11 June 2008 – As soon after the price of food starts to rise dramatically it is time to fully implement the Lifehaven Scenario, because serious strife is soon to follow.

12 June 2008 – Cows in Berkeley? Or too much coffee? Or too much sun? A movie illustrates the problem.

13 June 2008 – God isn’t obsolete, and never will be because even though an observable God does not exist, the belief that one does occasionally gives the believers a survival advantage.

14 June 2008 – The book GLOBAL WARNING – The Last Chance for Change. was filled with optimistic advice, except for nothing on reversing the continuing population explosion.

15 June 2008 – Publicly burning the American Flag is a legal right here in America. It is probable that in most countries burning the local national flag would be met with blood.

16 June 2008 – Doomsday has already begun, and we must now seek to help future people, to exist, and to survive in a permanently sustainable way.

17 June 2008 – Sometimes it is difficult to know what’s the right thing to do, or not to do. But, usually it’s easy to know what a really stupid thing not to do, might be.

18 June 2008 – “The tragedy of the common media” is where the worst violators in a field of the agreed upon common interest are the ones who profit the most from its greedy exploitation.

19 June 2008 – “All models are wrong, But some are useful.” A current map of a city may help you find an address which you are seeking.

20 June 2008 – God is a concept which guides us to be be better people, and to live our lives more abundantly.

21 June 2008 – Some 2000 year old Egyptian Fayoum wax mummy portraits I restored somewhat.

22 June 2008 – Those who are right in their predictions of the obvious are somehow to blame for the impending catastrophe. If anyone doesn’t see it is because of willful blindness.

23 June 2008 – History is dominated by unexpected events, but we have trouble admitting that obvious fact. “Prepare! The time is ripe for Doomsday.”

24 June 2008 – No one is capable of confronting the enormity of the obvious life threatening issues for all humanity, so everyone pretends they don’t exist.

25 June 2008 – We are now near the end of the first human population boom cycle. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

26 June 2008 – A reality check, for I’m in deep doo-doo with Doomsday. The people who have been talking to me agree that the world is in for a serious setback.

27 June 2008 – “But I don’t want to be a pie.” While you contemplate that quote from the “Chicken Run” movie a very bright light appears outside of your window.

28 June 2008 – Doomsday – a week later. Yesterday’s blog was a brief sketch about how five groups would encounter Doomsday.

29 June 2008 – What would it be like at the typical locations mentioned yesterday a month after the Doomsday event?

29 June 2008 – The take-no-visitors policy was broadcast worldwide so people would know that they had a better chance of surviving where they were.

30 June 2008 – One year after the Doomsday event there are very few humans still surviving in the Northern Hemisphere, but quite a few doing okay in the Southern Hemisphere.

July 2008.

1 July 2008 – What mattered was that they were gone! It was no longer a cute theory that mankind was dangerous for planet Earth it was an ugly proven fact.

2 July 2008 – They knew what they had to do and were eager to do it, and they resolved to do whatever was necessary to never repeat the horrible mistakes of their predecessors.

3 July 2008 – People eventually found ways of nurturing life to be as exhilarating as had their predecessors found ways in destroying it.

4 July 2008 – Nature’s cruel joke. Out-breed your competitors, and let the survivors out-breed their competitors until the end of time.

5 July 2008 – In its simplest stated form the strategy of the ten day diet is to do some new diet for the first ten days of each new month, then to coast.

6 July 2008 – In any case we are presently on a collision course with Doomsday.

7 July 2008 – Lifehaven – Pitt Island – Windy, damp and cool, and lightly inhabited, but remote and easy to build a Lifehaven upon.

8 July 2008 – The policy of survive and out-breed your competition can not work for long with a species possessing our abilities, and our super-weapons.

9 July 2008 – Standard politics would be okay, for the long run, if it were not for super weapons, but we have those weapons, and so humanity must choose to self regulate by some sort of Leviathan laws or self destruct. 

10 July 2008 – Wikipedia entries will soon be more like questions of wisdom, and experience than questions of recorded facts. A Wickiwisdom.

11 July 2008 – Where on Earth will the Doomsday War casualties will be located?

12 July 2008 – 52 reasons discussing Doomsday and the Lifehaven are unpopular.

13 July 2008 – Another asked Nasrudin, “When will Doomsday arrive?” The mullah said, “I know what must come, but I don’t when it will come.”

14 July 2008 – How do we maintain a livable situation with a life form that has been honed for billions of years to triumph over all others including its peers?

15 July 2008 – My goal is to maximize the total living happiness of humanity.

16 July 2008 – The story of my brief time working for the real prophet of Doomsday, Curtis Lemay, and my choosing an alternate path to world peace and survival.

17 July 2008 – The leaders of humanity have risen to fame, power and responsibility on other more popular issues, than an understanding of the unpopular Doomsday problem.

18 July 2008 – Approximately 15% of the cause of death of men between age 15 and 35 is suicide, and it is not uncommon for that person to take someone with them as a murder victim.

19 July 2008 – Cesar Millan says, “We are the only species that follows unstable pack leaders.” They must conform to laws if there is to be a long term survival of the human species.

20 July 2008 – Ethics then becomes a group of concepts — and behaviors based on those concepts — designed to enhance the health, and vigor of an entire social group.

21 July 2008 – What is necessary for humanity to survive  is an ethical system which includes taking over some of the functions that are ordinarily taken care of by natural processes.

22 July 2008 – My primary life goal at present, is to help humanity survive for a very long time so that our species can maximize its total years of individual vitality.

23 July 2008 – It seems that people can behave with perfect prudence, and in every way be the most honorable, and most honored of human citizens and still bring on disaster.

24 July 2008 – The people involved in bringing Doomsday to you personally, and upon humanity in general, are in fact all exceptionally descent, and honorable citizens.

25 July 2008 – A substantial portion of humanity focuses its attention toward the stupefaction of their higher powers, and aims its efforts toward the lower strata of society, and oblivion.

26 July 2008 – We humans have formed ourselves into what we are by the repeated application of the  processes of artificial selection.

27 July 2008 – It was women that controlled the evolution of humanity, and still do. The Gods that created humanity were our foremothers.

28 July 2008 – Eventually, after, who knows, ten years, the social order will be restored and people can approach again the abundance, and tranquility we now take for granted.

29 July 2008 – Migraine cure – an aura event appeared to respond to an ice pack at the back of my head, and finger tapping. Later I discovered that warm water in my mouth helped too.

30 July 2008 – Some Google Earth upgrade suggestions, for navigating the scene.

31 July 2008 – No fully sane man would want to be President when he could be like Voltaire’s Candide, and just living peacefully at home enjoying himself, and cultivating a nice vegetable garden. 

August 2008

1 August 2008 – Top Ten reasons not to worry about Doomsday even though it may be an important event in your life, like a birthday, or having a child, or dying. 

2 August 2008 – A Scamawich is a non-leaking bun. It is made of bread that bakes with a fairly tough, and waterproof outer skin and has a 90° slot cut into one side.

3 August 2008 – Itching, itching and more itching!!! How to stop itching??? A hair dryer blowing hot air to the rescue.

4 August 2008 – A Doomsday scenario limited to the major combatants is still deadly to nearly everyone in the Northern hemisphere.

5 August 2008 – The JulianA indexing system is that everyone will come up with exactly the same numbers for every given item.

6 August 2008 – The PAINS scale 0-14 in a brief descriptive form will help in measuring suffering and help with alleviation of  pain.

7 August 2008 – Some useful suggestions which are sure to please all of those billions of future victims of that foul tasteless colonoscopy laxative drink.

8 August 2008 – Plantar fasciitis problem is that injured threads of tissue tend to heal a little shorter than healthy tissue, so they must be stretched while healing.

9 August 2008 – The trend of the Trustworthyness scale is from nothing to lose if the material is exposed as a lie, to grievous loss if the information is slightly incorrect.

10 August 2008 – You can be well started with shorthand by simply replacing your longhand script for “the” and “and” with their Probaway Script forms.

11 August 2008 – The oughts, and is-es are locked in a tight DNA feedback cycle, and have been ever since early humans started this positive feedback cycle.

12 August 2008 – An asteroid searching rover could be made by using a camera suspended from a balloon that pulls a weighted package along the surface of a snow covered plain.

13 August 2008 – Get rid of a pimple with a heated metal teaspoon. Place the teaspoon in hot tap water and then place the tim of the teaspoon on the pimple.

14 August 2008 –Survive a heart attack with aspirin taken immediately. Vascular events kill more people than anything else, and  under-reported as blockage of blood vessels aggravates other organs processes too.

15 August 2008 – Disasters are  measures logarithmically from zero, where a single person is killed, to fourteen where everyone is killed, permits rational comparisons.

16 August 2008 – Up is good, more is better, we all know that, so why not have more Olympic Medals? There are many opportunities for creating more.

17 August 2008 – If humanity doesn’t survive then it isn’t going to be doing much of anything either. A little preparation might go a very long way for humanity.

18 August 2008 – The biggest problem in the world for most men is how to please a woman. The absolutely number one thing you must do is be yourself. If your a jerk, live with it.

19 August 2008 – New Zealand is wonderful, and has lots of farms apparent in the Google Earth images even to the far south, so it is self sustainable.

20 August 2008 – The metric terms are useful because they are easily scalable to other sizes, but they are hampering because of their bulkiness to write and speak.

21 August 2008 – The 2008 China Olympic Games were ruined by the judges. Olympic judging needs fixing in the sense of repairing.

22 August 2008 – 60 paths to human maturity in chart form, based on stress, time binding, and current attention.

23 August 2008 – Line up airplane passengers in the terminal that corresponds to their seat position and then board them by pealing off outside in in long layers.

24 August 2008 – Top 10 Tips on how to enjoy eating. Enjoy eating.

25 August 2008 – Everyone learning the internationally recognized language English, and maintaining their local one, and the government’s language be the third one.

26 August 2008 – The freedom to think outside of normal channels must be embedded in a chaotic surrounding, they probably feed on each other in a positive feedback cycle.

27 August 2008 – When something is easier to use it becomes more useful, even Google Earth.

28 August 2008 – Each of these three books points to the basic problem of modern society of all society, of all living things—we are dependent upon the Earth to sustain us.

29 August 2008 – The Holy Grail is an inner quest with the goal of helping your personal selves reach the highest perfection of goodness that is available to them.

30 August 2008 – What is needed for humanity to survive is a readiness on the part of New Zealanders to provide a massive seed bank for planting next year’s crop.

31 August 2008 – Great disasters are great opportunities. This is where owning a media empire really comes into play. Pick a favorite opponent and blame the whole thing on them.

September 2008.

1 September 2008 – The Shattuck Lecture panels short sighted policy making will bring disaster to humanity unless the likes of Craig Venter, can find a solution.

2 September 2008 – The way to avoid nosocomial disease is to never fully enter the germ filled hospital environment by wearing a bio-protective suit with appropriate filtered ventelation.

3 September 2008 – Why squander perhaps a trillion dollars on something which the iRobot company could do in one day’s creative work, finding Mars rocks on Earth.

4 September 2008 –  The Copenhagen Consensus of 2008 attempted to alleviate the biggest problems facing the world today, but viewed 80 years in the future their helps would make things worse.

5 September 2008 – Ask! They might not know, but they will probably know where to go ask. Look normal for who you are. Be prepared with something which will interest others. Know the names or no one will know what you are talking about.

6 September 2008 – Usability – When something becomes easier to use it becomes more useful. Simplicity, Labeled, Obvious, Standardized, Learn-able, Efficient, Reversible, Safe.

7 September 2008 – The field is frozen with some specific number of icons for example a 7 by 7 field which gives 49 click-able icons.

8 September 2008 – Hamlet does far more than merely repeat what people have said … he foretells what they are going to say. That is a far greater feat than simple sanity can perform.

9 September 2008 – Tahoe vacation and freee for a weeek. Well, not so fast … there is that little promise of doing a blog every day this year, and that original promise to myself included vacations.

10 September 2008 – In life it is generally better to observe a person’s past behavior than their present words to know what their future actions will be.

11 September 2008 – Why do so many people settle for a hedonist form of happiness when more enjoyable happiness is readily available to almost everyone?

12 September 2008 – We must support the Lifehaven Strategy if we are to have any hope for a future humanity to have access to our wisdom or even a memory of our having once existed.

13 September 2008 – I have cured many of my common colds, and have never failed to cure one in two days [well maybe three days sometimes] when I used the following technique…

14 September 2008 – When living at Lake Tahoe why bother to go anywhere—you are already there. Just living here is a simple pleasure—it’s enough. 

15 September 2008 – Learn not to put your fingers to your face by putting capsaicin on your fingertips; then there will be a hot reminder not to touch the lips or eyes.

16 September 2008 – Within a minute of posting yesterday’s blog I was lying on the pavement with a barked knee, a cracked rib, and a busted laptop computer.

17 September 2008 – Sanjay Mehrotra cofounded SanDisk and created much if not most of the memory found in cell phones, cameras, PDAs and pocket memory.

18 September 2008 – My bicycle accident and apparently cracking my left rib will make this a memorable vacation as will seeing my cousins, of course.

19 September 2008 – John Drake didn’t need a map, and he didn’t need a fighting force; all he needed was a decent ship, a few good seamen, a shovel, and some time. He had it all.

20 September 2008 – Wild animals, living out doors, will have little capacity for coping with human induced Doomsday, and they are exposed to the full brunt of the effects.

21 September 2008 – My first word was, “Doggie”, spoken at the tender age of six months, according to my mother’s baby book. I’ve always had a fondness for dogs.

22 September 2008 – Past actions are the foundation of future actions, and present words are the foundation of future words.

23 September 2008 – New Zealand is the best place for an Earth Ark because it is located far away from where the disaster will strike most heavily.

24 September 2008 – All of the museums of the world should provide plenty of rest areas throughout their facilities, where visitors can view art while relaxed.

25 September 2008 – Norman Rockwell seems to take a basic ideal idea, and break it down into a dozen or so sub ideal ideas, and then populate the basic idea with iconic examples of these sub ideas. 

26 September 2008 – Greenwashing is the type of lie used to cover-up a corrupt environmental practice. It is a particular subcategory of the more general term whitewashing.

27 September 2008 – Books, as opposed to magnetic or electronic media , if placed in a very safe environment have a potential life of millions of years.

28 September 2008 – Where equally powerful parties are contending for the rights to office any misdoing by one party will probably be exploited by the opposing party.

29 September 2008 – There must be millions of places here on Earth with concentration points for meteoroids. Finding one would be a scientific bonanza.

30 September 2008 – Having encountered quite a few of the major players in this global warming-population-famine-major atomic war conundrum it seems to me that they are all out of touch with reality.

October 2008.

1 October 2008 – Don’t do stupid things. A lot of things which many people routinely do are stupid. Some of them are obviously stupid, like taking unnecessary risks with no proportional reward.

2 October 2008 – Food shortage and famine precipitated by the excess human population is another obvious problem which the IPCC avoid by simply not mentioning it.

3 October 2008 – Talal Asad said cultures are dominated by different senses at different times; sometimes it’s visual, auditory, even smell and sometimes hallucinations.

4 October 2008 – Make electric cars more user friendly by having them charged on an automatic charging station.

5 October 2008 – From the opening words of Shakespeare’s Hamlet until the conclusion it is about perceptions, and how to verify and interpret them.

6 October 2008 – Wrapping the rib cage with a non-stretching tape would prevent the chest from expanding when coughing or sneezing.

7 October 2008 – Audio recordings were first made by Thomas Edison in 1877 on cylinders. Now a computer takes close-up photos of the track and cleans them for audio restoration.

8 October 2008 – Until there is an equitable way for coping with the Tragedy of the Commons exploitation effectively there is no possibility of averting Doomsday

9 October 2008 – Craig Mundie was a superb example of the Hamlet sanity test, and he not only answered the questions, but answered them clearly and carried them much deeper than the questioner could have hoped for.

10 October 2008 – What was being done in those years was by current standards very very slow and very very expensive but by the standards of the time it seemed very very fast and not so very expensive.

11 October 2008 – Orality & Literacy concerns itself mostly with the transition from aggregative to analytic, participatory to objective, situational to abstract.

12 October 2008 – It wasn’t known why people got sick, and died while smelling really bad, so they blamed death on the perceptible smell not the invisible germs.

13 October 2008 – The primary factor in this artificial selection process was the ability to speak, and the better a man spoke the more likely a woman was to find him interesting.

14 October 2008 – Go to surgery within a plastic suit. Far better to avoid the hospital by living a clean life, eating well, exercising daily and never taking stupid risks.

15 October 2008 – Recharge electric cars by having an arm automatically raise up into an electrical socket in the bottom of the car at parking places.

16 October 2008 – The only solutions offered at the conference were of increasing production locally, and of “wealthy nations” giving the starving people more food.

17 October 2008 – Sagan and Ehrlich didn’t suggest anything helpful to humanity other than having an atomic war would be a bad thing to do, but appears inevitable.

18 October 2008 – The continuing “Fate of the Earth” will soon be decided by insects.

19 October 2008 – Responsible coexistence is a virtue that is in direct contradiction to evolutionary imperatives to maximize short term advantage and population growth.

20 October 2008 – Everyone wants to do the right thing but what that is varies every moment with every person. “What is the right thing to do now?”

21 October 2008 – Before the first Doomsday the number of A-bomb controlling people may have been ten or so heads of state, but after Doomsday there may be hundreds of independent individuals.

22 October 2008 – I talked to Dr. Paul Ekman briefly, and mentioned how reading his book Emotions Revealed was so painful for me that I had to put it down.

23 October 2008 – A lecture on Saturn’s moon Titan. Would it be possible to float a balloon package with a camera and a drag-line containing sensors hanging down?

24 October 2008 – The Doomsday count-down clock is replaced with a count-up clock, measuring time since the first atom bomb at Alamogordo, on July 16th 1945 at 8 AM.

25 October 2008 – A Wellbeing Scale for measuring healthy behavior; it is a bit different from happiness, because it measures the external condition of people rather than the mental states.

26 October 2008 – Mahatma Gandhi wrote, ‘I bear no enmity towards the English but I do towards their civilization.” He hated machines and the English language.

27 October 2008 – Experiments in eating tiny portions of a dozen different deserts and then eating salads and beets. You must try this to believe the results.

28 October 2008 – But now with 6 billion people behaving in the most careful ways there is no possibility of not consuming everything that makes the Earth sustainable.

29 October 2008 – I talked with Craig Newmark and realized that the way to get rich is find a way to give away for free stuff that other people are selling for big bucks, and skim.

30 October 2008 – The Climate Change conference was remarkably devoid of new thoughts. If they raised the consciousness of the public the problems would go away.

31 October 2008 – We need not grovel before some spooky higher power, and we need not revel in some absolutist dogma, and become fanatic in our disagreements. We are bred to be good.

November 2008.

1 November 2008 – None of the 1,300 gene banks will survive untended for a thousand years, and very few would even survive a modern world war.

2 November 2008 – Each Antarctic Gene Barrel has so little food value in their stored seeds that only those seeking the seeds for replanting would go there. Starving people wouldn’t bother.

3 November 2008 – The only time you can save the future humanity is now, so go out into your local area and collect seeds, and mail them to, The Earth Arc, Antarctica.

4 November 2008 – Spectacular human accomplishments haven’t been done to impress other human beings—they have been done to satisfy an indivuals conception of perfection.

5 November 2008 – The problem is how to get quantities of every possible gene into a safe cold storage vaults where they can survive totally untended for thousands of years.

6 November 2008 – James Truchard’s absolute enthusiasm for what he is doing is a trait held by all the other self made billionaires I have met with this last year.

7 November 2008 – Phoebe Ayers, an active editor of Wikipedia, spoke to us about their problems and success and struggle to maintain objective accuracy.

8 November 2008 – This is something that you can do so humanity can survive into the future. Send a letter with some seeds from your local area to, The Earth Ark, Antarctica.

9 November 2008 – Robert Furman, one of the creators of the A-bomb said,  “The non-use of the bomb was the biggest miracle of the past 63 years.”

10 November 2008 – I believe humans were bred by our ancestors to be good, and that we can make this planet a true heaven not only for humans, but for all living species.

11 November 2008 – Every human needs a reliable supply of necessities, but not an abundance of ways to destroy the world. We need a world where no one has that.

12 November 2008 – Humanity needs a computer system that can be fired up a thousand years hence by people with no training or experience.

13 November 2008 – The Future of Carbon Capture and Sequestration conference describes the problems but offered no solutions, so for them it’s business as usual until Doomsday.

14 November 2008 – All sorts of influential people have lived within an interconnected information society for the last hundred years.

15 November 2008 –  A conference on Humanity’s Genes and the Human Condition: past, present and future. We are a genetically tight species presently cultivating our failings.

16 November 2008 – Avoid doing things that obviously can’t work, because they violate the laws of physics. They consume resources that could be better utilized.

17 November 2008 – Presently living humans have the equivalent of about 100 kilograms of TNT set aside for their personal destruction.

18 November 2008 – I talked to Dr. Joe Chamie a major population analyst about population collapse, he said in their field it is such an imponderable that they simply ignore it.

19 November 2008 – How to proceed with saving humanity and saving the Earth. — Earth Ark, Lifehaven, Gene barrel, Isotainer, Funding.

20 November 2008 – California was one of the last places on Earth to come under intensive cultivation, and only a little new soil has come under cultivation since 1890.

21 November 2008 – A dropped laptop computer could be rescued with quick inflating air bags.

22 November 2008 – The mind, body, and emotions are all connected when one is affected they all respond in a coherent way.

23 November 2008 – Very few people have proven consistently successful in detecting even the most pedestrian of lies.

24 November 2008 – But in a way suicide is appropriate because these lit people do not deserve to have children for they have no real life in them, they are zombies on a treadmill going nowhere, and they just don’t know it yet.

25 November 2008 – When does it becomes better to stop using one method of approaching a problem, and move over into another approach?

26 November 2008 – A good personal relationship starts with absolute honesty on the first encounter, for then you can relax, and simply be yourself for the rest of your life.

27 November 2008 – The real thrill of my way of living is to see clearly something that no one has ever seen before, and to throw a clear beam of light out into the mental confusion and darkness and to see … who knows … a white bear rearing up in a carbon black night.

28 November 2008 – There are many great movies and TV shows, but what I was looking for were clips of a minute or two of recent knock your socks off performances.

29 November 2008 – The big question for humanity right now is, “How to create enthusiasm for a backup plan for humanity and for the Earth, so that it can get started.”

30 November 2008 –   Genius is underpaid because it rises above common understanding, and it gets its public reward posthumously. Creative people are ignored and anyone can talk to them. 

December 2008.

1 December 2008 – A short talk with Peter Chernin the real man at Fox.

2 December 2008 – Notes on Earthhaven, Lifehaven, Earth Ark projects and links to related sites. I need an isotainer for a mail drop address located at McMurdo Station.

3 December 2008 – Talks by and with really cool people – Andrew Hargadon, Jean Paul Jacob, and Julien Decot.

4 December 2008 – If this planet is to be populated by a high tech society that population is going to have to be limited to less than one hundred million people.

5 December 2008 – Eight axioms concerning how to maximize humanity’s happiness.

6 December 2008 – Angry put-downs are especially hurtful when shouted at an explorative creative thought because they are the most fragile of all thoughts.

7 December 2008 – My sixteen years experience with curing common colds has convinced me it really works; my only suggestion is to try it for yourself.

8 December 2008 – Supporting nature’s methods of human population control is to condone genocide by consent. We can do better but we must choose to do it.

9 December 2008 – All of these environmental problems are already upon us to some degree and all of them are aggravated by more human population and synergistic positive feedback.

10 December 2008 – A standard isotainer shipping container, would serve quite well for a permanent Earth Ark storage of the individual packages.

11 December 2008 – A basic EarthArk logo showing a symbol of an ancient boat called an ark with a containerized cargo spelling Earth Ark.

12 December 2008 – 74 nebulous guesses of how many people the Earth can support. An exact number would be a retrospective guess of what was the maximum population of humans.

13 December 2008 – Links to 24 estimates of the rate of deterioration caused by human stresses placed on the Earth.

14 December 2008 – A list of 24 Earth naturally occurring synergistic stressors, but not listed are intentional malice and war, which would make everything much worse.

15 December 2008 – There probably isn’t any way to prevent the Doomsday from happening and so The Earth Ark seems like the best hope for humanity to recover its current prosperity.

16 December 2008 – This Millennium Seed Bank needs money. It is a top down tightly controlled collection of seeds in a scientific setting. The EarthArk is bottom up and is nearly free.

17 December 2008 – The Devil’s face from Codex Gigas is photoshopped in an effort to better see what the horror the original artist might have had in mind.

18 December 2008 – The Mediterraneum has been the “Center of the Earth“ for many Berkeley people. It is an appropriate place for The Earth Ark to launch.

19 December 2008 – Caffe Mediterraneum, 2475 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California, USA, +37.8656 -122.2584 is a drop site for EarthArk  materials to be sent to Antarctica.

20 December 2008 – Focus Magic takes out some camera motion, and clearly improves photos.

21 December 2008 – An Earth Ark logo emphasizing the green nature of the quest with a green outline of the Earth with a South Pole view.

22 December 2008 – Probaway’s criterion, “Will this ‘Person of the Year’ be a famous household name in five hundred years?” Did Obama do anything truly memorable last year?

23 December 2008 – Supporting birth control only means having the right number of children you and the Earth can clearly support reasonably well.

24 December 2008 – If humanity is destroying the Earth, how can I be cheerful? It becomes easy when I realize I have no choice and it feels better to be cheerful than miserable.

25 December 2008 – All things what so ever men should do to you to attain a heavenly state do so even unto them, for this is the Law and the message of the Prophets.

26 December 2008 – My 1996 Toyota Corolla (Geo Prizm) consistently gets over 50 miles per gallon on long trips and about 35 around town.

27 December 2008 – Reading about Doomsday, Armageddon, Apocalypse, Revelation with an after Christmas reminiscence and thoughts on how to save humanity.

28 December 2008 – Watch for things which have organization and try to find the operating principle which created that organization.

29 December 2008 – The Earth Ark button and wall certificate is an acknowledgment of the work that a supporter has done. The symbol reminds them of their good work.

30 December 2008 – A pop-up chart for a few seconds when the person clicks a site to leave it for measuring the quality of the material presented.

31 December 2008 – I wish you a Happy, Healthy, Wise and Wealthy New Year. This completes my New Year’s resolution of posting to the Internet every day for the year of 2008.

31 December 2008 – Condensed thoughts is a compilation derived from Probaway’s 2008 blog. It includes a little light editing for better readability.