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The Secret Life of Pronouns by James W. Pennebaker on page 42 writes

Women use more cognitive words than men. Cognitive words are words that reflect different ways of thinking and include words that tap insight (understand, know, think), causal thinking (because, reason, rational), and related dimensions. That women use more of these words is a slap in the face of Aristotle, who believed that women were less rational than men and incapable of philosophical thought. But there is a simple explanation. It all comes into focus with social words.

This statement is based on massive quantities of collected human language examples – using spoken, written, recorded messages and TV shows, and much more, and then put through exhaustive statistical analysis.

What piqued my interest in Pennebakers statement was that it is a modern proof for my previous assertions that humans were created out of their earlier physical and intellectual forms by early human women communicating among themselves who the most able men were, and then based on their analysis breeding with the best men available. If this process has any genetically transmissible qualities it would tend to refine these qualities over generations in a positive-feed-back loop. This development is seen going forward even to this day and it has two effects – 1. It maintains the physical health of the species because the women choose the healthiest men available, that is the ones most adapted to the groups environment and 2. The women’s ability to speak, and thus to think more clearly, and thus to discuss and choose more carefully, is improved with each generation of choosing men with increasingly human qualities, (by our modern definitions).

Adam being chosen by Eve with help from her friends.

Adam being chosen by Eve with verbal help from her friends. Click pic

Men are still choosing their mates primarily on health and beauty, (sexual selection) but women are choosing their mates not only on health and beauty but on a vast array of carefully weighed qualities (sexual selection plus artificial selection). A woman’s most important duty in life is to choose the father of her children carefully.

A serious post about this subject was written at greater length several years ago with the satirical title – Intelligent design – of humans, by humans, and for humans.

Human evolution was controlled by human women.