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Charles LeRoy Scamahorn, born 1935 in Spokane, Washington, lives at 920 NE Quimby Avenue, Bend, Oregon, 97701-4128. Phone 541 633-7847
Graduate Columbia high school, Richland, Washington, Washington State University, United States Air Force pilot, lived in Berkeley, CA area 50 years. My blogs are at https://probaway.wordpress.com/ and http://www.probaway.com/helps/


Charles Scamahorn sitting in his back yard in Bend, Oregon and saluting hello.

My friends can’t find me easily and any enemies I might have (no known ones) could easily search public records online and find me quickly enough, so I am posting this to make me easy to bing  and to google.

Why hide? My purchase of a house is of public record and is found at News of Deeds and Records in the Bend Bulletin. It reads – Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles L. Scamahorn and Debbie A. Foster, Wiestoria, Lots 23-25, Block 46, $160,000. – It is at ( Lat/Long = 44.067,-121.292 ) Therefore, that I live with Debbie and we paid cash for our house is there for all to see, so why hide it or worry about it?


The Zillow price estimates for the 10 years before we bought our house.

The housing market was still diving in Bend in February 2011, but we were ready to buy and this was a better house and city for us than any we had previously looked at, and it seems to be a perfect place for us to live and retire. It has turned out to be better than we had hoped for. Our house is big enough, well-built and well insulated and with a pretty lot, in a spacious well-kept neighborhood. It is living well without spending a lot of money and leaves us plenty of time to pursue our interests.

429 NE Quimby

920 NE Quimby Avenue, Bend, Oregon as we first saw it.

Finding Charles LeRoy Scamahorn is now easy.