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I do not intend to destroy the old religions of the world but to reveal a new and sturdier rock upon which they may be stabilized to find their deeper inherent meanings and flourish. There is vast experience provided by the ancient sages and modern ones too which can be built upon, but this accumulated wisdom needs a guiding principle. This principle needs to provide a clear and unequivocal path to a universal goal—a goal which can be seen and reached for by all humanity, but only fully accomplished after we have all disappeared at some distant time and no one is left to aspire to it.

Adam being chosen by Eve with help from her friends.

The goal of humanity is to maximize the life force of humanity. Our form of humanity began its being in the distant past when a young woman first acknowledged to another that a certain man was desirable. This first moment is important because it started the genetic feedback cycle which brought about all the qualities which now define humanity from all that went before. We as a species are becoming ever more numerous, refined and socially knowledgeable, but there must come a time when the last person we would call human will expire. Between the beginning and the end times which I just described, humanity will have existed. The goal of this new rock is to maximize the human abundance of those people. That requires two things which must both be balanced: first is a large number of human beings, and second is a mode for giving these living people the basics required for happy, healthy, wealthy and wise lives. Everyone at all times must be offered the opportunity for achieving these basics, but also they must be limited in satisfying these goals. When one person has too much, it degrades the total because the others will have less than they might if distribution were better. Some will always have more and others less, but the goal is to maximize the total abundance for all humanity.

Time must be considered in this formulation of human vigor and happiness, as ten billion people living for one year is equal to one billion people living for ten years. The smaller population living for ten times as long is equal to a larger population living the shorter time. When human population is limited to a small enough number that it can be easily sustained by the Earth, then it is easy for everyone to achieve the basic goals and be healthy and happy. If population goes through natural predator-less boom and bust cycles then much of the time most people will be living in squalor and not have much opportunity to be happy.

We are now living in a period with a large population, but the food which all of us eat requires a large injection of one-time-use fossil fuels to maintain it. When these are used up, people will be forced to live upon the food being created from the direct input of solar energy, and population will return to something much closer to the era of human-powered agriculture of 1 AD. At that time there were roughly one hundred million people. That number is very approximate, and with technological fixes the sustainable human population may be ten times larger or possibly with the exhaustion of resources it may be ten times smaller. Going forward the 2,000 years I just went back, these population levels will have been experienced enough to be known. At that time the population will either fluctuate wildly about that approximate number by natural law, possibly going extinct through some war, or, alternatively, a population number which is easily sustainable can be decided upon and enforced, and a very mild world created where nearly everyone is happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. The rock I place this future religion upon is easily stated and possibly easily maintained once it is accepted and in place.

The goal of humanity is to maximize the life force of humanity.