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Planking the Sisters

Charles Scamahorn levitates above Pilot Butte, Oregon and planks the Sisters volcanoes.

Planking is a popular photographic sport which I have not participated in until now. However, it seemed appropriate to spoof this silly pastime with a photograph of me exerting my extraterrestrial powers and soaring above Pilot Butte. After all I was, and suppose still am in some broad definition, an official United States Air Force Pilot, and that skill permits me to legally fly. It has been decades since I occupied that position, but like they say, once you know how to ride a bicycle you never forget.

Combining all of my new skills at visual and photographic manipulation, it wasn’t too difficult to create this dreamlike photo of me levitating several feet up into the sky. It was simple enough — first I had Debbie take several pictures of me lying face down on the monument; that would have been a standard planking picture, but a rather dull one. Then without moving from that same camera position she took a photo with me standing off to the side. That left a clear view directly over the monument with plenty of sky in which I could be seen levitating.

Once these things were captured in the camera, it was relatively easy to take my digital image and levitate it to where my conceptual self  as a levitated being was located for a brief moment in real time. Now you can see me planking the Sisters volcanoes, seen in the Cascade mountains in the distance, by levitating above the monument on top of Pilot Butte, a small extinct volcano in Bend, Oregon.

Today was a beautiful day to hike up to the top of Pilot Butte, and many people made the trip. But not in cars, since they are banned for the winter, which definitely hasn’t arrived here yet.

No one other than Debbie actually saw me planking.