01 January 2016 – Probaway Person of the Year Xi Jinping – Xi Jinping for taking China from a backward economy to the most powerful one on Earth.

02 January 2016 – How your appendix may be helping you live longer. – With appendicitis don’t take antibiotics or operate until you must.

03 January 2016 – You do have a choice – sometimes. – You do have free will, if and only if you have the time and opportunity to think.

04 January 2016 – Be it not do it. – Not ! – Meditation isn’t for sitting, it’s preparation for doing.

05 January 2016 – Why and how to approach a new situation with a smile. – Approach new and possibly dangerous situations with a smile, and you can generate your smile by first looking at people’s silly shoes.

06 January 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Growth only happens when you move on from your comfort zone.

07 January 2016 – The Better Angels of Our Nature – discussion – A new group of people is always a delight because they will inevitably bring ideas up in a new way.

08 January 2016 – How to make your skin more perfect. – Touch a bar of soap with your wet fingertip, touch the soapy tip to your blemishes, then rinse away the soap under a running tap, and then dry and massage the area.

09 January 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Happiness – Happiness is in the present moment of progress toward a worthwhile goal.

10 January 2016 – How are we hurting ourselves with self-deception? – There is only one good. And that is to act according to the dictates of one’s conscience.

11 January 2016 – Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) logarithmic chart update – 11 January 2016 – The best defense against diseases is by avoiding them as early as possible.

12 January 2016 – Once again we discuss happiness, but I have problems. – Give it your best, let it go, and intentionally walk away.

13 January 2016 – I want you to be happy – but at a higher level of consciousness – Happiness has higher levels that can be achieved.

14 January 2016 – Is happiness a behavior that can be learned? – A conscious pursuing of personal reality is the real path to happiness.

15 January 2016 – What things are stressing me this week? – Those were my stressors of the last two weeks; but I chose them, so they were pleasurable, not painful.

16 January 2016 – How to identify and avoid bad ideas. – Perhaps I’m being too harsh. — Avoid people who talk nonsense.

17 January 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Thoughts – Voluntarily change where you are placing your attention and you change your entire universe.

18 January 2016 – Steven Colbert has a cold. – Probaway – Life Hacks ~ Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully. As the title says, these posts have tried to help people live better lives.

19 January 2016 – Live long and prosper – upgrade – Live long and participate !!

20 January 2016 – New ideas are offensive !! – New ideas are dangerous and therefore offensive.

21 January 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Genius – When looking into the unknown it takes genius to know what is unusual and what is commonplace.

22 January 2016 – Mona Lisa has been restored for 3D – I have been working nearly nonstop since Christmas digitally restoring the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

23 January 2016 – I have done 3,000 posts at Probaway ! Whew !! Hm? !!! – Of course my daily question is what is important to blog about today?

24 January 2016 – How to expose better options to others? – You learn to expose yourself to better options by watching how others make choices.

25 January 2016 – A minor Mona Lisa setback – A good life isn’t found in lounging about with no problems and nothing to do, it’s finding important things that need doing, and doing them.

26 January 2016 – The Opening – To whom and to what is the Opening telling us to attend to?

27 January 2016 – My face is a jungle covered with bacteria. – Outside of our civil society we are living in a wild jungle and should behave in ways that fit our natural condition.

28 January 2016 – Irrational Man by Woody Allen – movie review – The Irrational Man shows yet another series of thoughts not to bother pursuing.

29 January 2016 – Some daylight in your eyes helps you focus better. – Go for a walk every day, smile at the sky and enjoy a friendly companion. Walking a mile to school or work would be perfect.

30 January 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Fear – The best amount of fear is that which goads you to your best efforts.

31 January 2016 – The EarthArk is shockingly uninteresting. – A child born today may live to see the irretrievable end of nearly all life as we know it.

Condensed thoughts Probaway February 2016

01 February 2016 – What to do when you come to a fork in the road – Of course if we were not on a road, but on a trail, I would recommend the A trail, and avoid the B trail.

02 February 2016 – We are the chosen ones. We chose ourselves. – Pay attention to your local environment and participate.

03 February 2016 – Argus Dome deep-space refrigerator – Once in place the EarthArk temperatures can be maintained at —100° F. for thousands of years without any human maintenance.

04 February 2016 – How to think better. – Thinking better means to help our minds to help everyone participate more fully in our world, and to do that requires clean signals from our world.

05 February 2016 – Teach what you most need to learn to do and sell it.– Any brilliant person can succeed if they get started early in life.

06 February 2016 – World population passes 7.4 billion humans. – Life is wonderful now because the Earth is supporting 7.4 billion people.

07 February 2016 – Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) logarithmic chart update – 07 February 2016 – We live in a dynamic and chaotic situation where every living thing is seeking food, and every other living thing is potentially a source of food, including YOU.

08 February 2016 – The 100 Greatest Atrocities of Human History – Modern humanity is doing just fine when compared to our past.

09 February 2016 – How to fix your distorted view of history. – Humans will eat voraciously, reproduce maximally and kill as needed, like every other predatory animal.

10 February 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Participate – Seeking to live long, and to participate with all that’s around you, is the route to a long and enjoyable life.

11 February 2016 – Black hole gravity waves detected near my old home. – I live a surprisingly tranquil life.

12 February 2016 – Wikipedia links to 100 Greatest Atrocities of History– This list adds up to 494.82 million homicides since 500 BCE.

13 February 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Evolution – Evolution isn’t a belief, it’s an observable fact.

14 February 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Love – Let my last breath be, “I love you!” and the last words I hear, too.

15 February 2016 – How people can move from maturity to sagehood – People grow in maturity when they are feeling expansive and take more responsibility for human welfare.

16 February 2016 – My Apatheism is pulling back the veil that obscures the obvious. – If I have anything that could be called a religion it is to pull back the veil so others can see what they previously did not see.

17 February 2016 – Learning to smell essential oils is difficult. – With huge industries based on smell and food odors, there must be some theoretical understanding of what is happening.

18 February 2016 – Mona Lisa comes to life in Bend, Oregon – Mona Lisa comes to life and will watch you move.

19 February 2016 – Mona Lisa and Charles Scamahorn in Bend, Oregon – That is why I spent so much time restoring the Mona Lisa. So you can see her magic too.

20 February 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Smile – Look at the sky and smile.

21 February 2016 – To grow you must be feeling emotionally positive. – Get yourself into a positive state of mind right before making decisions.

22 February 2016 – Do humans need a transcendent purpose for their lives? – If even Sartre can’t find a valid reason for his existence, what can the average man do?

23 February 2016 – The secret of Mona Lisa’s smile revealed. – Mona Lisa knows your secrets too!

24 February 2016 – Atrocities by Matthew White – book review – War is dangerous to your life and property, so choose leaders who will keep you out of war.

25 February 2016 – What is your ultimate value? – A personal ultimate value must be practiced and promoted to be valuable.

26 February 2016 – Mona Lisa in 3D big enough to see clearly. – When you cross your eyes it is possible to see her in three dimensions.

27 February 2016 – I try to stay healthy, but today I have a cold. – I’ve taken two baths today, and always feel better afterward, so I’m going in now.

28 February 2016 – “Bat shit crazy!” – If bat intestinal biota is as powerful as similar human biota, it may open a totally new field of medical practice.

29 February 2016 – EarthArk day went by without a hitch. – Rich people living in paradise refuse to take care of ugly things.

Condensed thoughts Probaway March 2016

01 March 2016 – My life with shamans. – Each shaman can be more productive if their stories are based on personal experience and analysis and conclusions.

02 March 2016 – People are incapable of thinking beyond their maturity level. – At the beginning of a conversation discover the interests of a person, and speak exclusively to those.

03 March 2016 – What is the good life? – The good life is right here when looked at that way, so why go wandering all over the world, like some of my friends do?

04 March 2016 – Why can’t people think for themselves? – I don’t claim to be any better at this than anyone else, and it is just a question of whom you choose to put your attention upon.

05 March 2016 – Hey kids! What are you going to do when the mountains run dry? – With accurate information there can be foresight and better actions.

06 March 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Fate – Our greatest personal freedom is choosing how we respond to events.

07 March 2016 – Philosophers Squared – Karl Jaspers – Only in those moments when I exercise my freedom am I fully myself.

08 March 2016 – Gracious receiving of a gift is the greatest gift of all. – Instantly returning something of value makes the original gift not a gift given in love, but more of an economic transaction, and that is not what is intended by the gift.

09 March 2016 – An easy experiment to improve your skin. – A healthy skin microbiome is a good defense against skin problems.

10 March 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Fear – Fear is a good thing when it prevents us from doing stupid things.

11 March 2016 – People need hopes based on achievable realities. – When you graduate from high school, if you can’t go to a top university become a small home owner.

12 March 2016 – Humans versus the future Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Humans being integrated into AI is a process of us living forever.

13 March 2016 – A cry of existential desperation? – Sometimes I trust other people’s opinions more than my own.

14 March 2016 – Emptiness is an empty goal. – Life expands in meaning as one progresses in their sustainable maturity.

15 March 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Anxiety – Anxiety confuses the mind and replaces meaningful action with dithering.

16 March 2016 – The Hidden Half of Nature by Montgomery and Bikle – review – The Hidden Half of Nature is an easy read backed up with twenty pages of fine-print scientific documentation.

17 March 2016 – Now is the time to seed the Universe. – The goal of sentient human beings is to help the Universe evolve into the fully conscious super-being that it is capable of becoming.

18 March 2016 – Avoid unnecessary risks. – If you think you are about to do something stupid, you certainly are, so don’t.

19 March 2016 – How to do quick personal introductions in a group. – A quick way to remember a person’s name is by linking it with an interest.

20 March 016 – Help in finding meaning for other people’s lives. – How do you create personal meaning in a Universe made of simple fundamental forces that have no inherent meaning?

21 March 2016 – A different Golden Rule for different levels of maturity.– The moral quality of humanity is still improving and humans are becoming more humane.

22 March 2016 – The world is surprisingly low on public homicide. – Isn’t it obvious that the world is improved by helping others improve their lives and not terrorizing them?

23 March 2016 – How can you choose the proper life path? – Always do the right thing at the right time, and avoid doing the wrong thing all the time.

24 March 2016 – How to pop the media bubble ! ? – Media must be made to pay in dollars for the harm they create with their stories.

25 March 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #22 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – “The imperfect beckons perfecting.” It is through restoring that wholeness is achieved.

26 March 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Selfishness – It is impossible for a selfish person to be happy, because they always want more of what they don’t have, and they don’t have contentment with what they do have.

27 March 2016 – See risk before it becomes risky. – If you think someone is about to do something stupid, quietly move to where you can’t become involved.

28 March 2016 – And, still there is the wonder. – Try these words in a cartoon balloon of the president’s pointed finger about to be pressed down onto a big red button, “You’re fired!”

29 March 2016 – Paths through Maturity from Infant to Ourora – To maximize happiness behave at your highest maturity level.

30 March 2016 – DO NOT ENTER – “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”
In the end as at the beginning it is better to heed the words – “DO NOT ENTER.“

31 March 2016 – Mona Lisa gets even weirder. – You can generate the Mona Lisa optical illusion in living people.

Condensed thoughts Probaway April 2016

01 April 2016 – The world runs on promises. – The middle way is freedom from too little money or too much money.

02 April 2016 – Moving our sentient life into the Universe. – It is possible for us to boldly go where no man has gone before, with the help of our intelligent machines.

03 April 2016 – Living well depends on how you reassemble your habits.– We are masters of our fate only when we consciously control our perceptions and our body’s expressions.

04 April 2016 – How to mature from Infantile to Sage and beyond. – People can grow when they are feeling good, and wither when they feel bad.

05 April 2016 – My life as a work of art – Perhaps every person’s own inner artwork is seen by others as bizarre and insane if the individual is foolish enough to expose themselves and IT.

06 April 2016 – Moving our sentient life into the Universe. #2https://probaway.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/moving-our-sentient-life-into-the-universe-2/

07 April 2016 – How do you know that? ??? – Science is based on testable ideas that are tested and challenged.

08 April 2016 – It’s easy to be loving when you feel good. – It’s easy to be loving when you feel good.

09 April 2016 – Look for universal problems. – To find universal problems we must: Look for universal problems!

10 April 2016 – Look at the surface and then beyond it. – If you are going to understand why things behave the way they do, you must ask the right questions.

11 April 2016 – Maturing our behavior from Infant thru Sage +. – The steps through these stages of maturity are where you place your attention when you are ready.

12 April 2016 – Today I heard a strange clapping sound. – The second clap was for my reciting my sonnet, The Goal of Marriage.

13 April 2016 – Experimenting with voice to Google docs transferred to WordPress – The same form of chaos soon becomes boring to a mind seeking novelty.

14 April 2016 – How pessimism and optimism affect human maturation – Intentionally get into an optimistic attitude when you approach a new situation.

15 April 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Pessimism – The pessimist looks at problems and grumbles; the optimist looks at them and works on a solution.

16 April 2016 – A meditation for maturity – Practicing all of the levels of human maturity shows one a way to go to a better place than where they presently are living.

17 April 2016 – J. Robert Oppenheimer and Vincent Van Gogh – A strange overlap between Vincent Van Gogh, J. Robert Oppenheimer and Charles Scamahorn.

18 April 2016 – Positing universal solutions for all humans isn’t difficult.– Treat others not as you would like them to treat you, but as they should treat you.

19 April 2016 – Some of my favorite Probaway posts. – What I am doing now always seems important; it’s always like that.

20 April 2016 – Dictionary of New Epigrams – Possessions – There is pain in getting, pain in having, and pain in losing possessions.

21 April 2016 – Kant’s Categorical Imperative empowered beyond humans. – Ourora’s Categorical Imperative is to manifest a law that maximizes the Universe’s well-being.

22 April 2016 – Is there an epidemic of self-adulation ? – People look at their billion heir, and identify with him, and ask why don’t I now have what he promises now.

23 April 2016 – Do the right thing ! – Life is made of a lot of motivated actions, so make your motivations to do the right things at the right times for the right reasons.

24 April 2016 – Camus to the rescue. – Choose to live life in this world the way you want to live it in this world.

25 April 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #23 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – You can elicit anything from the voids around you.

26 April 2016 – This Mona Lisa looks into your secrets. – The eerie effect from the Paris Mona Lisa is that her eyes shift over to you as you walk toward her.

27 April 2016 – A problem with my hot bath cold cure. – If I take another hot bath tomorrow I will take the calcium and quinine a half hour before getting in.

28 April 2016 – What legacy do you wish to leave after you’re gone? – I can’t do everything but I can do what I can do, and do it well.

29 April 2016 – Live long and participate ! – When it comes to risk the goal is not to be smart but to avoid being stupid.

30 April 2016 – Why and how to learn to work with joy ! – Moving from an adolescent lifestyle to an adult one involves changing the focus of one’s attention from self-aggrandizement to self-production and ownership of value.

Condensed thoughts Probaway May 2016

01 May 2016 – Reasons to worry about death. – The best you can do for the world is to help your friends to realize their potentials.

02 May 2016 – Affirmations for personal growth – Adolescent to Adult – I happily perform actions that build my and my family’s measurable worth.

03 May 2016 – Affirmations for personal growth – Child to Adolescent – I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

04 May 2016 – Both pain and pleasure will help you grow. – Both pain and pleasure can help you grow, or they can destroy you.

05 May 2016 – Love your life by the heartbeat. – Life is lived in the moments, and they can be measured by heartbeats more accurately than by decades.

06 May 2016 – My spider bite 7 years later is cancerous. – The spider bite 65 days after the bite. 2010/10/18 it still has soft dented tissue.

07 May 2016 – Most of my Bowen’s sarcoma removal trip was fun. – I hope this carcinoma removal was a happy day for me, but I won’t know for a year.

08 May 2016 – Affirmations for personal growth – Child to Mature – Doing things to help our community function well is what I work on.

09 May 2016 – Money is talking in ugly ways. – If the public can’t be provided with good information they can only make bad decisions.

10 May 2016 – STOP !!! What are you thinking? … NOW. – STOP !!! Pay attention to what’s happening and participate, and that includes participating with your inner self.

11 May 2016 – My writers’-group prompt “repair” went sadly sour for me. – Why? Why? Why? … Bend is so beautiful.

12 May 2016 – The Earth is capable of creating sentience. – It seems easier to state big ideas as questions rather than observations.

13 May 2016 – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and now Me Day! – August 20, 2016 will be Me Day. Go forth and make it your Me Day.

14 May 2016 – Pandemic by Sonia Shah – book review – Sonia Shah is a boots-on-the-ground, feet-in-the-muck investigative reporter who goes where it’s dangerous to go in search of the truth.

15 May 2016 – Stay by Jennifer Hecht – book review – My living goal, and I recommend it to you: Live long and participate.

16 May 2016 – The Life Project by Helen Pearson – book review – To live a long healthy life it is best to live modestly and to be around kind, loving people from beginning to end.

17 May 2016 – What is enlightenment? – Seeking enlightenment sets you up for failure; “Get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding!”

18 May 2016 – “Leave me the resources to live as long as you.” – Children of the world demand that your elders not destroy the resources you need to live as long as they have.

19 May 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Enlightenment – Converting well-considered enlightenments into functioning habits propels one along the paths of wisdom.

20 May 2016 – The Botox cure for depression. – If Botox were injected into the specific location where the problem arose it would block the problem without affecting the rest of the body.

21 May 2016 – Squamous cell carcinoma electrodessication, curettage removal. – The doctors say that squamous cell carcinoma is the least dangerous form of cancer; all the same it is probably best to have it removed before it grows larger.

22 May 2016 – Two billion years of evolution wasted on modern humans. – If you think you are about to do something stupid, you certainly are, so don’t.

23 May 2016 – My problem with hope. – A realistic goal with a realistic way to get there isn’t based on hope, it’s based on doing the right things.

24 May 2016 – Today we discussed destiny. – Most of the life we will live will be driven by the paths we choose to follow, and each of those paths has a built-in destiny that we can look along before we go.

25 May 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #24 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – You may reside at the pinnacle by creating a void at the top.

26 May 2016 – A fine memorial service for a woman I called Mom. – I love my life in Bend, and the friendly people, and I fall back emotionally on my current motto – Live and participate. These two friends lived their lives that way.

27 May 2016 – My aspirations for humanity. – Live and participate.

28 May 2016 – The words associated with levels of maturity – infant thru sage. – Infantile, Childish, Adolescent, Adult, Mature, Sage, Ourora.

29 May 2016 – How do we encourage our political leadership to promote sustainability? – The problem for our political process is that most of our voting public has lost contact with reality and can not even select reasonable candidates.

30 May 2016 – A beautiful problem solved. – Queen Bess! You know, the wonderful queen who has that pretty sister who married, ahh, ahh … what’s his name?

31 May 2016 – My presentation of maturity was rejected. – When feeling good explore your options.

Condensed thoughts Probaway June 2016

01 June 2016 – The best Earth ever for humans is right now. – We are living in a time of great abundance and opportunity.

02 June 2016 – My VIA Character Strengths – Being in a very positive frame of mind is associated with growth toward greater maturity.

03 June 2016 – Americans have a sad problem and here is the fix. – Make the quality of your life better by making the quality of your work better.

04 June 2016 – Where would an atheist, a believer, and others reside in God’s opinion? – “Your wish is granted.”

05 June 2016 – Being 80 years old has disadvantages and advantages. – Being mature is helping others to live and participate with their opportunities.

06 June 2016 – Why didn’t you call? – Why haven’t you called them and claimed your rewards?

07 June 2016 – I am not your slave ! – I am not a slave to your desires, but your companion on the path to greater maturity and contentment.

08 June 2016 – Being witty isn’t always a helpful virtue. – Moving into more mature states of development means voluntarily taking risks.

09 June 2016 – What is a friend? – Live and participate by helping your friends live and participate.

10 June 2016 – I’m not spry at age eighty but I can act it. – It might save you some grief if as a youth you consider how an old person would approach your present problems.

11 June 2016 – We live in a world filled with denials of the obvious. – We live in a world filled with denials of the obvious, and one obvious fact is that we are headed into a world with fewer jobs and more stringent debt slavery.

12 June 2016 – How may I help you? – Now you understand why your kindness in helping others is a personal reward.

13 June 2016 – The communication of data precedes life. – If information is an arranged set of data, isn’t any unusual collection a form of information?

14 June 2016 – Our discussion group discussed fear. – Fear didn’t seem to be a deep issue with these people, and it’s just one of those things you live with.

15 June 2016 – A search for maturity-appropriate prayers. #1 – There are other ways to pray that can be made visible to everyone.

16 June 2016 – A search for maturity-appropriate prayers. #2 – I encourage them to choose their own paths, and to live within their own ideas of goodness and wisdom.

17 June 2016 – A discussion of the paths available through life. – Reveal the proper paths to us, that we may participate fully in life.

18 June 2016 – A discussion of the paths available through life. #4 – Those who look most carefully down their paths and choose most wisely will probably find the greatest happiness.

19 June 2016 – I grew a little today. – The remarkable thing for me was that I automatically went to the aid of a person who might, or might not, have been in trouble, when no one else even noticed.

20 June 2016 – Is anyone listening? – It’s Me! I’m listening!

21 June 2016 – Algorithms to Live By – by Brian Christian, Tom Griffiths – We are usually better off trading off the costs of error against the costs of delay. Get it done!

22 June 2016 – Why go traveling when I live in Bend, Oregon? – Why leave?

23 June 2016 – Living responsibly and enjoying your life. – Live your life as if you are responsible for your every action, because you are.

24 June 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Advice – I often ask advice from a local concrete garden gnome Samumpsycle. He always gives good advice because he understands my problems. It’s Me! I’m listening!

25 June 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #25 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Heaven follows the way, and The way follows after the self-made void.

26 June 2016 – The Power Paradox by Dacher Keltner – book review – The book The Power Paradox was too paradoxical for me.

27 June 2016 – It’s hard to say goodbye. – writing group prompt – It’s hard to say goodbye … when you know it’s final.

28 June 2016 – Magic and risk were discussed today. – When thinking and talking about really big things people prefer the supernatural explanations.

29 June 2016 – A memorial service at the UUFCO in Bend, Oregon. – Today I added another unusually beautiful rock to the piping around the front entrance. It was for Christine.

30 June 2016 – This isn’t working, so it’s time to find things that do. – The type of responsibility toward other people I’ve been proposing isn’t working, so it’s time to consider other options.

Condensed thoughts Probaway July 2016

01 July 2016 – The Seven Sages of Bendor – We are still stepping in the same river named Time, but into much different water.

02 July 2016 – It was suggested to me that I STOP writing this blog. – My friend suggested that I STOP

03 July 2016 – It was suggested to me that I STOP writing this blog.

03 July 2016 – I didn’t put a period after yesterday’s STOP. Here it is. – •

04 July 2016 – Yesterday’s period wasn’t big enough. Here’s a bigger one. – • •

05 July 2016 – Fireworks over Bend, Oregon. – Photos of fireworks over Pilot Butte, Bend, Oregon

06 July 2016 – Prompt – Stop. – At this moment I am still committed to not posting … but that makes me feel sad.

07 July 2016 – A fine day for me here in Bend. – This gives me some motivation to continue thinking and blogging and trying to find ways for all of us to live better lives. — Thank you •

08 July 2016 – Gut by Giulia Enders – book review – Whether you are or are not a nutritionist, you will enjoy reading Gut, and probably find things you will change about your relationship with your gut.

09 July 2016 – Perhaps a new look is needed for this Probaway site. – Perhaps this freaky photo will be more attractive to people than the more sane looking ones.

10 July 2016 – Things have never been better in this Best of All Possible Worlds! – Things have never been better than this current Best of All Possible Worlds!

11 July 2016 – “Remember the first time you were barefoot, and stepped on something?” prompt – We looked at each other for a few moments and went our separate ways, and we lived happily ever after. At least I did.

12 July 2016 – Bend, Oregon, is a wonderful place to own a house – For the time being Bend is a wonderful place to own and a terrible place to rent.

13 July 2016 – AHONU and Aingeal Rose interview Charles Scamahorn on YouTube – AHONU and Aingeal Rose interview Charles Scamahorn on YouTube

14 July 2016 – A long overdue epiphany – If you can’t sell something it’s not worth anything.

15 July 2016 – Another category of people here in Bend. – Certainly, I am growing worry warts! But, I can’t find any, so I think my analysis is right.

16 July 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Humility – Pontificating about humility is a sure sign of arrogance.

17 July 2016 – A strange day for me, of disappearing rocks. – Other than their decorative interest these rocks have no value, except to me.

18 July 2016 – Squamous cell carcinoma electrodessication, curettage removal 2 months later. – With medical problems just get good advice and do the right things.

19 July 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Happiness – The continual happiness of a sage is made possible by his habit of relishing everything.

20 July 2016 – UU 10 minute prompt – Motion – Totally stuck … stuck … I have no motion whatsoever!

21 July 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Adaptation – Position yourself so all the necessities of all adaptations support you.

22 July 2016 – The Longevity Project by Friedman and Martin – book review – Isn’t it obvious that living your life helping others live meaningful lives will bring longer and happier lives to both you and your companions?

23 July 2016 – A quiet day with friends, reading, hiking up Pilot Butte. – Oh, yes, having fine companions in all of these simple pleasures helps a lot.

24 July 2016 – A psychedelic day. – “Not to be smart, but to avoid being stupid.”

25 July 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #26 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – The weighty is the foundation of the light, and The quiet are the touchstone of the active.

26 July 2016 – One more blank and I’ll blank. – Free at last, free at last, Oh, Thank God, we are free at last!

27 July 2016 – Tranquility is easy, if . . . – Tranquility is as easy as creating habits to see and react properly to the precursors.

28 July 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Thanksgiving – Be thankful for the invisible cloak of contentment.

29 July 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Smile (#2) – It’s easy to smile, just open your eyes, stretch your nose, and lift your lips :-)

30 July 2016 – Making your life easier. – Make each of your actions a completed task so you can give your full attention to your next task.

31 July 2016 – How do we make our personal reality work for us? – Real-world wisdom always seems to come back to foresight, and to live better means looking into the future, to see opportunities and avoid problems.

Condensed thoughts Probaway August 2016

01 August 2016 – A prayer to help us mature. – The maturity prayer helps a person cope with natural reality.

02 August 2016 – Our writers’ prompts are inside of the “quotation marks.” – “I never saw it that way.”

03 August 2016 – The Atomic bombs, Hydrogen bombs and me. – Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

04 August 2016 – How is it possible to find people of action? – As we explore the new ways available we can help others to choose their own best paths.

05 August 2016 – America must create opportunities for those it displaces. – When a governmental policy intentionally destroys people’s livelihoods, it must offer very special opportunities to those people.

06 August 2016 – Take on lots of little pleasures one second at a time. – Life is lived one second at a time, so why not enjoy your pleasures one second at a time?

07 August 2016 – Fear shrinks your options, terror eliminates them. – Help you grow rather than shrink in your personal maturity.

08 August 2016 – All living things were able to adapt to circumstances quicker than those around them. – All surviving species were able to adapt to circumstances quicker than those around them.

09 August 2016 – Do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way. – Do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

10 August 2016 – How will I feel when I get what I think I want? – How will I feel when I get what I think I want?

11 August 2016 – This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin – book review – “As a tool for activation of specific thoughts, music is not as good as language.”

12 August 2016 – Do the doable, and avoid the impossible. – Do the doable, and avoid the impossible.

13 August 2016 – How do you motivate yourself to practice for 10,000 hours? And then what? – The only 10,000 hour subject that I have to build upon is BS, so I will struggle on with BS.

14 August 2016 – Time is the dragon that eats everything. – To taper off the hungry habits of the time dragon.

15 August 2016 – We presently live in a wonderful world. – “Don’t you ever watch the news? Things are terrible!”

16 August 2016 – What is the meaning of life? Answered. – The action of participating in life is the meaning of life.

17 August 2016 – The adventure at Red Rock beach. – I am a slow learner, but I don’t go under falling rocks anymore.

18 August 2016 – Change the Story Change the Future by D. Korten – book review – MAKE MONEY !!!

19 August 2016 – I don’t expect impossible things to happen. – Believing in a spirit world would conflict with my reality and interfere with my living a tranquil life here and now in this world.

20 August 2016 – How to live forever. – How to live forever: Realize that “now is forever”, and enjoy it by participating in the moment.

21 August 2016 – Get emotionally up and explore your options. – You grow happier by discovering and practicing your more mature options.

22 August 2016 – Our American problem is lack of political foresight. – And now we must go one further and adapt to the coming situation or soon die.

23 August 2016 – What is your purpose in life? – My purpose in life is to participate in the opportunities available.

24 August 2016 – Where we should search for reality. – We find physical reality in the physical world and human reality in the human world.

25 August 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #27 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – You do not need maps when walking about your home;

26 August 2016 – Your future begins right now. – Your future begins with choosing a goal and trying to reach it.

27 August 2016 – Look at reality squarely, seeking clear perception. – Each of our stages of life needs an adjustment to see our new reality clearly.

28 August 2016 – Sunsets over Bend, Oregon’s Cascade Mountains – August sunsets are spectacular in Bend, Oregon.

29 August 2016 – The function of a man’s life versus the meaning of life. – The purpose of a man’s life is to wisely participate in all his world’s needs, past, present and future.

30 August 2016 – Foolish people. – Five seconds of fun cost this man fifty years of potential fun.

31 August 2016 – Lava rocks under Bend, Oregon – Residing inside a lava rock? Somehow, that doesn’t appeal to me at the moment.

Condensed thoughts Probaway September 2016

01 September 2016 – Blink – by Malcolm Gladwell – book review – The thoughtless decisions recommended in Blink revert us to being prehuman animals, unless we’ve developed a well-informed unconscious.

02 September 2016 – First Friday Art Walk in Bend, Oregon – As the Ainu say after a great day: We lived and lived and nothing happened.

03 September 2016 – I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong – book review – Research science will probably discover amazing intestinal biota treatments in the next few years leading to better public health and greater life expectancy.

04 September 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Happiness – Happiness and unhappiness are alike in that the more we practice them the more skilled we get at living that way.

05 September 2016 – Philae needed a better landing system. – A future lander on a low gravity object would benefit from long stabilizing struts.

06 September 2016 – Predicting the future requires understanding the present. – Life is easier when you perceive your present and past accurately and base your future actions on probable outcomes.

07 September 2016 – Spend your money! Spend! Spend! Spend! A rant! – What will bring you happiness is doing lots of little kind things for your family and friends, and that is free.

08 September 2016 – Unprecedented by David Ray Griffin – book review – There is hope for humans for a few more years.

09 September 2016 – 7 year sequence of photos of spider bite, squamous cell carcinoma electrodessication, curettage. – Help your skin protect the inner you from the assaults of the world.

10 September 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – A catalog, index, list. – 72 Words with new epigrams

11 September 2016 – Your emotions are telling you something important. – Emotions are a major part of our lives and we should appreciate them to the fullest.

12 September 2016 – Just “Who will you be?” – “He was a man. Take him complete, with all his flagrant faults exposed, He was a man!”

13 September 2016 – “This was their finest hour”. Winston Churchill – if the British Empire and Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.

14 September 2016 – The Gift of the Gab – David Crystal – book review – It feels good to have a hearty response to a bit of writing from a group of writers.

15 September 2016 – When is the best time to choose your future goals? – Avoid making important decisions when in a bad mood, and wait for a good mood to arise naturally, or learn how to get into a positive mood.

16 September 2016 – Honesty, Integrity and Enthusiasm – I’ve led a life of cold sarcasm when I should have been filled with enthusiasm.

17 September 2016 – What is the most important idea that I can be promoting? – Some ideas are so obvious once stated clearly that they seem obvious from the beginning.

18 September 2016 – What will be the results of decisions based on anger? – The world is always a complex place and to let anger influence decisions will inevitably degrade the quality of one’s success.

19 September 2016 – How to create a Golden Rule for yourself. – The end value of choosing more mature activities at any stage of life is that you and your friends live longer more fulfilling lives.

20 September 016 – How to answer the big philosophical questions. – Often we are compelled to participate in life’s problems promptly or perish.

21 September 2016 – Our social groups generate divisive morality. – All men are equal, until they meet.

22 September 2016 – What will be the results of decisions based on disgust? – Get happy before making an important decision.

23 September 2016 – What emotion should precede action? – Some people claim that we are always in an ideal state for coping with the present moment.

24 September 2016 – What action does a baby’s emotion generate in its mother? – The infant must get proper attention with its communications or it will die and thus not leave its genes in the gene pool of human behavior. We are the living result of the infant’s successful communication.

25 September 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #28 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – Broadcast and infuse this simplicity into understanding people.

26 September 2016 – A book fell off the shelf – Winston Churchillized line spacing for easy reading aloud.

27 September 2016 – Homage to Picasso, Duchamp and Warhol – None of the people who discussed these pictures with me found them offensive.

28 September 2016 – On the Meaning of Life by Will Durant – book review – Even our greatest people are like journeymen workers, just doing the jobs they are destined to do.

29 September 2016 – Debate cheaters must be penalized. – The unfair advantage of overshoots and interruptions should be corrected by taking double that time away from future presentations.

30 September 2016 – The impossible strikes. – Helping people grow is a worthwhile task to pursue for a couple of years.

Condensed thoughts Probaway October 2016

01 October 2016 – Be prepared for the unexpected. – Be prepared for the future by learning from other people’s mistakes.

02 October 2016 – Have I learned anything in 81 years? – Look around and find the next great thing and participate.

03 October 2016 – What I might have done but didn’t. – I’m still on that trip and like my friend Mark says about his life, “So far it’s working.”

04 October 2016 – How much warning of an impending catastrophe can we expect? – Until now all living creatures came into adulthood equipped to survive in their environment.

05 October 2016 – How to upgrade humanity. – Do unto others a kindness that will help them to be kind to others.

06 October 2016 – Rejection is annoying! – I love living in Bend, but it does have its challenges.

07 October 2016 – What should I do? – What I should do is to create more mature habits when I have the chance to do so.

08 October 2016 – Cure for Catastrophe by Robert Muir-Wood – book review & quotes – Most risks are avoidable, but you must make the necessary efforts to avoid them.

09 October 2016 – How to direct what is called growth toward maturity. – Create more mature habits when you have the chance to do so.

10 October 2016 – The best risk analysis you are ever likely to see. – It’s easy to avoid problems when they are far away, and hard to cope with them when they are close.

11 October 2016 – The Trolley Problem by Thomas Cathcart – book review – The Trolley Problem is a fun book to read, and will provoke you to thought and to laughter.

12 October 2016 – List of things that are getting better. – You presently have the opportunity to live a wonderful life. Don’t waste it by wallowing in the despair that is being generated by the media.

13 October 2016 – The function of truth is to avoid problems and pain and to bring pleasure. – Take in all information from the point of view that makes it true, and then make your evaluations of what truth is for the task at hand.

14 October 2016 – Writer’s group prompt- Abigail, San Francisco, confusion – They decided to move back to Homedale where Bill knew he could get a job.

15 October 2016 – The moment humans became human. – Humans became human the moment they could put two words together.

16 October 2016 – The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith – book review – We can attain to a higher state of personal being by choosing to behave in the most mature way available to us at the moments we are feeling emotionally good.

17 October 2016 – I realized that I was not invited. – Sometimes, in the midst of a seemingly profound quest, reality intrudes.

18 October 2016 – My presentation on promoting maturity. – This was my first public talk on how to develop more mature habits.

19 October 2016 – The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth – Book review – If your speech be honest it’s fair to be eloquent.

20 October 2016 – What are the indicators of maturity in daily conversation? – To be mature we must act on our experience and convictions.

21 October 2016 – A conversation about inspiration and motivation. – A good conversation is where everyone can take away something they can use.

22 October 2016 – Some visual extravaganzas from google search – If you enjoy images this is a fantastic way to probe into things you may have never seen before, but will like.

23 October 2016 – Diary – Driving in Bend is becoming difficult. – Pedestrian killed in Bend incident identified

24 October 2016 – What if we said what we really thought? – There is a long tradition among humans of killing those people who speak and act out their thoughts too clearly.

25 October 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #29 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – However, you must always avoid pleasures, Avoid extravagance, Avoid arrogance.

26 October 2016 – Retreat from a Rising Sea by Orrin H. Pilkey & Linda & Keith – Book review – When people live in paradise they refuse to look at risks.

27 October 2016 – How mature is your meditation? – Meditation can be a momentary quietness when a person’s complete being explores the options available and chooses those goals that will be most beneficial.

28 October 2016 – Deep Ancestry by Spencer Wells – book critique – Many people are thrilled by factual history as I am by the processes that drive history.

29 October 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Risk – Life is risky, so choose your options in a way that will benefit you and your friends.

30 October 2016 – I set myself up to fail by defining the goal poorly. – Define your goals in such a way that there is a way to accomplish them.

31 October 2016 – How do I set my life goal so I can achieve it? – When you are feeling good, choose to do the most mature thing you can.

Condensed thoughts Probaway November 2016

01 November 2016 – I’ve been feeling a little morose lately. – My feelings are my responsibility, and I will do what needs to be done.

02 November 2016 – Lists of meta rules for human behavior. – The word “should” attracts the reciprocity of other people.

03 November 2016 – Fecal transplant is soon to become a big business. – Safe fecal transplants will soon be available but until then use your own material.

04 November 2016 – The Earth Ark needs the Earth’s DNA now! – To save the present life on Earth for the distant future we must save the current DNA.

05 November 2016 – The intentional giving and receiving of love is transformative. – Express love and kindness in such an external and comprehensible way that it can be imitated by others.

06 November 2016 – I am not serene today. – How can I be serene when so many people claim to be suffering?

07 November 2016 – Alternatives to the Categorical Imperative – 37. – “Do many kindnesses for friends.” Kindness improves everyone and everything.

08 November 2016 – We now live in a new reality! Get used to it! – Now is the time to be thinking clearly and to make ourselves ready to participate fully in our brave new world.

09 November 2016 – vitality – How can I use my remaining vitality to benefit humanity?

10 November 2016 – What now? – Love and honor your critics!

11 November 2016 – The Power of Meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith – book review #2 – There is personal power to be gained by finding your meaning, and this book points the way, but it doesn’t take you there.

12 November 2016 – The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer – book review – Reading “The Mind-Gut Connection” will help you follow the suggestions in the list quoted above.

13 November 2016 – It was a truth that was difficult to believe. – I have made my mental disease palpable.

14 November 2016 – I had a brilliant idea! – Get your brilliant ideas out into the external world any way you can!

15 November 2016 – My current theory of human maturity isn’t popular. – Pause occasionally and consider — What is a better way to do this?

16 November 2016 – The Golden Rule upgraded for creating maturity for a child through sage. – To teach people how to manipulate their friends for personal advantage would not be the teaching of a spiritual sage.

17 November 2016 – There is no there anywhere. – We must be both flexible and rigid when using words, because there is no fixed there anywhere.

18 November 2016 – Coping with injuries with prophylactic heat instead of antibiotics. – If an injury never becomes infected it will never need antibiotics.

19 November 2016 – Choose with forethought for long-term pleasure acquisition. – Choosing long-term pleasure goals brings about a growth of habitual short-term personal pleasure events.

20 November 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Trust – Bitter honesty is better for you than sweet bullshit.

21 November 2016 – Heavens to Betsy! A Christmas story. – Sometimes when some little thing happens unexpectedly she is remembered with the words … Heavens to Betsy!

22 November 2016 – Now is a time to revisit my Doomsday considerations. – The plant life can be saved and those surviving people will enjoy seeing the world come back to life.

23 November 2016 – The processes of magical thinking do affect the outcome. – Magical thinking works for those who believe their spirit guide is on their side.

24 November 2016 – We always need more kindness, humor and accomplishment. – Happiness is to be involved in expressing kindness, humor, and accomplishment. Contentment is to be basking in a life that has given those things to others.

25 November 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #30 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – If you display a virtue, it will be weakened; That is not the proper way, and What is not the proper way soon dies.

26 November 2016 – Desert Notes by Barry Lopez – book review – For me, Desert Notes is a classic snoozer.

27 November 2016 – Things are great! Well, at least very good. – But it’s time to complain because the fix is in and we are getting screwed!

28 November 2016 – A possible Probaway Person of the Year, Palmer Luckey – It is rare to get onto the Probaway Person of the Year list and common to fail in attempting great enterprises.

29 November 2016 – The Adventure of the Hanging Baskets – Without further fuss, he handed over grandma’s coin purse to Trevelyan. Curious? No, not for a Harvard student.

30 November 2016 – Traveling to Berkeley –

Condensed thoughts Probaway December 2016

01 December 2016 – Traveling to Berkeley –

02 December 2016 – Bend to Berkeley and back to Bend – The Med was, in fact, the Center of the World for planet Earth.

03 December 2016 – I return to the Center of my World, the Caffe Mediterraneum – Berkeley was always like that for me, a bit distant, but a joyful confrontation in words.

04 December 2016 – I get a lesson in routine car maintenance. – Routine maintenance is better than breakdown repair.

05 December 2016 – Tara’s funny little problem solved – Tara didn’t discover for months that her friends knew all along why she whistled under her arms.

06 December 2016 – Mediterraneum, People’s Park, Berkeley Barb, Steppenwolf – The three of us then went out and started digging.

07 December 2016 – Our election was distorted by poor information. – We must do our best to guide our new leadership onto healthy paths.

08 December 2016 – Agree and disagree! How can we know what really happened? – A website with AGREE TO DISAGREE is needed with a premise of paralleled opposition.

09 December 2016 – Yes No Know – My goal is to create a website with — YES NO KNOW —

10 December 2016 – A possible Probaway Person of the Year, Albert Einstein – Einstein did all of those things essential to the discovery of gravitational waves one hundred years ago in 1916.

11 December 2016 – Words on the Move by John McWhorter – Book review – Words on the Move will guide you through the Babel of our Magnificent Bastard Tongue.

12 December 2016 – A Probaway blog overview of past and future – January 20, 2017 will be the end of Pax Obama and may be the end of Pax Americana.

13 December 2016 – The Probaway Scale for Measuring Pain has had an impact. – Pain informs you what is dangerous for you to do, not what you shouldn’t do, but that it may hurt.

14 December 2016 – Spring Chicken by Bill Gifford – book review – Spring Chicken will get you up to speed on modern anti-aging science, but it claims there isn’t a proven pill just yet.

15 December 2016 – I’m not much into pleasure. – We must do some form of personal work to experience the pleasure it creates!

16 December 2016 – What is our responsibility to the Universe? – Strange as it may seem, our first contact with space aliens may be from other Universes.

17 December 2016 – Our evolving world needs an evolving world view. – The evolving world view must include supporting vast new energy sources.

18 December 2016 – What should we humans be searching for? – Human extinction is possible so we should prepare to avoid it.

19 December 2016 – Who to ask, “Should human self-actualization be a personal goal?” – To whom should we turn to for guidance for humanity’s future?

20 December 2016 – It takes a while to do a habit automatically. – A diet is a personal commitment to the health of one’s future self and it should be treated as a sacred trust.

21 December 2016 – A Dictionary of New Epigrams – Belief – You don’t have to believe everything you see or hear, but walk away from stinking things.

22 December 2016 – So, do the right thing! – So, do the right thing!

23 December 2016 – Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance – book review – Hillbilly Elegy is a book that must be read to THE END to get the positive message.

24 December 2016 – Grave of the Fireflies – Decades later I am still trying to save the world by writing blogs.

25 December 2016 – The Tao Teh Ching – #31 – Revealed by Lao Tzu – Rendered by Charles Scamahorn – So Mourn the acceptance of victory, As the acceptance of defeat.

26 December 2016 – How to survive the unknown unknowns and prosper. – We need slack in our available resources that we can instantly apply when we see actionable realities for using our flexible assets.

27 December 2016 – Positive statements are more popular than negative ones. – Even positive things, when mentioned with balancing negative ones, may be too harsh for people to appreciate.

28 December 2016 – My top ten new options for New Year’s Resolutions – Those are the top resolutions for my coming year.

29 December 2016 – Reality goes into accelerating acceleration. – “The future we want to invent is a future in which human beings have finally grown up into real adults rather than the half adults that we have today.”

30 December 2016 – My most significant blog posts for 2016 – War is dangerous to your life and property, so choose leaders who will keep you out of war.

31 December 2016 – New Year’s Resolutions must have a punishment included. – While setting up your New Year’s Resolutions, also make up your own easy punishments for different kinds of possible failures.

31 December 2016 – Condensed thoughts 2016

Coming condensed thoughts Probaway 2017?