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There have always been problems in our world and there always will be, but we presently have several really big ones which everyone is ignoring. Having an elephant in your house for a short time isn’t really a problem if he is happy, well fed and not in one of his periodic frenzies called musth. Unfortunately, these lovely animals need lots of things to stay happy which are not readily available in your house, such as the companionship of other elephants, lots of food, and plenty of space to act out when they are in musth.

Probably if you asked any individual in the entire history of humanity if everything they needed was in adequate supply, they would quickly come up with some things which they thought were running low and cost too much. Inevitably there would be people, just over there, who are trying to take our stuff so we have to defend ourselves by making safe places for our family and to store up the essential things and make weapons. These concerns would be for things in current short supply and we would worry about things which we have in abundance for fear of someone capturing all that we possess There is a problem sometime where there is abundance right up to the moment there is nothing at all. There is the old saying: No one worries about water until the well runs dry.

There is a whole herd of elephants living quietly in your house today and they are easy to ignore because they are so cute and easy going. Tomorrow they will be very hungry, and they will be tired of being cooped up standing around in their own pollution and they will want to go out and fulfill their natural needs. A huge pile of H-bombs, already manufactured and ready to explode at a moment’s notice – now that’s a big elephant. A world economy totally dependent upon a one-time-use energy source – oil, half of which will be gone in ten years – Jumbo is growing up. Food supply of most people, those in cities, brought to them with a fragile, just in time, supply system. A working class in  developed nations having their jobs devalued to the level of the third world working class and getting dumped into irredeemable poverty – gee I wonder if they will be upset and go into a musth or just smile philosophically?

I hear a trumpet call to which there are no answers.