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I had hoped the hassles were over when we received the call saying the property had closed, and we were the legal owners of a house in Bend. We bought below the average priced house for the Bend region in the hope that buying low would leave us free of the problems of owning a bigger house. That is probably a false hope, because there are probably the exact same number of papers that must be signed and categories of people who must be included.

Today it was the home insurance. This devolves into another round of fifteen page documents being discussed on the phone, then the sending, and downloading of the password protected documents. Then reading and signing them, and then printing and either FAXing them back at a dollar or two per page, or photographing them on a copy stand which I set up, cleaning the photograph and converting it to black and white, compressing the document into pdf and sending it back. Round and round the swirl of fake paper flies. In this paperless world we are printing out these, largely gibberish, boilerplate documents at both ends, marking a few boxes, putting our easily forged signature onto the thing, and then sending it back. Only to go mostly unread, and then sent through some other swirl of paper. It is a crazy tornado of paper. The rather long home inspection documents also went through this paper trail, every step of it. Of course all of our automobile and personal identification will go thorough the same swirl when we try to move.

So, we have sent money flying off in every direction, through the ether. Talked to all sorts of people on the phone, who could have been on Mars, for all I know. How can you really tell who or where someone on the other end of a phone might be? We do our best to make sure everything is password protected. But this caution is between us and some unknown person out there somewhere. We are now trying to live a life we call Easy World, but so far it has been nothing but hassles.

I find this modern world unnecessarily complicated and stressful.