January 2009

1 January 2009 – Who is important now who will be significant in 500 years?

2 January 2009 – Probaway’s Person of the Year – Jimmy Wales

3 January 2009 – Oceans of wind power are available for humanity’s use.

4 January 2009 – Is Blu-ray dead? Yes and here’s why.

5 January 2009 – How to revive cold-dead people by warming their heart before anything else.

6 January 2009 – Preventing frostbite, finger and toe loss with aspirin, is yet another reason to always carry your aspirin with you wherever you go.

7 January 2009 – The Mayan calendar date will come and go and the best advice seems to be –  Live your life, help other people and enjoy the spectacle.

8 January 2009 – So far I am very happy with this Samsung TL34HD and consider it a worthwhile upgrade on my old Casio EX-Z1000.

9 January 2009 – We may soon see The One and it will be us. We are becoming UNITY.

10 January 2009 – Aircraft presently being used for forest fire suppression could be adapted for this purpose. Start metaseeding now for a better future next year.

11 January 2009 – “You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid.

12 January 2009 – Use no more water than you can obtain sustainably.

13 January 2009 – When everyone feels being part of humanity is more important than their loyalty to a part of it we might find a way into a sustainable future.

14 January 2009 – Today the term EarthArk was sent to California’s Secretary of State to the Name Availability Unit to request if it had been already used.

15 January 2009 – By cultivating the habit of responding with a “YES AND” your conversation becomes one of generating enthusiasm and exploring new ideas.

16 January 2009 – To get the best possible service from a person or a bureaucracy schedule your appointment for 8:30 am on Tuesday morning.

17 January 2009 – Would it be possible to put radar reflective tags in wild geese’s food so they could be easily spotted on the airport and airplane radars? 

18 January 2009 – Proba way back in 1994 wrote you didn’t need a disease to get the benefits from a fever. Raising a cancer victim’s temperature to 103°F+ kills some cancers.

19 January 2009 – Mars rocks on the cheap. Man on Mars? No need. It’s vastly cheaper to recover extraterrestrial rocks from Antarctic snowfields.

20 January 2009 – If you don’t go viral and become famous you and your ideas don’t exist.

21 January 2009 – “The truth is out there!”—If only you know how to see it. “The truth is written all over our faces”. Paul Eckman – Lie To Me – TV

February 2009

1 February 2009 – The goal of law should be to minimize the suffering of the innocent.

2 February 2009 – Above Charles Darwin’s grave in Westminster there is a cenotaph plaque for Alfred Russel Wallace the discoverer of how evolution works.

3 February 2009 – Alfred Russel Wallace was the sole discoverer of a fully functional theory of evolution and Darwin was the popularizer.

4 February 2009 – Charles Darwin reads Robert Chamber’ the Vestiges of Creation in 1848.

5 February 2009 – James Hutton, the father of geology, is one of the giants’ shoulders upon whom Darwinism stands.

6 February 2009 – Charles Darwin himself credits Patrick Matthew with publishing his evolution theory 29 years before he did, but in a rare journal.

7 February 2009 – Charles Darwin owes more than his genes and money to Erasmus Darwin.

8 February 2009 – Darwin and Wallace’s key ideas boil down to an analysis of Thomas Malthus’ population theory.

9 February 2009 – Lamarck’s working definition of how to gather useful knowledge is certainly better than the Sophists who are still being paid to flaunt their silliness on campus.

10 February 2009 – Adam Smith, the author of The Wealth of Nations (1776), was a key primogenitor of Darwinism.

11 February 2009 – Linnaeus Systema Naturae 1735 creates life’s family tree for Darwin 126 years before Darwin published his Origin of Species.

12 February 2009 – Lucretius (99-55BC) lays out some evolutionary ideas, although he himself wasn’t a scientist he helped prepare humanity for science. Discovered in 1434.

13 February 2009 – God and nature work in mysterious ways but we are trying to  learn and to obey.

14 February 2009 – This is an Earth Ark container. Please place small samples of seeds and soil inside. Use the durable water-proof containers provided.

15 February 2009 – A sample page for The Earthark Project to maximize the long term health of humanity and the Earth.

16 February 2009 – Convert sea wave energy into electric power by using an electric generator installed between a floating platform and a sheet anchor.

17 February 2009 – Everywhere I look there are little improvements which are needed. Here are some improvements for the computer keyboard.

18 February 2009 – Science is the art of standing on the shoulders of giants, seeing a little further than they did and most importantly publishing their visions.

19 February 2009 – The goal of every living system is to find all of its energy potentials for the niche it finds itself within, and adapt to them, and use them.

20 February 2009 – When a song gets stuck in your  head instantly start singing a new song, and have several at the ready and use a different one every time.

21 February 2009 – Mnemonics – for remembering people’s names.

22 February 2009 – The 42 best search engines and Wikipedia

23 February 2009 – When processes provide better understanding the result is a rapid improvement. If something works better it gets used. 14 examples.

24 February 2009 – You can’t cure human stupidity even with Wikipedia, because humans select reinforcement of a wished for reality, and reject what doesn’t fit.

25 February 2009 –Stopping automobile injuries with instantly extensible bumper.

26 February 2009 – Antarctica’s Gamburtsev mountains and the Earthark.

27 February 2009 – The gist of both of these authorities comments was, if a major war happens between major atomic bomb possessing powers it’s game over for the whole world.

28 February 2009 – Some Antarctica mountains considered for Eartharks.

March 2009

1 March 2009 – I would recommend spending a half an hour and make this protective cover for your screen devices.

2 March 2009 – Set the power bar timer to turn OFF at a time that you normally go to bed and turn ON again at a time before you normally use the device.

3 March 2009 – If we don’t save our planet’s species soon they will soon be gone forever. Some potential Earthark sites in central Antarctica.

4 March 2009 – Antarctica – some possible Earth Ark storage sites considered.

5 March 2009 – The goal of The Earthark Project is to maximize the long term health of humanity and the Earth, and local mountain top sites will help.

6 March 2009 – The Earthark Project and the Lifehaven Project will not save civilization but it will give humanity a second chance and it is obvious that we will be needing that soon.

7 March 2009 – The top 10 Book burnings. Send your discarded books to The Earthark Project for permanent storage.

8 March 2009 – I accused Arthur Conan Doyle of creating the Drake Plate, the Kensington Runestone and the Piltdown Man, in a paper at the AAAS 1989.

9 March 2009 – If we fail and humanity goes extinct before its time we will deserve the damnation of billions of unborn people who will never exist.

10 March 2009 – A cross-staff will get the traveler well within half a degree of the Earthark and its location would be visible with that amount of accuracy.

11 March 2009 – If 15 guys can turn out a car of the future like the Aptera why can’t Detroit do better than the Chevy Volt.

12 March 2009 – Green Flash is designing new computers based on a is used in tiny cell phone type of computer chips. DOE is targeting an Exaflop computer system by 2016.

13 March 2009 – Today something so extraordinary happened that it takes precedence over my usual more serious issues. I had what can only be called a Chocolate Raptus ! ! !

14 March 2009 – The automatic battery charger is the key to the coming all electric world economy.

15 March 2009 – The ultimate source of most of Earth’s available energy is radiant sunlight, much of which is converted into wind before the energy is re-radiated back into space.

16 March 2009 – The world is full of liars who want to get your money and your goodies. How to lie, cheat and steal, falsify, prevaricate and observe, verify and test.

17 March 2009 – At first innocent but evil ways of Breaking Bad’s a high school chemistry teacher are all for a good cause, aren’t they always, but they soon turn ugly and evil.

18 March 2009 – How our ancient ancestors managed to get out of the water and walk on dry land was the subject of Neil Shubin’s lecture.

19 March 2009 – Neil Shubin showed us the similarities of the bones of many different species through time and their niche space.

20 March 2009 – Wendy Northcutt author of, “The Darwin Awards,” gave me a Darwin Award for my Earth Ark, even though humanity isn’t dead just yet.

21 March 2009 – They gave me a DVI to DVI cable when it turned out I needed HDMI to DVI cable. That is a tiny mistake and easy to make but it means another total round trip for me.

22 March 2009 – One thing that is a bit strange with the flat screen versus my old CRT monitor is the photographs created by my cleanup procedures look different.

23 March 2009 – If we could mentally pop into the future and see to what uses our new tools would be put to we could achieve those new unanticipated results much more quickly.

24 March 2009 – When you are feeling faint contract your stomach muscles rhythmically.

25 March 2009 – People on their cell phones appear to be much friendlier than game playing subjects and happier than when they are alone. This needs to be looked into objectively.

26 March 2009 – The IPCC projections don’t factor in major war because it will look ugly and they can’t get funding or nice prizes if their predictions are ugly.

27 March 2009 – If every residence had a standard 5 gallon closed top bucket filled with water it would be readily available and easy for small fires to be put out.

28 March 2009 – The idea is to bring the whole world into a single economic system of trade-offs of human reproductive rights for other economically fungible rights.

29 March 2009 – Field Guide to the Apocalypse, has good information mixed in with the foolishness but unless you know which is which it is easy to be lead astray.

30 March 2009 – My shirt with red alignment markings on the button hole.

31 March 2009 – Oil consumption collides with disaster in the not too distant future as can easily be seen in the chart below.

April 2009

1 April 2009 – “What makes some particular thing go viral?“: Free, Open, Neutral, Timely and Social, offering some sort of reward for selfishness combined with some result from aggregation.

2 April 2009 – Wikipedia or Craigs List are no longer the future but they did show the way to what is at present the future.

3 April 2009 – We have a lot of built in conflicts in all human interactions and these become very apparent in the application of laws to its citizens.

4 April 2009 – Life is tough here in the San Francisco Bay area! You wouldn’t want to live here because commonly it’s warm in the sun and cool in the shade.

5 April 2009 – Seek stable societies librating about humanities survival, where everyone has unlimited speech, some power, a vote on total population, and the elimination of WOEs.

6 April 2009 – A quick list of essential survival abilities would include the following that all living things must comply with to survive and reproduce.

7 April 2009 – In the long run, whatever the technology, the people will have to be in energy balance with the retrievable solar input and not on mined resources of stored energy.

8 April 2009 – There is the underlying symbolic connection between the energy of the sun and the energy of the wind, that should be incorporated into the modern ecology symbolism.

9 April 2009 – The population party is nearly over but even the informed humans are still tooting their happy horns. Well let’s be stoic, accept the inevitable and be content.

10 April 2009 – Blurry vision? An eye testing device improvement for Optometrists, a sharply flipping lens switch between lenses. This …. or …. this? replaced with This-or-This?

11 April 2009 – The American automobile is going to eat the food off your plate. The  Detroit executives don’t care that they are killing their own country and the world. 

12 April 2009 –Google Touring is the new way to travel. It’s quick, easy and cheap. Street View takes you to places you would never go and maybe will now choose not to go.

13 April 2009 – Google Earth Street View comes visiting us today. I was able to get my camera out and take this picture of it.

14 April 2009 – A widely published portrait of Jack the Ripper pursued by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson, before they were identifiable figures.

15 April 2009 – To create something new, you need to be willing to work very hard on something which others think will fail and be willing to fail in the attempt.

16 April 2009 – To be identifiable is to be categorized into expectations of behavior, but these same categories when identified force expectations on oneself.

17 April 2009 – A new type of aircraft base for long distance aircraft deployments, based on submersible platforms.

18 April 2009 – The Berkeley Avian Influenza Confrence where I sat in briefly on these lectures and gave some xeroxes of my articles on flu to them.

19 April 2009 – What could be a brilliant man, like Conan Doyle’s, purpose be for appearing so stupid as to believe in the Cottingly faries and Spiritualism?

20 April 2009 – The automatic battery charger is the key to the coming all electric world economy. These battery charging platforms should be totally standardized.

21 April 2009 – Bird flu is coming sooner or alter – so prepare for it and promote the idea,  “When you are sick avoid sick birds!!! and sick people!!!”

22 April 2009 – If in my distant past Jeremy Waldon had delivered the lecture I heard today I would have tried hard to become a lawyer.

23 April 2009 – This panel of distinguished law professors never gave any consideration to why humans had the particular set of inborn values.

24 April 2009 – Work through these clues and you will be on your way along one of the most exciting Adventures Sir Conan Doyle ever created.

25 April 2009 – I didn’t attend most of the lectures because I felt like an outsider. They were very nice to me; It was my own inferiority complex that was the problem.

26 April 2009 – Some thoughts as bon mots, such as —  It is almost impossible to tell someone something they don’t already know.

27 April 2009 – The pressures for immediate action will precipitate rash actions and so we need to plan a librating state toward which humanity might strive.

28 April 2009 – If the United States were to expel 20% of its unhappy people, like Butan, it would seem like a very happy country indeed. We import desperate people from everywhere.

29 April 2009 – When you are sick with a flu avoid people and totally avoid sick birds and sick pigs.

30 April 2009 – Jordan B. Peterson and I wanted to understand why people who were so capable of very constructive things were also so inclined to do evil things.

May 2009

1 May 2009 – PLAN B 3.0: Mobilizing to save civilization by Lester R. Brown doesn’t look at the real problems and so it isn’t going to save civilization or the planet Earth.

2 May 2009 – Viral ideas are self-assembling within preexisting needs. The needs are within a mental environment and the ideas are a way of using the pent-up energy in that environment.

3 May 2009 – A convertible sport car, coupe, minivan, pickup that easily converts from a sport car to a panel truck and everything in between.

4 May 2009 – Four new possibilities for controlling flu. Amy Herr is involved with developing computer chips for identifying the flus and tracking the density of flu germs.

5 May 2009 – I design a new N95 face mask upgraded for the flu sneeze control.

6 May 2009 – I had some fun finding the Santa Barbara fire location using Google Earth. This is helpful activity when there is breaking news as it helps you understand the event.

7 May 2009 – So, you want to be famous.tv popped into my life. I need some fame or notoriety in order to be heard. Because without some clout I will keep getting shut down.

8 May 2009 – 18 ways of reducing the flu threat for everyone.

9 May 2009 – The basic idea of the JulianA indexing system is to stamp all things of interest with a time and location stamp using a simple digital system.

10 May 2009 – My mother’s father was Glen Maurice Eidemiller born 3Dec 1888 of W. Tippecanoe OH, and the 1906 Covington, OH football team.

11 May 2009 – At least on a geological time scale — Doomsday is already upon us; we haven’t gotten to the nasty bits, just yet.

12 May 2009 – Here is tourism to 50 cities without the trouble, expense, wastefulness and fatigue of actually traveling to those distant locations in person.

13 May 2009 – All airplane pilots should have a couple of hours per year of stall and spin training in light planes so the recovery reaction becomes automatic.

14 May 2009 – Isle of the Dead by Arnold Bocklin. The ashes of a life, in a barely visible urn, of some dead hero, is being carried to a fabulous resting place.

15 May 2009 –  Or – 3. Create a single world sovereignty with exclusive possession of Weapons of Annihilation (WOE) and regulate the population to a permanently sustainable number.

16 May 2009 – Wine and Temperature – A live taste test on Cabernet Sauvignon. At 58° the wine is smooth while in the mouth but with some astringency coming after the swallow.

17 May 2009 – The inspired person strikes out into the void with utmost confidence because it is what needs to be done to accomplish the task.

18 May 2009 – For the modern treatment of flu there isn’t much now you wouldn’t expect from Imhotep the first physician 5,000 ago except, “Kill as few patients as possible.”

19 May 2009 – A common statement—“farmed animals and crops are much better than they used to be when I was a child.” 

20 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( A )

21 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( B )

22 May 2009 – UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites with links ( C )

23 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( D )

24 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( E )

25 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( F )

26 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( G )

27 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( H )

28 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( I )

29 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( J )

30 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( K )

31 May 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( L )

June 2009

1 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( M )

2 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( N )

3 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( O )

4 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( P )

5 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( Q )

6 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( R )

7 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( S )

8 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( T )

9 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( U )

10 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( V )

11 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites with links ( W X Y Z )

12 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites – Alphabetical List

13 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites – Overview. The primary motivation for humanity is fear. We have built things to fend off the conscious feeling of the void.

14 June 2009 – Your Inner Fish – by Neil Shubin – Book Review – Where did we come from and how did we become the beings who we are.

15 June 2009 –Dance of the Continents by John W. Harrington – Book Review – takes Agassiz, Darwin, Wegener, and explores, why they sought, and what they hoped to find.

16 June 2009 – If someone announces, “I don’t believe in the law of evolution,” they sound insane. It’s tantamount to saying, “I don’t believe in the law of gravity. Axioms of Life.

17 June 2009 – My conception of a good car is one that is absolutely reliable, costs as little as possible to purchase, gets wonderful gas mileage and is invisible to the police.

18 June 2009 – After a thing has been identified with a name attaching a definition interferes with communication and is counter productive to communication.

19 June 2009 – The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) should be the pinnacle of good sense and sensibility related to health issues but the flu article in the current issue fails.

20 June 2009 – Take the best 20 prints away from any photographer and they will become rather lack luster. There were several other similar events, in my photo career, all of them bad.

21 June 2009 – Putting books into permanent cold storage isn’t destroying them but bringing them to life at a later time when, electronic things have failed, and books are needed.

22 June 2009 – We may never know if it was the infamous coffin corner which killed flight 447 unless the black boxes are recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

23 June 2009 – The Earth is two very different places geographically depending from where you view it.

24 June 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites – with links ( A – Z )

25 June 2009 – Berkeley is a strange place! Some of the most pitiful examples of humanity mixed tightly with some of the most to be envied.

26 June 2009 – I like it here on Earth and after some 4 billion years of adaptations to its qualities I fit right in. Why seek to go some nirvana where nothing works right?

27 June 2009 – Speed up grocery store check out with an additional scanner that scans itmes placed by the customer on the conveyer belt facing a scanner fixed to the side.

28 June 2009 – Why do I start things that I know are too big for the time and energy I can muster up to do them? Who needs a list of links to the 100 Top Museums in the world?

29 June 2009 – It takes 10 times longer to do 100 things than to do 10 things. Some projects are too big to do properly in one day. Every last one is too big to be done perfectly.

30 June 2009 – Why is Jack the Ripper still famous when there have been 200 million people killed since his five? It’s obvious if you think about it.

July 2009

1 July 2009 – The 100 Top Museums of the World – ranked with links to the museum, Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia and latitude and longitude location.

2 July 2009 – A photograph of the Jack the Ripper in the victim’s eye. This weird clue leads to one person who is multiply involved with that seemingly innocuous clue.

3 July 2009 – If scientists are to create a list of traits of human abilities they should look to those qualities which young women are looking for in their selection of mates.

4 July 2009 – Why are people good to each other? We seek our own approval by behaving in ways of which we approve. We are good people because we judge other people.

5 July 2009 – Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault – a book review. This book would be a great help in making a trip along the fault a life enhancing experience.

6 July 2009 – William Shakespeare – The Chandos portrait restored. I was annoyed by the crazed quality of painting’s face and spent several hours cleaning it up.

7 July 2009 – The EarthArk Project Goals. The EarthArk is a storage place for all of the good things that the Earth has provided and modern humanity has created.

8 July 2009 – A thank you to Nature. Nature is the source of everything I am aware of and I feel respectful to the grandeur of its existence. I belong to this time and place.

9 July 2009 – Dear Boss – Jack the Ripper. This letter is dripping with clues that lead to one man!

10 July 2009 – It’s a great time to be a blogger. Now everyone has the opportunity to improve the world we all live in.

11 July 2009 – The general idea of the 10 day diet is to maintain interest in a diet for ten days, coast for a while, then change to a new diet on the first day of the month.

12 July 2009 – That mined coal and oil energy gets consumed one time. When it is gone it is gone forever and can never power our future needs.

13 July 2009 – How do we involve ourselves in a meaningful way in working out solutions to the overpowering problems? Find solutions or one prodigious ruin will swallow us all.

14 July 2009 – I suspect that WolframAlpha is just the first wave of what will soon be the primary use of the Internet—the access to wisdom.

15 July 2009 – Make a new world possible—support The EarthArk Project. It cannot be otherwise because there is no other viable path to the future.

16 July 2009 – It is necessary to focus people’s attention on The EarthArk Project rather than the demise of modern humanity, they will just deny that as a possibility.

17 July 2009 – Raise the general happiness level of a group by keeping the people’s attention focused on positive goals which they can attain with group work.

18 July 2009 – Jack the Ripper left a trail of clues including signed confessions if only you look in the right places in the right way.

19 July 2009 – The higher one moves along the Happiness Scale the more opportunity there is for long term social interaction and improvement of peoples lives.

20 July 2009 – I have created in a design for a workable self constructing space station of sheets of  melted and rolled iron of some appropriate width but of unlimited length.

21 July 2009 – Grim! But grimmer still is the fact that the stresses which we now face with a world war are the same ones they spoke of in 1983 but more extensive and intensive. 

22 July 2009 – This world has been given to us as our home and come what may it provides us with our destiny. We belong to this time and place—this is our time and this is our place.

23 July 2009 – If there is any question if I am going to be using something in the near future it is probably not going to get used ever and is going to be making me unhappy. 

24 July 2009 – The easiest way to slow the world wide spread of flu is for everyone entering a terminal anywhere in the world to be issued a clean face mask.

25 July 2009 – Don’t poop before you eat.” and “Eat some fibrous food with every swallow.” You need to consciously under-eat for three days after overeating just once.

26 July 2009 – Once the name of this person, a variation of Jack the Ripper and Dear Boss, is revealed it is relatively easy to show the other links to him.

27 July 2009 – If one were to compute the synergism of the top five global disaster factors it would be a good indicator of the longest time before the expected disaster.

28 July 2009 –  It was reported today that nerve injuries like the spinal injury that crippled and killed Superman Christopher Reeve, may now be controlled by a food dye.

29 July 2009 – To get back to my point, why are white people so stupid, and participate in life threatening sports, and my answer is, I don’t know. Perhaps, you do.

30 July 2009 – The pre-Columbian Americans did not have domesticated animals because the local animals which might have been domesticated had been hunted to extinction.

31 July 2009 – The Star Rover, by Jack London, is a must read book by all Ripperologists, and by those who want to better understand Jack London and A. Conan Doyle.

August 2009

1 August 2009 – I wonder how many illusions we are currently living with that are inaccurate, as were Columbus’s, and as easily corrected if we only knew how.

2 August 2009 – When a person sets his goal before himself and achieves some high rewards early on in life it locks in his ambition for greater achievement.

3 August 2009 – Sleeping with someone is the ultimate statement of trust. We live in many hours of companionable unconsciousness. A person is totally vulnerable when sleeping.

4 August 2009 – When the subject is one of deadly peril to billions of human beings, being presented by the news from the UN, one could hope for accurate information.

5 August 2009 – I was upset earlier today by a panhandler. This guy was as healthy and sane anyone could hope to be but he was finding it more to his liking to panhandle.

6 August 2009 – Seeing the inevitable collision of population and resources can make one gloomy, but now is the time we must live in a happy state—it has ever been thus.

7 August 2009 – A shorthand system can never be simpler than the Probaway single stroke shorthand system because nothing can be communicated with less than a single stroke.

8 August 2009 – Shouldn’t it be possible to speak and think with greater clarity if the languages we communicated with were repaired to eliminate the obvious problems.

9 August 2009 – Casablanca – Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart – book review. In some ways the book’s better because ideas can be considered longer.

10 August 2009 – Chicago Haymarket Revenge Rache! Rache! poster of May 2, 1886 was disclaimed by the Workers. Rache! was the first word in Sherlock Holmes series.

11 August 2009 – A Woody Allen clone finds a plastic Jesus in a Berkeley dumpster. Excellent information, unless presented by a paying authority, will not get searched.

12 August 2009 – The local time anywhere, at present, all we need to know is the number of vibrations a Ytterbium clock would have registered to the Big Bang at that place.

13 August 2009 – I don’t feel depressed about these negative subjects at all because in every blog I come up with a reasonable way to cope with the disaster.

14 August 2009 – Restating Descartes famous idea as, “I only think I think therefore I only think I am,” acknowledges the turtles all the way down problem.

15 August 2009 – Give stupid people power and they will do stupid things with it. Don’t give FREE Tamiflu to politicians, who have proven they don’t understand the problems.

16 August 2009 – Build a pyramid by using the side of the pyramid itself as a ramp and there is no need to build an external long ramp up to the top.

17 August 2009 – If a person gets a disease of any sort whatsoever, it is some other person’s fault and they should sue—someone, anyone. That’s counter-productive.

18 August 2009 – How can you express yourself when others about you are louder, better informed, more articulate, more passionate, and more cunning than you?

19 August 2009 – Human improvement is a group effort based on conversations and weighing of various qualities of the various men available for Eve’s selection.

20 August 2009 – Perhaps we should not look beyond our nose, For then despair would overwhelm our soul. For what’s to see but loss of all we know And love. We know clear vision takes its toll.

21 August 2009 – Casablanca is a hideous movie for mature people. If you actually observe what happens during this romantic movie it is horrible in the extreme.

22 August 2009 – Warm packs can be placed on the chest of moribund people to keep their hearts and vital organs functioning a little longer.

23 August 2009 – Before you talk to someone important think for a minute about what you want to say. Make it an idea that would be interesting to them.

24 August 2009 – To stay on subject is critical. So to maintain relevancy you must be commenting on the sentence that was just spoken, and then relate to what went before.

25 August 2009 – The World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t recommend going to the doctor unless you had flu for three days, but then what? Tamiflu no longer works.

26 August 2009 – Get your vaccinations or die an unnecessary death and take yourself and your potential progeny out of the gene pool. Darwin Awards are not tough to get.

27 August 2009 – To improve the accident statistics, the risks should be emphasized to those people most at risk and the benefits, should be disparaged.

28 August 2009 – Every day in every way I’m getting better and better — sort of. My learning experienceavoid disease including salmonella.

28 August 2009 – Control hurricanes with sea anchors and canvas that diverts cold deep sea water to the surface and that deprives the storms of their energy source.

29 August 2009 – The ultimate good is to maximize the human hours of vigorous life and the best way to do that is to have a human population in balance with nature.

30 August 2009 – If the governments respond to the eventual famine the way they have responded to the current flu epidemic the problems will get really ugly.

31 August 2009 – Americans paying for the medical procedures some foreigners are getting for one sixteenth the cost, and the bottom line is we are not living longer.

September 2009

1 September 2009 – When I was young that word consumption was still loaded with negative connotations and meant wasting as in the sense of destroying .

2 September 2009 – What feels best now is always what we do, So, feel ahead and limit future rue.

3 September 2009 – How can one possibly explain the pleasures of a Utilitarian state of mind to someone who is struggling to maintain a Hedonistic one.

4 September 2009 – Depending upon the driving conditions the 1/3rd center hard section of the compound tire would be in exclusive contact with the road over 95% of the time.

5 September 2009 – I just discovered, for me at least, a better way of separating two pages of paper that are pressed together.

6 September 2009 – Either you reduce population quickly to some number the planet will support, which is socially impossible, or you do a lot of feckless complaining.

7 September 2009 – I see — No Buter! No-You’re wrong! Twisting-Chin! Side Chatting! Quiet-Secret! — conversation controlling techniques used everyday and lots more.

8 September 2009 – There isn’t anything pre-computer old people want to know that is worth the risk of looking.

9 September 2009 – There can be a beautiful Earth with a few people living happily upon it for a very long time.

10 September 2009 – There is a good chance that even when  a world wide famine comes most people will ignore it until their personal cupboards are bare.

11 September 2009 – My experience is that most people are unable to see clues even when you show them. It is their unwillingness to trust the observations of their own senses.

12 September 2009 – When the disastrous worldwide famine will hit is when about half of the money spent by the world’s population is spent on food. Famine Early Warning System

13 September 2009 – Squandering your money will eventually consume your source of money.

14 September 2009 – If what your company and your job delivers can be delivered by someone cheaper, via online shipping, then the public will buy that cheaper item.

15 September 2009 – My World heritage Sites – with links is a fine series but only gets a few hits. The EarthArk Project is the most important thing I will ever do, gets very few hits.

16 September 2009 – I started thinking … this new park law means I can’t walk across the street from my home (for the last 25 years in September) and watch the sunset.

17 September 2009 – The ability that TV pundits need, and clearly have in abundance, is that of exploitation of others around them for their private advantage.

18 September 2009 – The comment, “You lie!”, may be a turning point in American politics.

19 September 2009 – Mixing up the plays spreads out the opposition, and always giving the ball to one player even the best player in the world will soon make him look poor.

20 September 2009 – Catholic services are just too calming for my needs. After all, as I said to some women at a garden party a while ago, “I’m not much into pleasure.”

21 September 2009 – When the whole Earth is maxed out the desperation will become ubiquitous. What then? You figure it out. It isn’t that difficult.

22 September 2009 – A migraine aura responded well to light tapping toward the center of the back of my head behind the ears where the visual centers are located.

23 September 2009 – It was a hot day and I was cooling myself with sprayed water but the UC coeds were cooling by taking off their clothes. What ever makes you feel COOL.

24 September 2009 – Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Vincent Van Gogh were all active in the fall and winter of 1888. How strange is that — coincidence?

25 September 2009 – We need a universal adapters of some very flexible designs to link up to the vast array of currently discarded batteries to other uses.

26 September 2009 – The simple truth is that Jack the Ripper left an blizzard of clues and these millions of sleuths have been too dull to see what is splattered before them.

27 September 2009 – I am Apophenio! I see what others don’t! — Ah Haaa !!! They see the clues, they just don’t see the significance.

28 September 2009 – Apophenio’s only weapon is the power to see obvious patterns. His superpower is symbolized by an icon, completely invisible to all other beings.

29 September 2009 – It is tiring to argue with people who refuse to see what is before their eyes but this is the world that I am confronted with all the time.

30 September 2009 – I had an inkling of these powers for many years but until I acquired the name they were sporadic intermittent, unreliable and thus useless.

October 2009

1 October 2009 – Morality was given to us by young women, and all of the philosophizing in the world by the greatest minds will not change their genetic heritage one iota.

2 October 2009 – Who can say Good-bye to you on Doomsday because it isn’t likely to be good, so perhaps a better departing statement would just plain. Bye-bye!

3 October 2009 – The world we now struggle within will be remembered by our descendents, if they come to exist, as a disastrous time filled with very unhappy people.

4 October 2009 – The Letter from Hell, is considered by many to be from Jack the Ripper but I don’t find any of my markers, so it is highly suspect even if it has half a kidney.

5 October 2009 – The elbow bump could become just as affectionate as a hand shake. Flu is a social disease and like gonorrhea is easily prevented by avoiding physical hand contact.

6 October 2009 – Darwin writes half his Origin of Species trying to define what a species is and at the end he admits it is just a verbal convenience for talking about the subjects.

7 October 2009 – All I am saying is, “Since we can’t stop the fall, We can’t stop the splat.”

8 October 2009 – I was about to toss the book aside as overblown drivel but went to the last chapter hoping by then he would have gotten over his hallucinatory rhetoric.

9 October 2009 – Place tire pressure testing devices, such as pressure hoses across roads to tell motorists that their tires were low and a sign where to get air.

10 October 2009 – The internet is making the world a better place by making people more accountable and thus responsible for their actions.

11 October 2009 – There is an order in which to eat foods to get the maximum satisfaction. The no more than five sweets, and banana should come last after the chocolate.

12 October 2009 – A really good theory should be so fundamental that it will stretch the minds of people for a long time.

13 October 2009 – When someone uses an exclamation (!) mark it should trigger the thought, “Is the exact opposite equally true?”

14 October 2009 – Wikipedia has a built in feedback loop which continually improves the quality of information and of behavior of what ever is based on that information.

15 October 2009 – Darwin’s questionable priority over Patrick Matthew for the causes of evolution of a species to fit its environment, not the evolution of the individual.

16 October 2009 – I fail to sell The Earth Ark idea to Leon Lederman and Walter Alvarez as it was too grandiose even for these super-successful mega-thinkers.

17 October 2009 – Probaway’s 15 level Consciousness Scale starting with self assembling polymers moving through animal, human, electronic, to self responsive Universe.

18 October 2009 – The standard keyboard could easily be improved by changing the overly wide space-bar into a group of five keys. And several more.

19 October 2009 – I seek to maximize human happiness but to do that we need to have a civilization in balance with nature and a revivication of the Earth.

20 October 2009 – I feel sad when a friend dies. My other friends must be feeling sad too, so I must and will be more considerate of their feelings of loss.

21 October 2009 – We should keep the old things and ideas which have been proven to work but consciously move away from those that have been proven not to work.

22 October 2009 – Show up, jump in and Do It, and where there is a positive feedback component in a cyclic activity there will be spontaneous growth and naturally scaling.

23 October 2009 – China is building cars faster than the US and Japan put together, and will soon have more cars on the road. They demand oil from where the oil is the Middle East.

24 October 2009 – It is impossible to face the population issue because it conflicts with the most elemental of all human inclinations the desire to survive and reproduce.

25 October 2009 – Solar energy is as reliable as the sun itself, and wind is a direct derivative of the sun, over time they are more reliable than limited one time use energy like oil.

26 October 2009 – The way to get the energy from the heights is with kites. There are huge amounts of wind energy free for the taking—go get it.

27 October 2009 – Selection – Natural, Sexual, Artificial and Eveish. Modern man was created by ancient women.

28 October 2009 – Consider human life in the year 7,000 CE and one thing becomes obvious, humanity can not carry on the way it presently is doing for that long.

29 October 2009 – What did I learn, after wasting a lot of time, effort and money? Before you do anything do a Google Search and before you go anywhere do a Google Earth.

30 October 2009 – Isaac Mao said the Chinese government doesn’t punish people for accessing forbidden materials; they just make it impossible for people to get certain stuff.

31 October 2009 – Today I saw an even crazier example of stupidity it is a new kind of stupidity and deserves a new name. How about super-stupid! 

November 2009

1 November 2009 – We must solve population stability possible and how to make Weapons Of Extermination (WOEs) impossible.

2 November 2009 – Until we find a way to contain our Weapons of Extermination and the knowledge of how to create them humanity is doomed to an early extinction.

3 November 2009 – I design a new keyboard with letters in their usual position but with the controlling keys given a psychologically more logical function and position.

4 November 2009 – Monotheistic religion came into existence in Egypt, with Queen Tiye, coexisted and died with her, and was reborn much later as the people of the book.

5 November 2009 – Dacher Keltner and Kevin Padian lectured on Darwinism and later I discussed with them the implications of the precursors of his theories.

6 November 2009 – Computers with a thousand CPUs faster processors fiber-optic rates of new data flowing to peoples homes will result in a higher quality boredom.

7 November 2009 – Look both ways before starting to walk across the street, and be especially careful when the opposite side driver gives you the wave-on.

8 November 2009 – When thinking about a Google search or how to foucs in on a key idea when about to begin a blog post, think of the unusual words associated with it.

9 November 2009 – I encountered this total lack of thought of a back up plan for humanity when talking to top US government and foreign officials.

10 November 2009 – To maximize human happiness there needs to be healthy people living on a healthy Earth. Every person needs a substantial voting responsibility.

11 November 2009 – Some considerations for making the laws of world society in a stable world in 5000 years.

12 November 2009 – UNESCO – World Heritage Sites prepared here so you may view the best historical sites in the world from anywhere in the world.

13 November 2009 – The subjects in the pleasant smelling surroundings act more charitably towards others on psychological tests, because humans are a whole functioning unit.

14 November 2009 – The best solutions to difficult problems may be hiding in the annoying little exceptions. Seek out exceptions, especially those near the core idea.

15 November 2009 – I fight for my right to be stupid and your right to be stupid and my friends believe I am succeeding.

16 November 2009 – Our New World will be even more spectacular than the last 25 years because so many people are working on the things that will make it spectacular.

17 November 2009 – Love is in the possessor not in the possessed. Contentment is the feeling that a hoped for state actually exists — it does exist and it is you.

18 November 2009 – When I go to bed at night, I place my face on the pillow in such a way that it is stretched into a smiling expression and I feel happier as I doze off to sleep.

19 November 2009 – What are the tipping points for the world? If you can have no effect on the outcome you have no moral or physical obligations. So don’t worry about it.

20 November 2009 – I hope future people’s time will be leisure, that they may enjoy their earth, and  rest by the sea and dream; that they may dance and sing, and feel happy.

21 November 2009 – The coaches faces are different. After a second of reactive emotion to a play you can see them thinking, calculating, planning, commanding and controlling.

22 November 2009 – Every idea has some validity depending on the flow of the previous assumptions, and it becomes necessary to define its limits every time it is used.

23 November 2009 – Food is the limiting factor for population but food creation may be limited by the power available.

24 November 2009 – Everyone agreed that wine at 40° F was refreshing but if you swallowed it quickly it didn’t have much flavor, so mouth it warmer before swallowing.

25 November 2009 – Ecology rhetoric is nonsense, not because the words are wrong but because they can’t be implemented.  Nature’s LAW is survive and reproduce.

26 November 2009 – Viewing the world from another persons needs is the foundation of respect and soon of love for them and helping them find meaning.

27 November 2009 – Humans are slow learners but they can learn if given unequivocal experience, and to a limited degree foresee the future.

28 November 2009 – The world is not hopelessly lost if the Earth Ark included a sophisticated sperm and oocyte bank.

29 November 2009 – 15 current megaprojects of the near future projected and speculatively viewed from 5,000 years in the future.

30 November 2009 – We all went our separate ways muttering no doubt about who is nuts or maybe not. With sarcasm you never really know what’s happening.

December 2009

1 December 2009 – TIME magazine’s list of candidates for person of the year, but I ask, will they and their accomplishment be relevant and remembered in 500 years.

2 December 2009 – Now is the best of times but it’s about to be the worst of times! How many independent decision makers have their fingers on their A-bomb buttons.

3 December 2009 – Your knowledge may seem commonplace and obvious but the people of the future may desperately need your personal wisdom and will remember you. }

4 December 2009 – JulianA Time and Space indexing system where the decimalized, when, and where, are followed by the  who, what, why, whence, whither, LOC,

5 December 2009 – Life is better when you participate to the fullest with what’s available to you.

6 December 2009 – Who will be the most hated person in history? Here’s 47 possibilities.

7 December 2009 – My 18 year old 1996 Geo Prizm consistently gets 51 MPG on the highway but nearly fails the tough California NOx test. But, it does pass.

8 December 2009 – Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle. Here are some unchallengeable facts developed into linkages to the creator of Sherlock Holmes the world’s greatest sleuth.

9 December 2009 – The EarthArk Project will have some strange answers to as yet to be asked questions like how to store living things unaccustomed to freezing.

10 December 2009 – How to make big stone domes cheaply is an exercise in finding construction techniques that are long lasting so the amortized cost would be low.

11 December 2009 – Evolution has had the time to balance some pleasurable things with needs but not ego. Perhaps unlimited ego is the natural human condition.

12 December 2009 – There will probably arise simplifications of standard English. These undiscovered things may be similar to the decimal notation system in obviousness.

13 December 2009 – In the future we may have peace but in the present world, it is impossible. The book State Secrets gives 6 reasons not to trust without verifiability.

14 December 2009 – People don’t consider the destructive effects of their efforts to satisfy their need for ego aggrandizement, and yet in old age they claim to be saintly pacifists.

15 December 2009 – How do we bring out the best in people around us and avoid tripping the annoyance button on naturally irritable people?

16 December 2009 – “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!” is a Christmas lie, that permanently injures children. When a child asks you a question answer it truthfully.

17 December 2009 – Jack the Ripper is still famous because the story is filled with so many quirky plot twists that it begs the sleuth in all of us to try to identify the real killer.

18 December 2009 – A list of 87 sites to send your news releases.

19 December 2009 – The evidence is so much stronger against Doyle than any of the other suspects. He wanted the credit or he wouldn’t have put the clues into the crimes.

20 December 2009 – In Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Wisdom is defined as, Traveling the paths to financial independence and freedom.

21 December 2009 – I noticed my face was hurting. It was a dull inner pain but sharp when it caught my attention, then I realized I had been smiling too long and too hard.

22 December 2009 – 15 Jack the Ripper suspect photos. Some are artists of various types, some are criminals, some are doctors, and one is royalty.

23 December 2009 – Old dried up English blood just isn’t good enough for a news story. Even phoney Hollywood blather blood is better than the real Jack the Ripper red stuff.

24 December 2009 – Everyone should learn from these winners that you need to practice, and to practice with the same intensity that the final performance will require.

25 December 2009 – Jack the Ripper is in a theater near you. Arthur Conan Doyle was a much more interesting person than any of his fictional creations.

26 December 2009 – Electrical plugs, like audio plugs, are improved with an exterior rounded shoulder strain relief built into the device.

27 December 2009 – The new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. is frivolous fun. With a total lack of good motivations for any of the characters.

28 December 2009 – Important things should have short easy names. The easier a thing is to use the more useful it is, and it is easy to create new words which sound good.

29 December 2009 – My thoughts are getting weirder. I have no idea what will happen next year, but if the trend continues it will be interesting for me and disturbing for my friends.

30 December 2009 – TIME’s Ben Bernanke saved those who are too important to fail, and rewarded those wrong doers for their avarice by robbing the middle class.

31 December 2009 – Probaway’s Person of the year Nadya Suleman (Octomom) will be remembered because of population collapses caused by overpopulation.