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Obesity is caused by eating too much food is in the news today. Apparently it is another really slow news day, but the upside of that non-news may be that another war didn’t start today. That would be news, but who wants it, other than the media, whom live on reporting other local people’s suffering. So that’s the positive side of human fat. Not much.

Why do people eat so much when it makes them heavy and unhealthy? It would seem that people eat because it makes them happy. I enjoy eating and apparently everyone else does too, but overeating creates an unpleasant feeling which lasts for hours. I know, I have over-eaten at holiday parties several times. One time, I felt so bad I had to leave and walk for half an hour trying to regain my normal comfortable feeling. During that walk I promised myself that I would never do that again, and I haven’t, at least that badly.

Eating too much makes one’s stomach hurt, and makes one feel logy for hours, so how can a person be happy if they hurt? How can they continue doing things which they know will bring them pain? And if they are half conscious, why do they keep eating when they know it will bring on short-term pain, medium term crummy feeling and permanent poor feeling physically from carrying excess weight, and the final nails into their self-esteem, the social and psychological condemnation. Many people of this world have chosen this unpleasant life path voluntarily, so there must be an explanation.

If food doesn’t bring pleasure beyond what the body needs and therefore wants it must be a mental habit or a psychological need that drives them to keep eating, or more probably an interaction of both. If food is felt as a release for some psychological suffering then it would be more sensible to address the pain directly and solve whatever problem is causing the overeating. The root cause of overeating would be a discontentment with their relationship with themselves and the world around them. Overeating is a way they are coping with this imbalance and trying to bring it into balance. It brings them closer to where they want to be. Big is important and in control. Eating puts one into greater control of the world around them because it makes them bigger.

We all know that obese people are in fact even more dependent upon the world around them for support than normally sized ones, but that may not be the way it feels from the inside of people. There is a primal feeling of control when one is bigger than those around and conversely there is a primal feeling within the smaller people when in the presence of big ones that because they are smaller they are less significant. Since, both of the people in this social situation have this inbred feeling it becomes even more powerful. There develops a respect for the physically bigger person which they haven’t earned by their physical actions, because they are incapable of them, but because of their mass. Bigger is better. It’s a primal thing.

People eat because it gives them the contented feeling of being in control.