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We usually walk to the grocery store, because it gives Debbie and me a little exercise along with taking care of a needed task. It is only a five blocks away, and by walking in an alley most of the way we have very little interaction with cars, or people, so it becomes like a pleasant walk in a park.

Today we did something a little different because we wanted to visit the Occupy Wall Street political action, actually on Wall Street here in Bend, Oregon, which was located only three blocks further than our grocery store. The protestors are camping in a large vacant lot (44.065, -121.308), on the edge of downtown. The camp is actually on Wall Street, but unfortunately it is also under some humming high voltage power lines and an elevated portion of Highway 97, so in addition to being dry and dusty, it’s also noisy all the time but especially when trucks passed overhead.

Occupy Wall Street

Bend, Oregon's version of Occupy Wall Street, is just friendly camping out on Wall Street.

The Occupy Wall Street officially sanctioned protest site was directly across Wall Street from the beautifully manicured Pioneer Park set beside the Deschutes River, so we idly ambled over there and through the park for a while and started walking the riverside trail. It was a balmy day, the river was crystal clear and we had it all to ourselves. How good can it get?

The Deschuted river

It's like wilderness here and yet the yellow tree is half way to Bend city center.

The top photo was taken near the silver colored car seen parked on Wall Street just to the left of the yellow tree, but the campground is not nearly such a pretty site as this riparian paradise.

The surprise for us was that this beautiful park, like several other parks, was an easy walk from our house.