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“You can’t cure stupid!” especially Detroit-stupid. More stats 113,279
Home page More stats 28,934
A solar powered refrigerator would be non-polluting and free to operate. More stats 10,674
A Doomsday Chart comparing Doomsday Clock to pollution. More stats 7,583
Google Earth – The new controls for zoom and horizon tilt. More stats 7,308
The colonoscopy laxative drink made enjoyable. More stats 6,671
Lifehaven – South Georgia Island More stats 5,958
Lifehavens – Bouvet Island for a difficult to attack haven. More stats 4,977
Colonoscopy – and how to enjoy drinking the foul tasting purging fluids. More stats 4,862
Fayoum – The Egyptian mummy portraits restored somewhat. More stats 4,709
Tunguska Event – Sherlock Holmes and the adventure of the missing comet. More stats 4,667
A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths. More stats 4,432
Codex Gigas – The Devil’s Bible More stats 3,949
Surviving heart attacks with aspirin taken immediately. More stats 3,714
Swamp cooler air conditioner upgrade. More stats 3,367
Jack the Ripper was Arthur Conan Doyle More stats 3,311
How many modern people can the Earth sustain? 16 million! More stats 3,138
Jack the Ripper suspects photos More stats 2,930
Publish or die; or publish and kill. – How does one get noticed? More stats 2,738
A Convenient Truth – lecture by Dan Reicher of Google.org More stats 2,729
Migraine cure – an aura event appeared to respond to an ice pack and tapping. More stats 2,658
How to stop broken ribs from hurting when you sneeze. More stats 2,493
Norman Rockwell, an artful illustrator reviewed. More stats 2,346
INDEX by subject. More stats 2,294
Lifehaven – War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. More stats 2,278
BMI (Body Mass Index) is replaced by BDI (Body Density Index) More stats 2,168
What will be the Earth’s maximum population? More stats 1,994
Lifehavens – Survival caves for humanity. More stats 1,972
Imhotep was the first master of Doomsday. More stats 1,856
Jack the Ripper pursued by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson More stats 1,849
2012 — Doomsday the Mayan way. More stats 1,767
Andrew Carnegie aims to maximize the benefits to humanity. More stats 1,728
Probaway’s Person of the Year. More stats 1,717
Probaway – Person of the year Nadya Suleman (Octomom) More stats 1,647
100 Top Museums of the World – with links More stats 1,642
Lifehavens for humanity. Survival alternatives with 1,000 people each. More stats 1,640
Paul Ekman on understanding emotions and detecting suicide bombers. More stats 1,536
Google Earth Street View comes visiting us today. More stats 1,508
The Earth is two different planets. More stats 1,499
Thomas Malthus influenced Charles Darwin and Wallace More stats 1,464
Emotional Awareness: by Paul Ekman & Dalai Lama – review lecture More stats 1,438
LIE TO ME, Paul Ekman More stats 1,416
Solar powered air conditioning for cheap comfort. More stats 1,352
The Doomsday Trilogy – Dr. Strangelove, On The Beach and FAIL SAFE. More stats 1,329
Lake Tahoe vacation September 2008 reviewed More stats 1,318
Lifehaven – Gough is a remote South Atlantic island but accessible. More stats 1,298
Do you have trouble remembering faces? More stats 1,246
Smell good be good – smell bad be bad – but why? More stats 1,211
Lifehaven – Request to dock the ship Queen Mary in Tasmania. More stats 1,193
Finding the Santa Barbara fire location using Google Earth More stats 1,157
About More stats 1,123
Christopher Columbus – Admiral of the Ocean Sea – book review More stats 1,122
Lifehaven – Adams Island – A second chance for humankind. More stats 1,121
William Collins – CO2 emissions, CO2 concentrations and climate. More stats 1,112
Lifehaven – Antipodes Island is at the other end of the Earth. More stats 1,111
Human evolution was controlled by emergent human women. More stats 1,104
Poison Oak, Poison Ivy itching cured with hot air. More stats 1,090
The easy paths to human maturity. More stats 1,071
Two ways of surviving hospital induced infection. More stats 1,047
A day at the Cafe Med. – A coffee shop in Berkeley. More stats 1,026
Doomsday — ten years later. The worst extinction Earth ever experienced. More stats 1,022
A FREE cure for a simple pimple. More stats 988
How to lie successfully using the Stanislavsky technique. More stats 974
Probaway Script – shorthand system is shown complete on a single page. More stats 965
John Adams – The mini-series conclusion. More stats 946
My Venterium circle of life in a square explained. More stats 942
Dewey decimal system, Library of Congress LOC index and JulianA. More stats 920
Great gas mileage, 51mpg, with a 1996 Corolla More stats 912
Weapons of Mass Destruction – WMDs – atomic bombs – B-47s. More stats 908
Aptera should exceed 250 passenger miles per gallon More stats 905
Curtis Lemay — the real Doomsday prophet. More stats 886
Population control – The most unpopular solution of all. More stats 877
Measuring Catastrophe – How long do we have till Doomsday? More stats 866
Global warming melts polar ice which floods Holland and California. More stats 856
The cure for the common cold is six 102 degree fevers. More stats 855
A migraine prodrome aura cure with a strange eye exercise. More stats 826
The Gene Barrel distribution around the South Pole More stats 825
Itching, itching and more itching!!! How to stop itiching??? More stats 824
Machiavelli – The Prince, Discourses and Doomsday inevitability. More stats 751
Mnemonics – for remembering people’s names. More stats 746
Antarctic gene barrels, the final refuge of civilization More stats 710
Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake – locating the photos on GoogleEarth More stats 707
Who will be the most hated person in history? More stats 697
Amazon KINDLE-2 screen protective cover More stats 694
How to revive cold-dead people by warming their heart More stats 692
Paul Ehrlich – The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment. More stats 686
Doomsday, Armageddon, Apocalypse and Revelation More stats 680
Darwin Awards are coming humanity’s way. More stats 666
Cure the common cold with 102°F voluntary fevers. More stats 660
Human population viewed in reverse as zero growth. More stats 657
A TOP NEWS stories of 2010 list by news sources is pathetic. More stats 644
Lifehavens – A secure shelter from natural disasters. More stats 644
Michael Marks – The chairman of Flextronics and much much more. More stats 623
“The Office” – Michael Scott desperately needs a girlfriend. More stats 619
doomsday-clock More stats 602
imhotep-louvre More stats 601
Lifehaven – Pitt Island is a rich tourist’s end-of-the-world destination. More stats 594
Another walk to the Med cafe. More stats 578
Alfred Russel Wallace is the father of Darwinism More stats 565
iRobot – The new creepy crawlies are not science fiction. More stats 551
Dogs have important things to communicate. More stats 544
Life found on Mars? Or, Mars life found on Earth? More stats 534
Google Maps – Street view for Antarctica and finding meteorite concentrations. More stats 519
Sun Tzu – Doomsday preparations. More stats 515
Sir Francis Drake 1577-1580: The Secret Voyage of More stats 514
New symbolism for a Sun based global economy. More stats 505
Childish behavior is okay for children but very poor for older people. More stats 501
Doomsday precursors and population crash. More stats 494
Lamarck and pre-Darwinian species adaptation theory. More stats 488
John Doyle Lee’s execution site. More stats 482
I posted some Photos around El Cerrito BART station to Flicker. More stats 477
How to survive frostbite to the fingers and toes More stats 475
Survival, Survivalism, Lifehaven, Doomsday, Armageddon. More stats 468
Learning from Extreme Events: Risk Perceptions after the Flood More stats 465
Why are old people so stupid on computers? More stats 460
Are distant galaxies being pulled away by old light? More stats 450
Why didn’t American Indians have domesticated animals? More stats 421
Why are white people so stupid? More stats 417
Doomsday count-down clock replaced with a count-up clock. More stats 414
Laurie’s quick-click home page. More stats 410
Self-Consciousness and the Emergence of Good and Evil More stats 410
A Maturity Quotient MQ-test to replace IQ-tests. More stats 400
Lifehaven – The green zone of possible survival after an Atomic War. More stats 395
Why was a missile launched from Los Angeles harbor? More stats 394
Fainting, heart attack and G-forces are countered by contracting stomach muscles More stats 389
William Shakespeare – The Chandos portrait restored. More stats 389
Doomsday precursors — update. More stats 378
Population cap with transferable reproductive rights More stats 376
Global (Holistic) Thinking: how do we think abstractly? More stats 371
The Metric System Contracted For Easy Use More stats 369
The Story of Western Architecture – book review More stats 367
Antarctica’s Gamburtsev mountains and the Earthark. More stats 365
Happiness in Bhutan the world’s happiest country. More stats 362
Salima Ikram – Egyptian animal mummies, past, present and future. More stats 361
SanDisk founder Sanjay Mehrotra speaks at Berkeley. More stats 360
Pain Scale for Intensity Measurement and Management More stats 360
My personal camera history and some experiences. More stats 359
The new Sherlock Holmes is frivolous fun. More stats 355
SearchMe – Google – LiveSearch – PageBull – are my favorite search engines. More stats 342
Cell phone icons and on-line human interactions. More stats 342
N95 face mask upgraded for the flu sneeze More stats 341
Bell’s palsy and how personal facial expressions affect one’s own emotion. More stats 340
Lifehavens – A list of potential refuges for humanity’s survival. More stats 339
Why is Jack the Ripper still famous? More stats 330
Sun Tzu – Comments on Doomsday and the Lifehaven Strategy. More stats 326
The Probaway single stroke shorthand system More stats 323
The Pain Scale for measuring suffering and alleviation of suffering. More stats 312
Flu shots might make you sick and save your life. More stats 309
Coffee shop conversation control and manipulation techniques. More stats 299
The Next 100 Years by George Friedman – book review with comments More stats 299
Virginia Woolf – Portrait comparisons More stats 298
Cramps— How to relax cramps with Capzasin and Quinine and stop the pain. More stats 297
Storm clouds over Berkeley. More stats 295
A new type of aircraft base for long distance aircraft deployments. More stats 292
The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell – review More stats 292
What would Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer do about Doomsday? More stats 291
Antarctica mountains considered for Eartharks More stats 291
A320 Hudson River crash was unnecessary and risky. More stats 289
Jack the Ripper had a chameleon personality. More stats 287
Iatrogenic and nosocomial diseases can be limited. More stats 287
Further observations on how to survive a famine. More stats 284
Selection – Natural, Sexual, Artificial and Eveish More stats 283
Nina Jablonski’s hairless human skin theory More stats 283
Life after Doomsday? Maybe. More stats 281
The coming human population crash is an unpopular topic. More stats 278
Antarctica – possible Earthark storage sites More stats 276
Glenn Eidemiller Jr. – A wonderful life in my memories. More stats 262
Too few Olympic medals! We want more…!!! More stats 261
Energy trends and technologies by Steven Koonin More stats 261
Charles Darwin’s original idea !!! More stats 258
Publicly burning the American Flag is a legal right here in America. More stats 254
The TV series Hung finds sex symbols everywhere in Detroit More stats 253
Great spherical monuments to Modern Architecture More stats 250
Experiments with your eyes and brain #5 More stats 249
“Why you can’t cure stupid” even with Wikipedia More stats 244
How to separate pages of paper. More stats 240
How to pick up women. More stats 233
How to eat chocolate cake, apple pie and other desserts. More stats 232
The ten day diet plan – The easiest diet ever. More stats 231
Bulls horn their way through deep time. More stats 229
What is the ideal human population for maximizing happiness? More stats 228
The real Sherlock Holmes was also Jack the Ripper. More stats 223
Life adapts to poisonous arsenic in Mono Lake More stats 222
How to get to an Earthark container in Central Antarctica More stats 220
ChronoZoom is the coolest thing since GoogleEarth. More stats 219
Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault – a review More stats 218
Observations on how to survive a famine. More stats 217
Afghanistan is the route from China to their OIL ! More stats 215
Plantar fasciitis – a pain in the foot. More stats 214
Top Ten reasons not to worry about Doomsday. More stats 213
Religion, Belief, and Politics – a scholar’s review More stats 212
Dear Boss – Jack the Ripper More stats 209
Jeremy Waldron—Legal theory revisited More stats 206
Oil consumption collides with disaster More stats 202
Human life on Earth in the year 7,000 CE. More stats 200
Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells – review #2 More stats 198
‘The Great Delusion’ of endless economic growth More stats 198
New Zealand is the modern Noah’s Ark, an Earth Ark. More stats 198
Top 10 or Top 100 or TIME Person of the Year, says who? More stats 197
REVENGE Rache! Rachel poster from Chicago Haymarket bombing. More stats 196
Keyboard Space bar improvements. More stats 196
The EMPATHIC Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin – review More stats 195
Fun experiments with your eyes More stats 192
Doctor doom and doctor gloom and now trying to doctor Doomsday. More stats 191
Why are adolescents so stupid? I don’t mean low IQ I mean stupid. More stats 190
Spider bites can be fun to watch. More stats 190
Doomsday blasts and radioactive fallout will be in the Northern Hemisphere. More stats 189
The Grief Cycle for Doomsday and how we will respond. More stats 189
Mature behavior is helped by a higher IQ More stats 188
Marin County Library book sale. More stats 187
How to do a deep cough to clear inhaled food. More stats 185
Lifehaven – South Pole More stats 181
Lifehaven – Peter Island, Antarctica is not an easy choice for survival. More stats 180
Surviving the Swine-flu, Bird-flu. 4 new ways. More stats 179
The knowledge of Good and Evil More stats 179
Hamlet not weak but powerfully conflicted and very sane. More stats 177
A photograph of the Jack the Ripper in the victim’s eye. More stats 177
The little finger on Adam Smith’s invisible hand. More stats 175
The Clash of Civilizations – S P Huntington More stats 175
Water saving – Drought threatens California and we need real reductions. More stats 173
Dr. Strangelove: the movie was a morbid noir BOMB. More stats 173
Oceans of Wind Power – An energy creation proposal using wind. More stats 172
TIME – Person of the year 2009 – review More stats 170
Some obvious flu preparations: masks on airplanes. More stats 170
Potential Earthark sites in central Antarctica More stats 170
Noteworthy people I have met. More stats 168
How to speed up grocery store check out. More stats 168
Dror Wahrman lectures on Evert Collier’s hidden codes. More stats 168
Climate Change – How do we know what we know? More stats 165
Famine is now here and coupled with A-bombs and ICBMs. More stats 165
UNESCO – World Heritage Sites – with links More stats 163
The best search engines and Wikipedia More stats 163
Type 2 Diabetes – Causes and cures. More stats 162
Google Earth upgrade improvements needed. More stats 157
Prevent the common cold with capsaicin More stats 155
Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jack the Ripper and Vincent Van Gogh More stats 154
A photograph of Charles Scamahorn More stats 153
How to fix a leaking Delta faucet More stats 153
Reducing the flu threat for everyone. More stats 153
Stupid traffic signs cause auto accidents More stats 153
Lifehavens for humanity. 10 survival caves with 1,000 people each. More stats 152
How Adam Smith’s invisible hand might help us avoid Doomsday. More stats 152
My treatment of today’s flu worked okay. More stats 150
Population pendulum will soon swing to well below a billion people More stats 149
Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 camera personal experiences. More stats 148
Who will die when there is a major crop failure? More stats 148
‘The Great Warming: Climate change and the rise and fall of civilizations’ by Brian Fagan More stats 147
How you can solve The Doomsday Equation More stats 146
What do people really want – a Hummer or a Tata? ? ? More stats 144
Automatic battery charging makes an all electric economy work. More stats 143
Levels of consciousness? Is anyone or anything conscious? More stats 141
Roosevelt, Oppenheimer, Air Force pilots and Plutonium manufacturers. More stats 141
Sherlock Holmes was Jack the Ripper More stats 137
Mexican flu, bird-flu, swine-flu human-flu deadly flu. More stats 137
Reducing NOx pollution a little bit More stats 136
Why are people good to each other? More stats 135
Mars rocks on the cheap. Man on Mars? No need. More stats 135
Air France Flight 447 crashed in the coffin corner? More stats 134
The Future of Carbon Capture and Sequestration More stats 133
Top 10 Tips on how to enjoy eating. More stats 133
Carolyn Merchant lectures on scientific revolution and a new contract with nature. More stats 132
What is the ultimate good for human behavior? More stats 130
Glen Eidemiller of Tippecanoe More stats 129
How to survive a heart attack by brain cooling. More stats 127
Earthark Project – Sample Index Page More stats 127
Cross-eye mind games versus religious mind games More stats 126
Is a thousand year digital data storage possible using Pergamum? More stats 125
A convertible sport car, coupe, minivan, pickup More stats 125
Seasonal flu – infectivity, susceptibility, humidity, transmission, infections More stats 124
Queen Tiye, Monotheism, Moses and the Hebrews More stats 123
How ethical behavior can help us survive Doomsday. More stats 122
Microsoft – HealthVault is for personalizable health control. More stats 120
Similar function of animal bones in very different animals More stats 118
Discovery, enthusiasm, delusion, denial, grief, acceptance and libration. More stats 116
Robinson Crusoe Island is a fun Google Earth vacation spot. More stats 116
Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells – review #1 More stats 116
Merapi kills Maridjan, the volcano’s famous guardian More stats 115
Wind energy More stats 114
Earth_North_Pole More stats 114
The fake Drake Plate was created by Conan Doyle More stats 113
How to fix your umbrella for next year’s rain. More stats 113
“The future of energy: It’s closer than you think.” More stats 112
The coming global disaster is in full speed ahead mode. More stats 111
Sara Frucht – a good friend and a great artist. More stats 111
“The Second Green Revolution,” by Frederick Kaufman – review More stats 110
The Virtues of Mendacity by Martin Jay – lecture review More stats 110
Bernie Madoff for President More stats 109
El Cerrito BART bike trail. More stats 109
Religion, magic, paranoia regain personal control. More stats 109
Battery powered cars need a quick battery change. More stats 107
Lifehaven – What to do about usual disasters and terrorism? More stats 107
NEJM – Shattuck Lecture – Health of the Nation More stats 106
Breaking Bad – Fly: or How to swat flies. review More stats 106
Casablanca – Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart – book review More stats 106
30 sit-ups, 16 push-ups, and posting photos to flickr. More stats 102
Earthquakes in Nevada More stats 99
Measuring disasters on a scale permits rational comparisons. More stats 97
Intelligent Design — of humans by humans and for humans. More stats 97
EarthArk logo symbol More stats 96
Airbus A320 needlessly sinks in the Hudson River More stats 96
Decision Points by George W. Bush – book review More stats 96
The setpoint diet is easy. More stats 95
The 11th Hour—This movie gives a false hope because it’s already the 13th hour. More stats 95
Adam+Eve More stats 94
Paul Ehrlich & Carl Sagan – The Cold and The Dark – review More stats 94
Physics for Future Presidents by Richard Muller review. More stats 93
Top 10 search engines with a surprise! More stats 93
No Blade Of Grass – After the disaster unfolds. More stats 90
TIME – Person of the Year 2010 – final votes More stats 90
Doomsday dawns when a nuclear state has a famine. More stats 88
DMOC: Discrete Mechanics and Optimal Control More stats 88
An electric bicycle race isn’t cheating. If … More stats 86
State Secrets: Russian Chemical Weapons – review More stats 86
Fat, Fatter, Fattest! – The regulation of Energy Balance. More stats 86
Estimating the interaction between Earth’s stressors. More stats 85
“Jack the Ripper left no clues”?! Ha! Ha! More stats 85
Modern architects don’t know what architecture is! More stats 84
Too warm in the sun too cool in the shade. More stats 84
A Wellbeing Scale for measuring healthy behavior. More stats 84
View of Cal Berkeley Campus from the downtown penthouse. More stats 83
Oceans of wind power are available for humanity’s use More stats 83
iRobot and Mars rovers in the Antarctic More stats 83
You can survive a heart attack with two aspirin taken instantly.. More stats 83
The rabbit Achilles finally catches Zeno’s tortoise More stats 82
John Adams – The mini-series part 2. More stats 82
The water table must be raised world wide. More stats 82
Darwin follows Lamarck More stats 81
One hundred million healthy people is probably ideal. More stats 80
We live in a world run by professional liars. More stats 80
Disaster – compare the magnitude of worldwide human disasters. More stats 80
Lifehaven – Doomsday forecast — but not today thank you. More stats 80
Recent Top 10 actors and best scenes. More stats 79
Al Gore – “An Inconvenient Truth” ignored the real problems. More stats 79
Some tinnitus noise might be cured with a self-controlled hiss. More stats 79
Lifehaven – Pitt Island More stats 78
Global Warming – the facts, the science and the scientists. More stats 78
Humanity’s Genes and the Human Condition: past, present and future More stats 77
Getting rid of old stuff is hard to do. More stats 76
Roger Bacon was the prophet of science and Doomsday. More stats 75
ViewSonic LCD monitor VX2835WM review and comparison to old CRT More stats 75
How to achieve dominance in a coffee shop. More stats 75
After Doomsday are there gods and angels or devils and demons? More stats 75
Transcend: Nine Steps to living well forever – review More stats 74
A cure for the bird-flu ! ? More stats 74
Creating a secure password is solved at last More stats 74
The human population explosion. More stats 73
Estimating the total world population of humans – historical. More stats 73
Temperature triggers biological responses. More stats 73
A Doomsday scenario with a limited atomic war. More stats 73
Founding a Billion Dollar Company by James Truchard More stats 72
When something becomes easier to use it becomes more useful. More stats 71
Combining the power of Google, Google Maps and published photos. More stats 70
Funny times in the bathtub with a common cold. More stats 69
Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Terrorism – Graham Allison – review More stats 69
Craig Venter speaks at San Francisco Long Now Foundation. More stats 69
GLOBAL WARNING – The Last Chance for Change. More stats 67
Mars Rovers need help because they are covered in dust. More stats 67
More FREE stuff. – What, if anything, is worth anything? More stats 66
Lifehaven – How bad are the 15 Homeland Security Disasters? More stats 66
Doomsday precursors, Doomsday event, Doomsday survival and Lifehavens More stats 65
Fever kills cancer by triggering the body’s defences. More stats 65
I am Apophenio! I see what others don’t! More stats 65
How you can cure H1N1 flu – maybe. More stats 65
A Big Bang clock’s time is based on a Ytterbium vibration count. More stats 65
Paul Ehrlich – The Dominant Animal ! ! ! ! ! More stats 63
New uses for old rechargeable batteries. More stats 62
How to build a Great Pyramid. More stats 62
My new Samsung TL34HD versus my old Casio EX-Z1000 More stats 62
I overate today so tomorrow I must under-eat. More stats 61
Worse than War by Daniel Goldhagen – book review More stats 60
Darwin’s Darkest Hour is Wallace’s darkest hour. More stats 60
Paul Atwood and the collapse of the American Empire More stats 59
A perfect catastrophe is brewing for humanity More stats 59
Robots — who love their masters. More stats 58
Darwin’s questionable priority over Patrick Matthew. More stats 58
Vint Cerf – Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist More stats 57
The Chevy Volt needs a quick swap battery to succeed. More stats 57
Give away FREE stuff other people are selling. More stats 57
Colonoscopy – I’ve been scoped. More stats 57
The Drake Plate of Brass was made by Conan Doyle More stats 56
Does science make belief in God obsolete? More stats 56
Ecological groupthink is destroying the Earth. More stats 56
Survival strategies: A list of successful survival methods. More stats 56
Where are the coldest places in Antarctica? More stats 56
Is this a Recluse spider and a recluse spider bite? More stats 55
Comparing Freedom Fighters vs Terrorists and Republicans vs Democrats. More stats 55
The Foul and the Fragrant: by Alain Corbin – review More stats 55
How to convert the sun’s power into human power. More stats 54
Why am I so unpopular? More stats 54
A Time and Space warp for Christopher Columbus. More stats 54
Armageddon Week – the deluge begins More stats 54
Aspirin can save your life or kill you. More stats 53
NEJM makes the flu policy confusion worse – review More stats 52
Lifehaven – Maatsuyker Island, the balmiest Lifehaven. More stats 52
So, you want to be famous.tv popped into my life. More stats 52
How to control your emotions. More stats 52
A Google Earth measurement tool is needed. More stats 51
adam More stats 51
The EarthArk Project Goals More stats 50
Experiments with your eyes and brain #9 More stats 50
Coffee shop information control techniques. More stats 50
Eve choosing Adam with a little help from her friends. More stats 49
The Pope says God is responsible for the Big Bang More stats 49
Boarding airplanes takes too long and here is the fix. More stats 48
$20 Per Gallon: by Christopher Steiner – book review More stats 48
Sudden global climate change has happened before. More stats 48
Permanent Birth Control for women. More stats 48
What will control the world for 10,000 years? More stats 48
Obama Grand Junction poster controversy More stats 48
Super-super-computers and climate modeling More stats 47
How do we maximize our happiness? More stats 47
Stephen Hawking on God, existence and our Universe More stats 47
Probaway’s Person of the Year – Jimmy Wales More stats 47
The Office – flu preparations – TV review S7 – E7 More stats 46
A Doomsday scenario limited to major combatants. More stats 46
Ambrose Bierce, a lovable curmudgeon. More stats 46
Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray – review More stats 46
I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas with Vera-Ellen. More stats 46
Trustworthiness Scale measures the verifiability of information. More stats 46
Reconstructing high quality audio from old recordings. More stats 45
A spider bite photographed for two months More stats 45
Permanent speed bumps replaced with reactive speed dents. More stats 45
How to understand and predict people’s behavior. More stats 45
santa_barbara_jesusita_fire More stats 44
The easy life at Lake Tahoe. More stats 44
Is Blu-ray dead? Yes and here’s why. More stats 44
Phoenix sits on Mars More stats 44
Earth’s resources are limited More stats 44
New ideas are always rejected! More stats 44
Changes in Climate Extremes: More stats 44
Jack the Ripper was a consummate doer of evil. More stats 44
Review – Your Inner Fish – by Neil Shubin More stats 43
Last year’s “Ten Day Diet” was a great success. More stats 43
Coolerado air-conditioner More stats 43
Ensuring Digital Documents and a Wikipedia lecture. More stats 43
1500 Human languages are great but one common language is essential. More stats 42
A year of diets. The Probaway 10 day diet plan worked for me. More stats 42
Probaway’s Person of the Year – TIME list More stats 42
imhotep-djoser-pyramid More stats 42
Restoring animal life to a ravaged Earth. More stats 42
WIRED: Pleistocene Park – reviewed More stats 42
Experiments with your eyes and brain #4 More stats 41
Give people of the future what they need to survive. More stats 41
Artificial gravity for astronauts More stats 41
The new rules of conversation in coffee-shops or at dinner. More stats 41
To maximize happiness behave at your highest maturity level. More stats 41
Ethics functions to promote species survival. More stats 41
Why people don’t look at paintings in museums. More stats 41
My goal is 100 billion happy people. More stats 41
Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth, revealed. More stats 41
Charles Shaw recorked, a simple solution to my open wine bottle problem. More stats 41
The most amazing map of our mother Earth. More stats 41
An essential upgrade to the Four Human Freedoms More stats 40
Saving humanity and the world includes saving books More stats 40
Humanity’s “Laws of stability” in the year 7,000 CE. More stats 40
How to improve the browser’s go-back function. More stats 40
What We Know about Emotional Intelligence – Review More stats 39
the really cool people – Andrew Hargadon, Jean Paul Jacob, Julien Decot More stats 39
Earth_South_Pole More stats 39
The Martyrdom of Man by Winwood Reade – book review More stats 39
Look both ways before walking across the street ! More stats 39
The murder rate in Berkeley is a reason to avoid that city. More stats 39
Give your friends a healthy elbow greeting. More stats 39
Isle of the Dead More stats 38
Adam Smith was a primogenitor of Darwinism More stats 38
How to lie, cheat and steal, falsify, prevaricate and observe More stats 38
Airliner crash at Buffalo that shouldn’t have happened More stats 38
Review – Dance of the Continents by John W. Harrington More stats 37
Global Warming – Solutions for America. More stats 36
Why discussing the Lifehaven project is so unpopular. More stats 36
Doctor Doomsday says — Prepare now for the Black Swans are in the air. More stats 36
santa_barbara_jesusita_fire_ge More stats 36
Sleep with your heart attack aspirin handy. More stats 36
RFID = Ubiquitous identification of you and your stuff. More stats 36
Where the people aren’t on planet Earth? More stats 35
Probaway – Person of the Year – Craig Venter More stats 35
Humanity’s survival after a disaster of a billion deaths. More stats 35
Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 million people. More stats 35
Is Hans Van Ripper a model for Jack the Ripper? More stats 35
How will people in a perfect society find a meaningful life? More stats 35
TIME – Person of the Year 2010 analysis More stats 35
Craig Mundie of Microsoft spoke of the future. More stats 35
Wikipedia – how trustworthy is it? More stats 35
Torino Scale of the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects (NEOs) More stats 35
Earth_Central_Africa More stats 34
Humanity is on a collision course with the obvious More stats 34
Shakespeare_Chandos_7 More stats 34
Humanity’s appropriate response to extinction risk. More stats 34
Megaprojects for the real future. More stats 34
Climate – Air above, earth and water below. More stats 34
Happiness is available for everyone. More stats 34
A good relationship starts with honesty on the first date. More stats 34
TIME person of the year – the pre-selection list. More stats 34
Notes on Earthhaven, Lifehaven, Earth Ark More stats 34
Mysterious product labeling of Ivory soap and Capsaicin More stats 33
Artificial Intelligence as a precipitator of Doomsday. More stats 33
Preying upon unfortunate helpless people is wicked. More stats 33
Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona More stats 33
Seawave energy gives electric power. More stats 33

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