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Some of the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons around the world already have personal names. The one in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, is named Sue. Stan is at the Manchester Museum. Jane  is at the Burpee Museum of Natural History; Wankel is in the Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT. Scotty in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina SASK. Peck’s Rex is at the Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum. Monty (a T. Rex statue) is at the Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, Connecticut.

Burpee Museum builds a dinosaur in about a minute at YouTube.

If the various Tyrannosauruses were given clever personal names, like  Lucy, but organized so they could be more easily remembered, it would help distinguish them. The more easily remembered a name is, the more useful the name becomes. An easy-to-remember way to name these T. Rex skeletons would help the research field to prosper, because a consistent way of naming the discoveries would heighten public awareness, and with greater public interest would come more public money and that would help to finance even more T. Rex discoveries. Anthropology was helped and became more easily discussed when AL 288-1 became Lucy and was linked emotionally to the popular song Lucy by the Beatles. The same thing would happen with more personalized names  and emotional linkages for the T. Rexes.

Since this category of creatures is already known as T. Rex, with the initial T. being the common terminology even for the public, it seems to me that if all the skeletons of T. Rex had names beginning with the letter T, it would make it easier to remember them as individuals and more exciting. Even those already named, mentioned above, could have names beginning with the letter T, without too much violence to their existing names. Thus the T. Rex now known as Sue could be popularly known as Tsu Rex, and Stan could be known as Tan Rex. Those are easy to rename, but some of the previously named T. Rexes could change their names by taking the existing name and reversing the spelling a bit more, so Scottie could becomes Ties Rex, and Monty could become Tymon Rex. Jane and Peck would have an opportunity to change to one of the plethora of names already beginning with the letter T — Taylor, Teagan, Tessa, Ted, Tegan, Terrance, Tia, Tom, Tiana, Tiffany, Tim, Timothy, Tobias, Tori, Travis, Trinity, Tristan, Troy, Tucker, Tyler, Tyson and many more. Who couldn’t love Tyrese Rex?

Easily remembered things are more used and become more valuable.