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Understanding Pain

TIME magazine 2011 03 07

TIME - Understanding Pain - 2011 March 7

This week TIME has featured a double issue on Understanding Pain. It claims there is no good measure of pain. That is wrong! There has been an objective measure of pain posted on the internet since April 13, 2006 . Using a Bing search on the term pain scale (images) shows Probaway’s Pain Chart as #5 on their list. If you search the term “pain measurement” it’s #2.

I can’t understand how a huge news organization can create a double edition and not note this pain scale. (Which just happens to be mine.)

Pain Scale Intensity Measurement Chart – click here for a printable .PDF

Probaway Pain Scale - PAINS

Pain Scale - For measuring intensity of human pain - Click picture to enlarge.jpg

There have been several posts which discussed the Pain Scale Intensity Measurement, including:

Billions of people have suffered needlessly since this chart was posted.

Pain Injury severity measured through time

Injury and pain severity measured and plotted through time. - printable template

See also: The measured pain level varies with the injury type.